Underrated Sith Lords: Darth Revan

In this thread, I will endeavor to paint Darth Revan in a more fitting light. Most of us have him no higher than Darth Vader in terms of power, but I feel this is a gross lowball of what he really is.

Force Power and Comparisons to other Sith:

Kreia describes Revan as essentially being the most powerful Force user she’s ever encountered. Given she’s had hands on experience with the Dark Side monstrosity known as Darth Nihilus, this is EXTREMELY high praise. Note that I am NOT saying Darth Revan is more powerful than, or even equal to, Nihilus, only that, based on this statement, as well as the quote by Sion below, she must have held Revan in similar regard, in the sense that Revan, like Nihilus, was far more powerful than any other person she'd ever met.

"Revan was power. It was like staring into the heart of the Force. Even then, you could see the Jedi he would slay etched on his soul."

―Kreia (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords)

"She (Kreia) clings to hope that perhaps she can train one as great as her first (Revan)."

―Darth Sion (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords)

Darth Revan’s mere presence allowed non-Force sensitives near to feel the Force.

"The Revan was here yesterday. It is a gift to be in the presence. I felt the Force - it travels below your skin, strait to the heart, lungs, the gut. A warmth and a chill."

―Ongree Servant (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

(For evidence this quote is concerning Darth Revan)



Darth Revan is seen in the KOTOR (tabletop game) guidebook, with stats comparable to or above those of Exar Kun. Again, I am NOT saying that Darth Revan~Exar Kun,however it IS something to consider, and is obvious evidence that Darth Revan is considerably more powerful than he's given credit for. As well, Darth Revan has higher Force relevant stats than Darth Nihilus, a world devouring entity.

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Now, before you're all yelling "stats aren't canonical", Leland Chee seems to disagree with you. Stating only that the stats aren't valid if they're directly contradicted by a novel or higher source.

"Game mechanics are designed to try to match continuity to fit the purposes of the game for which they were created. They can serve to provide a scale from which to compare how one character or piece of technology stacks up against another. Because RPGs use dice, there is always the element of random chance involved, which isn't quite applicable to a book.

But stats themselves aren't created randomly; they are based on what is already known. As such, we can always look to them as a basis when writing books. I often look to RPG stats to see for example, what type of Force powers a character may have. Or if we haven't determined the stats of a particular vehicle, we can look to RPG stats for a basis of comparison.

Conversely, I think it would be a determinent if books were artificially limited by game stats. So I would agree that a book is going to overrule a stat if there is a contradiction."

- Leland Chee

The above quote and scans basically proves that Darth Revan is much more powerful than most seem to credit him for.

Revan is stated by Meetra Surik as having a greater control of the Force than anyone she’s ever met. This puts Mando Wars Revan above the entire Sith Triumvirate (in regards to Force Mastery, not power), above any of the era’s Jedi Masters (notable, given the KOTOR era is stated to be the prime of the Jedi Order) and even some relatively famous Jedi, like Vima Sunrider.

"It was easy to understand how Scourge could be drawn to him; Revan's command of the Force was greater than that of anyone else she had ever met."

―Meetra Surik (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan)

Star Map/Forge Scaling:

Darth Revan seemingly scales off of Ajunta Pall, via the Star Map on Korriban.

The spirit of Ajunta Pall considers the Redeemed Revan to be very powerful, but more importantly, notes the power of what is alluded to as being the Star Map located on Korriban. It is also said by Pall that the Star Map's influence is what eventually drove them to fighting each other, indicating they weren’t powerful enough to control the Map's power and influence. Also note that Pall’s spirit refers to the Star Map as being the SOURCE of their immense power. If this is taken literally (and I’m not saying that it should) that would mean Malak, upon receiving his Star Forge amp, would likely be as powerful as Ajunta Pall or Karness Muur, two of the absolute most powerful Sith Lords in history (given that there's no reason to assume the Star Forge amp increases over time, they should all be on the same level).

"The Force is so strong with you, human, yet the face, the soul, it has been so very long."

―Ajunta Pall (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

"We were not the first to fall to the dark side. But we had more power than those before us. It came from elsewhere - our oldest secret. Only we would know, we lords. Only we would know where our power came from. It is a secret of so long ago. I no longer remember. So much power, it is blinding. You must find this place, or have you? Or did you? Or will you? Oh, so many images. I see your heart, human Jedi. I see your power, your pride. You, you will find the old place, the dark place,and you will regret it."

―Ajunta Pall (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Darth Malak, however, has seemingly taken his use of the Star Forge to its fullest potential (based on his obviously deep understanding of the station's functions), and has not exhibited any debilitating effects from his exposure to the Star Forge. Indicating that Malak’s mental fortitude is greater, and possibly (and I emphasize the word “possibly”) implies that Malak was on par with or superior in power, to Ajunta Pall and his followers.

"The Sith Lord had grotesquely adapted the Rakatan device to draw energy directly from chained Jedi captives. He replenished his life force from the captives by draining theirs."

―Star Wars Databanks: Darth Malak

"The Star Forge is more than just a space station. In some ways, it is like a living creature. It hungers. And it can feed on the dark side that is within all of us! Look around you, Revan. See the bodies? You should recognize them from the Academy. These are Jedi who fell when I attacked Dantooine. For all intents and purposes dead, except for one difference:I have not let them become one with the Force. Instead I have brought them here. The Star Forge corrupts what remains of their power and transfers the dark taint to me! You cannot beat me, Revan. Not here on the Star Forge. Not when I can draw upon the power of all these Jedi! And once you are beaten I will do the same to you. You will be trapped in a terrible existence between life and death, your power feeding me as I conquer the galaxy!"

―Darth Malak (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic)

It’s also stated by the Rakata themselves that only a person of exceptional strength and mental fortitude can control the Star Forge.

"In your terminology, the Star Forge is a tool of the dark side. It corrupts those who use it so that it can generate greater and greater amounts of negative energy to fuel itself. The Builders thought they were strong enough to control this effect, but they were wrong. They became victims of their own creation, and eventually their hatred turned them against each other. Civil war destroyed the Infinite Empire - a lesson to remember. Only one who is immensely strong in mind can harness the power of the Star Forge without suffering a similar fate."

―Ancient Rakata Computer (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Now, we also know that Revan took control of the Star Forge. While he didn't take it to the degree Malak did, the fact that the Forge was subservient to Revan scales Revan vastly above the likes of the exiles, who again, were driven mad by a mere Star Map.

It should also be noted that, in the non-canon Dark Side history of the KOTOR games, Revan is credited by his lover and apprentice, Bastila Shan, as the only person alive that is capable of controlling the Star Forge. If this is taken as truth, it would mean Darth Revan was capable of the same level of control of the Star Forge that Malak achieved, meaning Revan would receive not only the scaling from Malak I mentioned above, but also, would receive the separate scaling granted by control of the Star Forge, the same scaling I’ve shown that Malak gets. Note that Revan does NOT get BOTH scalings simultaneously as some kind of “Revan gets double the power because of two different scalings”, only that both ways of scaling are equally attributable to Revan.

"There is no one left with the power to control the Forge, though many have tried. I have watched them be devoured, their life drained from them as they attempt to tap into its power. Knowing what we do of the Builders and their fate, I'm convinced that Revan did not intend us to keep the Star Forge - to use it would mean the end of the Sith... the end of the Force."

―Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords

Please note though that this scaling is, as I said before, very shaky, and nothing here should be taken 100% literally. That being said, this scaling should be enough to establish that Darth Malak, and by extension Darth Revan, is much more powerful than initially thought to be.


While a Force user’s knowledge is not a direct measure of power, it is important to note that Force users grow in power as they learn, practice, and master new abilities. It strengthens their connection to the Force. As seen in the majority of literature, as seen in most fantasy universes, knowledge IS power, to a greater or lesser extent. And Darth Revan should be no exception to this rule. Therefore, his immense knowledge in the Dark Side, should be HEAVILY indicative of a level of power far exceeding most Sith.

Darth Revan knows everything that Kreia knows. This includes anything learned on Malachor V, as Kreia simply studied what Revan had already discovered over the course of the Mandalorian Wars.

"He came to me, yes. Both before and after, before Revan knew himself. And after, in the times when Revan was coming into his own and learning he was more than he had been told. At one time, Revan was my Padawan. In times past, long ago. But Revan, when he had learned all he could, had other masters."

―Kreia (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords)

Revan is stated to have only left the order after learning (and presumably mastering) everything he could from the Jedi. This would mean Revan likely had at least a working knowledge, if not advanced knowledge or mastery, of every ability the Jedi knew during the KOTOR era. This would even include more obscure powers, like Wall of Light.

But Revan, when he had learned all he could, had other masters: that fool Zhar, and other Jedi on other planets. He learned from each. But in the end, he turned back to me. When he realized there was nothing more to be learned from the Jedi - except how one could leave them forever."

―Kreia (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords)

"Revan had many Masters, Zhar, Dorak, Master Kae before Kae left for the Wars. Towards the end of his training, he sought out many to learn techniques. It is said that he returned to his first Master at the end of his training, in order to learn how he might best leave the Order."

―Mical (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords)

Likewise, Revan is stated to have a VAST knowledge of the Dark Side. This is through his intensive study of the Dark Side secrets he discovered on Malachor V. As well, it’s stated that Revan had knowledge of powers and rituals so dangerous, that Darth Bane couldn’t fathom himself ever using many of them. Also, Revan seems to be implied to have studied, in depth, everything he discovered on Malachor V, as well as Korriban. The knowledge base of Malchor V being described as planet sized.

"But this young one, like the other Jedi brethren, is unaware of the tremendous dark side power wielded by Revan..."

―Star Wars: Chronicles of the Old Republic

"Unbeknownst to the Jedi Order, Darth Revan has discovered numerous Sith artifacts and holocrons, all stored in great tomb-like cities buried beneath Malachor V's surface. As Revan plundered these tombs and relics, he fell deeper into the Dark Side. He learned of the location and the true nature of Korriban, he learned of the location of other Sith artifacts, and he learned how those strong in the light side of the Force could be seduced and made to see the strength inherent in the Sith teachings. Revan knew he had discovered more than a staging area for the Mandalorian War - he had discovered an ancient, planet-sized Sith storehouse of knowledge."

―Star Wars: Chronicles of the Old Republic

"To Bane it seemed the teachings contained within the single holocron surpassed those of the Academy's entire archives. Revan had discovered many of the rituals of the ancient sith, and as the holocron's avatar explained their nature and purpose, Bane could barely wrap his mind around their awesome potential. Some of the rituals were so terrible, so dangerous to attempt, even for a true Sith master, that he doubted he would ever dare to use them."

―Darth Bane (Star Wars: Darth Bane: Path of Destruction)

It should be noted that none of this proves without doubt that Revan MASTERED all of these abilities, but it’s EXTREMELY out of character of him to have not done so. Especially given we know for a fact that Revan was constantly searching for more information to absorb, the exact words used by (iirc) Master Dorak are "insatiable hunger for knowledge”. Someone like this logically isn’t going to learn something and then drop their skill in it half-way into their study of the field.

"Revan was once a promising Padawan. But ever eager to learn more about the Force, Revan sought knowledge of ancient Sith magics..."

―Vrook Lamar (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

Also, it should be noted that Revan is implied to know how to create Force Wounds, after learning all he could from Malachor V. Now, I’m not saying he can create an army of Darth Nihilus level followers or anything, but he CAN create at least low level wounds like Malachor V was. Revan is stated as knowing the kind of power that can be granted from creating a wound in the Force, for this to be true, for him to have seemingly experienced the power that could be gained through doing such a thing, he logically must have been able to create a wound in order to have experienced said power.

"There is a place in the galaxy where the dark side of the Force runs strong. It is something of the Sith, but it was fueled by war. It corrupts all that walks on its surface, drowns them in the power of the dark side - it corrupts all life. And it feeds on death. Revan knew the power of such places, and the power in making them."

―Kreia (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords)

During Revan’s battle with the second strike team on Yavin IV in “Shadow of Revan”, Revan uses a seemingly unique variation of drain. I don’t have a clip or image as of yet, but the attack seems to lift the target in the air as it drains them, and he does this to almost the entire strike team, simultaneously. Whether this is the same form of Drain he learned on Malachor V or not is unknown, but I thought I'd include it just due to the possibility.

"[The strike team member's] life and force power are being drained [by Revan]"

―Star Wars: The Old Republic

Revan can manipulate Force Bonds, forming destructive bonds between enemies to assist him in battle. He does this during the “Temple of Sacrifice” operation. But due to the nature of the ability, it seems to me like something he may have learned on Malachor V.

"A malicious variation of a Force Bond. Destructively twists the force essence of linked individuals. The very essence of your being has been corrupted."


"Yes, such bonds are a connection that can be formed at moments of crisis - or in the slow understanding that grows between master and apprentice.It is most common between two beings who are sensitive to the Force. It allows the transmission of feelings, of influence. It was something you were gifted with, as I recall, before your fall. You formed such attachments easier than most - even to those who could feel the Force only faintly. Even Vrook could not ignore it, which is saying something.That is most unusual - and unnatural. I have never heard of a bond of such strength. There were a few within the Order who knew more than I did of such bonds - but their students were few, lost in the Mandalorian Wars. It was rumored that Revan studied such bonding deeply, both through the Jedi histories and with certain teachers, before he left the Order and went to war."

-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords

Also, pay close attention to this quote:

"There is no one left with the power to control the Forge, though many have tried. I have watched them be devoured, their life drained from them as they attempt to tap into its power. Knowing what we do of the Builders and their fate, I'm convinced that Revan did not intend us to keep the Star Forge - to use it would mean the end of the Sith... the end of the Force."

-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords

Note the wording, "to use it would mean the end of the Sith... the end of the Force." This is very similar to what Kreia saw in Meetra Surik and Darth Nihilus, the potential end of the Force itself. This could be taken as meaning that the Star Forge itself was a wound in the Force, and is even further evidence that Revan had mastered the ability to control these wounds.

Darth Revan’s Greatest Feat:

While Darth Revan doesn’t have many feats, those he does have are rather impressive. This one specifically, however, is an EXTREMELY impressive feat, rivaling many of the mythos’ greater feats. At very least rivaling some of the things performed by Revan’s predecessors, such as Exar Kun and Naga Sadow, to name a couple.

Revan uses the nexus at the Trayus Core as the backbone of this feat, being that it’s the greatest focal point of Dark Side energy located on the planet. He uses this energy to help corrupt his soldiers and loyal Jedi, forcing them into falling to the Dark Side. The below quote is also indicative of large scale mental domination. Obviously, the mere presence of a powerful Dark Side nexus or being can’t actually corrupt and turn one to the Dark Side. Meaning, in order to turn his Jedi followers into Sith in that instant, he would have needed to manipulate the power of the nexus on Malachor and in the Trayus Core, AS WELL AS, reaching out and affecting the minds of all his followers, SIMULTANEOUSLY.

"Revan used the Trayus Academy to influence the battle above Malachor V, using its power to affect the tide of battle and corrupt others to the Sith. "

―Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Revan also uses the rest of the planet’s Dark Side energies to alter the tide of the battle. Using the Dark Side to, apparently, increase the strength of his own forces, and demoralize or weaken the Mandalorian opposition.

"Revan is able to draw upon the dark side energies of the planet below and use it during the battle."

―Star Wars: Chronicles of the Old Republic

"Revan develops an evil but brilliant plan: Using the dark power of Malachor V, he will seduce an army of Jedi, completely loyal to him alone. He will then turn the planet's evil power against the Mandalorian army in battle, luring them to his stronghold and destroying them completely. A stronghold is immediately constructed."

Star Wars: Chronicles of the Old Republic

Note the wording of the second quote, “draw upon the dark side energies of the planet below”. This feat is being performed on the space battle in orbit, miles above the surface, where the nexus is located. Revan then draws on the Dark Side power of the entire planet, manipulating the energy on a planetary level. None of Darth Revan’s predecessors (barring Emperor Vitiate) have ever attempted a manipulation of energy like this before, let alone actually succeeded in the endeavor. While this feat is NOT on par with feats like Plagueis causing the coldest winter in Naboo’s history with his mere presence, it IS still a planetary level feat. Implying that Revan, even in as early an iteration as his “Darth” stage, could have been approaching that level of power (though obviously still quite solidly below anyone like Plaguies.) This feat should be FAR more than enough to place Darth Revan above the likes of Count Dooku or Darth Vader, and much closer to the same level as someone like Arcann, at least in my humble opinion.

There is, however, an opposing viewpoint. The opposition is that the use of the planet was simply Revan playing on the planet as a cultural taboo, rather than Revan actually manipulating the planet’s energies. This is easily debunked.

It’s stated that Meetra Surik and her forces were being defeated by the Mandalorians before Revan’s forces arrived. This is stated by Bao-Dur, who also offered this below quote. The below quote details the shape of the Republic fleet before Revan's arrival.

The last stand of the Republic. The tattered remnants of our fleet, the largest we could gather, but it was damaged, weakened and vulnerable. The Mandalorians couldn't resist. They tore into us like beasts, shredding our ships to scrap as we fought back. Yet this time, there were no reinforcements for either side. Revan had been delayed out-system by Mandalorian scout ships. By the time he arrived, it was too late.

-KOTOR 2, Bao-Dur

The Battle wasn’t actually a success for the Republic until AFTER Revan arrived, as implied here. Which lends further credence to the argument that Revan actually manipulated the energies on Malachor V, instead of simply using the world solely as a point of strategy and nothing else. While the below quote isn't in regards to the Battle of Malachor V specifically, it is a general blanket statement concerning the war as a whole.

"It was not your ships or your men or your vaunted 'fight for freedom' that won this, the final battle of the war. It was by the actions of one person–the Jedi Revan–that you prevailed. Revan's strategies and tactics defeated the best of us. Even Mandalore himself was taken aback by the ferocity, the tenacity, and the subtlety of Revan's plans."


It's also, again, important to note the wording. It’s stated directly that Revan DREW ON the Dark Side energy located on the planet. Meaning he was actively calling upon and using the Dark Side power present there. The wording pretty much destroys any other interpretations of the feat. We also know for a fact that the effects of the nexus and Dark Side energy on the planet did not have any effect on anything that wasn’t on the planet’s surface, as it’s made relatively clear that those same energies didn’t reveal itself to Revan until he was already on-world.

“He soon discovers the shadowy Malachor V, a planet listed by Mandalorian scholars as "forbidden" to step foot on. The reason for this soon becomes clear as Revan is almost devoured by primal Sith forces on the world's surface. Revan's will allows him to feed on (and not be consumed by) the power of the dark side.”

– Chronicles of the Old Republic

On top of this, some might argue that Revan used the planet's nexus to draw the Mandalorians into battle, however, it's stated that Revan drew them to the world with his own stronghold built on/above the world itself.

Using the dark power of Malachor V, he will seduce an army of Jedi, completely loyal to him alone. He will then turn the planet's evil power against the Mandalorian army in battle, luring them to his stronghold and destroying them completely. A stronghold is immediately constructed.

-Chronicles of the Old Republic, Darth Revan Rising.

Revan's Power over the Rakata:

This is another contender for Darth Revan's greatest feat, as it's (in my opinion) one of the best telepathy feats in the mythos.

The One and (iirc) the Rakata elders, note that Revan pulled Rakatan from their minds and instilled Basic as well, so they could understand each other. Outright, this doesn't seem impressive, but, it becomes impressive when you realize that every non-hostile Rakata you speak with, whether they're important or just random NPCs, greet you openly, understanding of basic. This is evidenced here:

Speaking with unimportant Rakata

Now, this video showcases only the One and his Rakata, but the Elders in the other compound also understand basic thanks to Revan.

You used the Force to draw the Rakata language for our minds, even as you planted Basic into our skulls so we could help you in your quest to escape the world. -Rakatan Elders, KOTOR

You used your power to rip the Rakata language from my mind, even as you drove Basic into our skulls so we could help you in your quest to find something called the Star Forge.

- The One, KOTOR

Now, this may still seem unimpressive, until faced with the numbers of the Rakata present in the area. It is stated that the One has a thousand warriors at his command.

But we heard of the Temple of the Ancients here, on this forgotten island at the edge of the True Sea, and the One was intrigued. It was a place of power, to be sure, and none could doubt its significance. Driven by portents and omens, we came to this island with a thousand of his finest warriors... and here we stay...


Every single Rakata we encounter understands basic, based on what we know from these quotes and what's seen in the video, at least logically speaking, that is.

Now, "how does Darth Revan scale from this?" Well I'm glad you asked.

We see Redeemed Revan attempt to mind trick one of the Black Rakata, provided that Revan encounters the Black Rakata before the Elders. However, given that it's in the game, and is something that can happen, I believe it to be an accurate representation of what Redeemed Revan is capable of, which is to say, not much, compared to what Darth Revan has done.

[Force Persuade] I don't have to come with you.

Rakatan Elite Warrior: [Failure] You try to use your magic on us, Interloper? We are Rakata! You cannot bend us to your will like mindless beasts!


This is, needless to say, a very obvious indication of Darth Revan being more powerful than Redeemed Revan, and is made more impressive by the fact that the Rakata are naturally resistant to the Force.

"Soon the Infinite Empire stretched across the entire galaxy.Over time, we lost our ability to use the Force. Some believe we had used the Force for so long that we evolved biologically, and became immune to its effects"


"Perhaps we became immune to the effects of the Force from overuse. Perhaps our breeding habits rendered our species insensitive to it over time. None truly know.The only discernable result was that we could no longer command the Force as we had. Its power had escaped us."


So what we have here, is Revan essentially dominating the minds of a thousand Force resistant Rakata, and tearing their language from them while simultaneously imparting Galactic Basic onto them. This implies to me that feat was done with minimal to moderate difficulty at best.

Based on all this, obviously, Revan, even as a Sith Lord, is far more powerful than he's frequently given credit for.

Lightsaber Skill:

One thing I see a lot of, is hardcore underrating of Revan’s skills a lightsaber duelist. While it may not have been as strong a point for him as his Force abilities were, he is still an incredibly skilled swordsman.

Revan was confirmed to be highly skilled in the use of Niman. Which is easily visible in his many appearances, especially given Revan’s obvious pension for using Force based attacks frequently during lightsaber combat (seen primarily in SWTOR.)

Revan is stated to have only left the Jedi Order after learning EVERYTHING he could possibly have learned. This would include the lightsaber forms. Given his established character trait of wanting to MASTER everything he could, it can be surmised that Revan did indeed master all seven forms of lightsaber combat. Especially considering Revan’s aforementioned "insatiable hunger for knowledge”.

“Revan would generally have used "Form VI - Niman". This form works well for anyone who is intelligent and adaptable, as Revan obviously was. It has no real weaknesses, and even though it is not as aggressive as other forms it enables the user to unleash powerful Force abilities more easily during combat. Revan was skilled in lightsaber combat, but knew true strength came from using all the other Force abilities in conjunction with lightsaber combat...”

- Drew Karpyshyn

“He came to me, yes. Both before and after, before Revan knew himself. And after, in the times when Revan was coming into his own and learning he was more than he had been told. At one time, Revan was my Padawan. In times past, long ago. But Revan, when he had learned all he could, had other masters: that fool Zhar, and other Jedi on other planets. He learned from each. But in the end, he turned back to me. When he realized there was nothing more to be learned from the Jedi - except how one could leave them forever.”

-Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords

It also should be noted that Revan is often pictured dual-wielding lightsabers, meaning Revan was also skilled in the use of Jar’Kai. In the one of the stat books associated with KOTOR, Revan is also credited with dual weapon mastery.

No Caption Provided

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Revan is also seen dropping into a Juyo stance when confronted by Bastila and her strike team aboard his flagship.

No Caption Provided

Revan could also use Jyo in "Shadow of Revan."

Revan Juyo

This implies Revan has a degree of knowledge in the form that he believes he can safely utilize the form against three fully fledged Jedi, one of them being Bastila, one of the most powerful Jedi of the time. Mastery of Juyo also requires mastery of several other forms of lightsaber combat.

"Form VII, also called Juyo, is the most difficult and demanding of all the forms. Only high-level masters of multiple forms can achieve and control this discipline, which can lead to fantastic power and skill."

-Cin Drallig

Revan is also listed with skill in Ataru and Soresu:



By far, Revan’s greatest showing of lightsaber skill is during his assault on the Star Forge, where he fights against Darth Malak’s Sith followers, which are confirmed as "experts in lightsaber and Force-related combat" as well as"highly skilled duelists." Logically, why wouldn’t they be? These are ex-Jedi (mostly) that fought for years against Mandalorians, the greatest warriors in the Star Wars mythos, so of course they’re going to be experts in combat. Revan performs this feat while there are a couple of circumstances in play.

A: The Star Forge is a Dark Side Nexus, and an incredibly powerful one at that. Revan, as a Jedi, would have factually been weakened by the Nexus, and his Sith opponents would have been amped.

B: Revan was outnumbered, and yet was still able to make it through “dozens” of highly skilled, amped, Sith. After all that, he was still able to fight and defeat amped Bastila Shan, and an amped Darth Malak.

Now, this CAN just be considered a feat of endurance for Revan, but really, given the circumstances surrounding the feat, a lot of the feat MUST have been achieved through pure skill.


That's all she wrote, I hope this blog was educational.