Cal Kestis Respect Thread

Cal Kestis, the protagonist of "Jedi: Fallen Order" has proven himself to be one of the most impressive young Jedi in LucasFilm's revised Canon, I think it's time he gets his due respect.

Lightsaber Duels-

Cal, being less skilled in the Force that he had been during his training, briefly contends with the Second Sister, though he is ultimately defeated rather quickly.

Cal vs Second Sister: Round 1

After slowly growing and becoming stronger, Cal duels the Second Sister once again, briefly contending with her, but ultimately being overpowered.

Cal vs Second Sister: Round 2

During his second visit to Kashyyyk, Cal duels and defeats the Ninth Sister.

Cal vs Ninth Sister

The Ninth Sister is “an imposing and dangerous Dowutin Inquisitor."

”A former Jedi, the Ninth Sister is an imposing and dangerous Dowutin Inquisitor. Her mastery of the Force is further enhanced by an extraordinarily natural empathic ability to read minds. While less agile than other Inquisitors, she utilizes her strength and wits to gain an advantage.

-Jedi: Fallen Order, the Ninth Sister Tactical Guide Entry

The Ninth Sister was one of two Inquisitors to survive an attack by a group of Purge Troopers. These troopers had been ordered to “Execute Order 66”, and turned on the Inquisitors who were present with them. The Purge Troopers had succeeded in killing at least one.

Kestis, with the aid of a Nightsister named Merrin, defeats Taron Malicos, a fallen Dark Jedi Master who had taken command of the Nightbrother clan.

Cal vs Taron Malicos

It’s stated that the fight “finally tipped” when Merrin joined the fray towards the end of the duel. Implying that Cal was matching the Jedi Master for the duel’s duration prior to that.

Malicos is said to have been a “formidable Jedi General”, and is generally implied to be a powerful Jedi and a skilled combatant.

Once a formidable Jedi General, Malicos escaped the horrific purge of Order 66. A trained motivator and cunning tactician, he maintains a composed demeanor during combat, but will strike with ferocity and deliberate precision. Full of surprises, he utilizes his mastery of the Force with an extended assault ,or as a precursor to his lightsaber attack, including a combination of dual-blades.

-Jedi: Fallen Order, Taron Malicos Tactical Guide-Jedi: Fallen Order, “The Stranger” databank entry 6.

The Nightbrothers were chasing someone through the swamp. Someone they feared.

The Nightbrothers found someone dangerous. An outsider. Whoever it was they took them to their leader.

-Jedi: Fallen Order, “The Stranger” databank entry 7.

A new leader came to control the Nightbrothers. A powerful stranger.

-Jedi: Fallen Order, “The Stranger” databank entry 9.

Cal fights the Second Sister once more, this time managing to disarm her. She escapes due to Cal’s receiving a vision after taking her lightsaber.

Cal vs Second Sister: Round 3

Cal duels the Second Sister one final time. This time, he manages to defeat her once and for all.

Cal vs Second Sister: Final Round

Note that the Second Sister is stated to be one of the deadliest Inquisitors.

Ambitious and cruel, the Second Sister is one of the deadliest members of the Imperial Inquisition. She relishes hunting down both Force-sensitives and political dissidents for the Empire. Although she is an expert lightsaber duelist and adept with the dark side of the Force, the Second Sister's greatest weapon is her brilliant ability to deduce and predict the behavior of her prey., Second Sister Databank Entry

Other Combat Showings:

Kestis defeats an AT-ST.

Cal vs Zeffo AT-ST

Cal defeats two AT-STs. This fight is a required fight. The Mantis’ entrance ramp stays closed until the walkers are dealt with, meaning the feat is valid.

Cal vs Ilum AT-ST's

Cal destroys an Imperial Security droid.

Cal vs Security Droid

Cal fights an entire room full of Security Droids. This fight is a required fight, as the door which needs to be sliced to exit cannot be sliced until all enemies are dealt with. Meaning the feat is valid.

Cal vs Security Droids

These droids are “formidable” and “specialized in close combat.”

Imperial Security Droids, also known as KX-Series Security Droids, are commonly used in service to the Galactic Empire. Formidable and specialized in close combat, these droids employ a combination of brute strength and rugged durability to capture and incapacitate enemies. They are equipped with a full comm relay, scramblers, and tactical programming.

-Jedi Fallen Order, Security Droid Tactical Guide Entry

Cal Kestis fights a gargantuan Chirodactyl called Gorgara.

Cal vs Gorgara

Some information on Gorgara:

Local legends tell of a fearsome winged beast that scours the deepest crags for prey, latches onto its target with a fierce grip, and soars to dizzying heights on powerful wings. This apex predator is known as Gorgara "the winged daemon of the canyon," and she will deceive her prey before attacking., Gorgara the Chirodactyl Databank Entry

The apex predator known as Gorgara “the winged daemon of the canyon”, employs trickery and versatility while soaring to dizzying heights and scouring the deepest crags. A thick, armored hide makes her resistant to straight-on attacks, but certain areas may become vulnerable during combat. She is known to latch onto prey with a fierce grip, hoisting them into the air on her powerful wings.

-Jedi: Fallen Order, Gorgara Tactical Guide

It is revealed that the Night Brother clan on Dathomir fight the Gorgara as a rite of passage. With those who survived the encounter being deemed worthy.

Cal defeats a Purge Trooper in single combat.

Cal vs Purge Trooper

Cal (presumably) fights numerous other Purge Troopers during the duration of the story. While it’s up to player choice to actually fight them, I assume that any enemies Cal can fight, he does fight.Purge Troopers are trained specifically to fight Jedi, and work under the direct command of the Inquisitors.

Purge troopers are a specialized class of Imperial soldier trained and equipped to assist the Inquisitors in hunting down Jedi and other Force-sensitive beings who threaten the Empire. Borrowing tactics and methods first used by the Republic soldiers that accompanied Jedi generals during the Clone Wars, this elite group is few in number and keeps out of the public eye. Most citizens of the Empire are unaware they even exist., Purge Troopers Databank Entry

The Menacing Purge Trooper serves the Galactic Empire’s Inquisitorius Program to hunt down members of the treasonous Jedi Order. A specialized class of Imperial soldier trained and equipped with a variety of weapons and tactics, this elite grew is few in number and keeps out of the public eye. Most citizens of the Empire are unaware that they even exist. Of the Purge Trooper ranks, many are trained in melee combat using an Electrobaton, proving an agile and deadly nemesis.

-Jedi: Fallen Order, Electrobaton Purge Trooper Tactical Guide entry.

Hunters of the Imperial Inquisitorius, the Purge Troopers track survivors of the treasonous Jedi Order. Operating in the shadows, they scour the galaxy to assist Inquisitors in their sinister mission. This specialized class is skilled primarily with the electrostaff, providing a lethal challenge to any lightsaber-wielding foe. Their agility and penchant for vengeance are displayed through a deadly combination of intuitive counterattacks and trained maneuvering.

-Jedi: Fallen Order, Electrostaff Purge Trooper Tactical Guide Entry

Agents of the Inquisitorius, the Purge Troopers are charged by the Empire to hunt down survivors of the treasonous Jedi Order. Operating in the shadows, their clandestine mandate is largely unknown, even among the Imperial ranks, as they support Inquisitors across the galaxy. This specialized class is trained and equipped with a variety of weapons and tactics, but primarily attack with blasters and shock grenades.

-Jedi: Fallen Order, Purge Trooper Commander Tactical Guide Entry

Dreaded disciples of the Imperial Inquisitorius, the Purge Trooper hunts survivors of the treasonous Jedi Order. Combing the corners of the galaxy, this specialized operative is highly skilled in melee combat, employing an Electrohammer as their primary weapon. While slow to strike, their Electrohammer emits a deadly shockwave that stuns, inflicts heavy damage on a target but takes time to recharge. These troopers wear bulky armor capable of withstanding lightsaber attacks.

-Jedi Fallen Order, Electrohammer Purge Trooper Tactical Guide Entry

Cal defeats an Albino Wyyyschokk on Kashyyyk and a Nydak Alpha on Dathomir.

Nydak Alpha

Albino Wyyyschokk

The Wyyychokk is capable of “super speed”, and is implied to be more deadly than its relatives, which are apex predators in the Shadowlands. The Nydak Alpha’s hide and bones on its arms are so strong that they can’t be severed. Presumably in reference to Cal’s lightsaber.

Force Powers

Force Slow:

Cal Kestis is skilled in the use of Force Slow. As a note, while this may be a game mechanic, I felt it worthy to point out that the only enemy in the game that cannot be slowed is Darth Vader, which could imply that Vader is the only character in the game powerful enough to resist Cal's use of this power.

.Cal can use the Force to slow objects and sentients.

-Jedi: Fallen Order, Abilities “Slow”

Stops his friend from falling into the mouth of an Ibdis Maw.

Cal uses the Force to slow a large cyclone. Freezing the twister itself, as well as the rocks flying inside of it. (14:58 to 15:05). Note that it’s commented by Cal that the cyclone “crippled the Empire’s equipment” near to it. Given its off effects on technology, and the fact it’s used by a Force sensitive race to protect a tomb, it stands to reason that the cyclone may be Force induced.

The team at Respawn discusses Cal’s Force Slow ability. (32:18 to 32:55)

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Cal slows powerful, fast moving mining equipment.

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As with most Jedi, Cal is capable of utilizing telekinesis to pull or push targets.

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Cal rips a piece of machinery from its moorings while being Force Choked by Darth Vader.

Cal uses Force Pull on Gorgara

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Cal can push down walls and pillars.

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Cal Force Pushes the Second Sister on Bogano:

Lightsaber Throw:

Cal is able to use Lightsaber Throw.

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Strength & Speed:

Cal is, as mentioned before, able to defeat an Imperial Security Droid. These security droids have demonstrated considerable levels of speed.

For reference here, Imperial Security Droids, while not built specifically for combat, are still dangerous in a fight. The reprogrammed droid names K-2SO demonstrated high levels of speed and strength when combating Stormtroopers during the Battle of Scarif.

Cal, during a vision on Dathomir, breaks his lightsaber with his bare hands. Crushing the blade emitter.

Cal, by virtue of having kept pace with the Second Sister during their duel, should be as fast as the Inquisitor was. The Second Sister is seen easily dodging and deflecting blaster bolts. Also note that the Second Sister tends to speed around the arena during her multiple duels against Cal, further highlighting her speed.

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Wall Running:

Kestis' physical condition and connection to the Force allows him to easily run on walls. He does this many times throughout the game.

Technical Lightsaber Skill:

The Second Sister is able to tell that Cal has had formal training based on his stance.

"I recognize that stance. Perhaps you've had some training after all."

-Second Sister, Jedi Fallen Order.

Cal is skilled in the use of Jar-Kai.

By combining Cere and Jaro's hilts, Cal created a lightsaber that can be split in two.

-Split Saber, Jedi Fallen Order

Cal is skilled in the use of a lightsaber-staff, otherwise known as a double-bladed lightsaber.

After finding another lightsaber hilt during his journey, Cal can switch brtween a single and a double bladed lightsaber.

-Double-Bladed Lightsaber, Jedi Fallen Order

Note that double bladed lightsabers are implied to require “extensive training” and dexterity.

The Sith apprentice Darth Maul wielded a double-bladed lightsaber made by joining two hilts together end-to-end. Maul’s dexterity and extensive training allowed him to use his weapon as a single-bladed saber, or to activate both crimson blades and fight multiple opponents at once……

-Darth Maul’s Lightsaber, StarWars.Com Databank

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