Star Wars Character Alignments

These are the D@D alignments for various Star Wars characters.  The alignments are:  
Lawful Good: By-the-book heroes who almost always follow the laws of the land, whatever they may be (except for the laws of say, an anarchy-based town). They stay true to themselves and don't ever engage in sporadic behavior.  Most are very rigid and don't always get along with people of other alignments, especially those that are Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, or any of the Evil Alignments.  They seek to purge evil, often by any means necessary.  This causes many (but not all) Lawful Good people to see almost everything in black and white and their enemies seldom get any sympathy from them.  For some Lawful Good people, such self-righteousness can cause them to become Lawful Neutral, or even Lawful Evil. 
Chaotic Good: Heroes who do only what they think is right, not what someone else tells them is right.  They believe in helping people but also believe that the law gets in the way of doing what's right.  Chaotic Good people are sometimes viewed with almost as much contempt and suspicion as the people they fight.  They often do not get along with Lawful Good people due to clashing ideals and they even sometimes come to blows on occasion.  In addition, they sometimes engage in activities that Lawful Good characters might consider "questionable" such as asking for a reward, tricking someone (even if it's for a good reason) temporarily pretending to be on the other side, etc.  Chaotic Good people who let their hatred of the law go too far can become Chaotic Neutral, or even Chaotic Evil.
Neutral Good: Like Chaotic Good characters, Neutral Good people believe helping people and doing the right thing comes first.  However, they don't mind working with the law or upholding the law if they believe that it helps in doing this.  Like Chaotic Good people, they sometimes do things that a Lawful Good person might consider questionable, but they don't do them as much as Chaotic Good people. 
Lawful Neutral: Basically "Lawful Jerks" who consider upholding the law more important then anything else, including doing the right thing.  Because of this unsympathetic nature, it is easy for a Lawful Neutral person to be considered "bad" by people of good alignments, Chaotic Good people in particular do not like Lawful Neutral people and sometimes view them as no better then the bad guys.  Indeed, some Lawful Neutral characters can become so unsympathetic to the needs of others and so merciless in their ways of upholding the law that they can become Lawful Evil. 
True Neutral: Just that.  Neutral.  True Neutral people almost never take a side in the wars between good and evil, usually for one of several reasons.  For some, it is because they do not care for the concept of good and evil.  For others, it is for philosophical reasons, and for others still, it is simply because they do not trust either side.  Due to their nature, many people who seriously follow one of the more extreme alignments (especially the evil ones) view them as cowards, without the nerve to choose a side.
Chaotic Neutral: Chaotic Neutral people are basically people who do whatever they want, whenever they want, including things ranging from trickery and thievery, to kindness, and heroism.  They do whatever seems like a good idea at the time, often ignoring possible consequences.  Chaotic Neutral people often like to live on the edge, and are capable of doing anything that is not considered too immoral by most people's standards (mass killing of innocents, torture, etc.) Due to their sporadic and unpredictable nature, it is very easy for Chaotic Neutral people to change alignments.  One too many deeds of cruelty can make a Chaotic Neutral person Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil while others tendencies to perform acts of compassion can make them either Neutral Good or Chaotic Good.   
Neutral Evil:   Neutral Evil characters are typically selfish and have no qualms about turning on their allies if they consider it convenient or beneficial to them. They have no compunctions about harming others to get what they want, but neither will they go out of their way to cause carnage or mayhem when they see no direct benefit to it. They abide by laws for only as long as it is convenient for them. They are not above working with others to further their goals, but are known to betray them the second they outlive their usefulness.    
Chaotic Evil: Chaotic Evil people live up to their names in the sense that they strive to cause chaos and disorder.  Most are driven by a desire to spread death and destruction wherever they go, and many often take sadistic pleasure in doing it (although this is not always the case and not necessarily the motive)  Not ones to stay true to themselves, Chaotic Evil people are well known for causing havoc randomly and without any reason other then to cause harm.  Due to their very violent and unpredictable nature, Chaotic Evil people are hard to work with and are not usually the main villains in a story due to their lack of ambition. 
Lawful Evil: Usually the main villains in a story, Lawful Evil people take on many forms.  Some are simply those who are so consumed by self-righteousness that they go too far.  These ones do not usually consider themselves evil and actually think that they are doing the right thing.  Others are villainous masterminds who are often the ones running the show.  These ones might admit that they're evil but don't care.  Though Lawful Evil doesn't necessarily mean that they follow the law (really it just means that they stay true to themselves) Lawful Evil people prefer to work within some organized government, military,  hierarchy or what have you.  Lawful Evil people often have a code of honor or some kind of rules that they follow, but they are merciless about it, and bring down severe punishment for those who do not abide their rules and codes, including their subordinates.    

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