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Olympics and similar contest sporting events in comic universes.

I was just thinking, would it be pointless to have the Olympics and other events like it for regular people in a universe where beings with super skills exist? Why try to get rewarded for being the best at physical feats of athleticism when you aren't really going to be the "world's fastest" or "strongest." Of course they'd probably outlaw anyone who was beyond human, but that still doesn't change the fact that you'd be competing to win something that wouldn't be true.


My Web Comic Updates

 My weirdness continues with more outrageous holiday-themed characters. It's time for the Easter batch!


As for the main comic, I have to regretfully announce that it will be on hold for much longer than I anticipated. My family and I moved to Texas from Florida five years ago to find work, and now we are moving back to Florida for work related reasons again, but this time it is her career and not mine. So, after four months of trying to sell our house we finally did it, and I am moving out of my house on May 5th, (Sorry, I don't have a Cinco de Mayo themed character to mark the occasion, LOL!). Since our children still have to finish the school year though, the kids and I are just moving in with our in-laws until June, but all of our stuff is getting put into storage until we can move into a new house in Florida. This includes my computer with my scanner and graphics programs. I will still have access to computers for checking in and whatnot online, but just not anything that will allow me to continue with the comic. I will instead be using the time to at the very least catch up on the redrawing of the older pages that I want to fix up and in drawing the next chapters to be posted sometime later, but not until July or August at the earliest. 

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Do you like it when superheroes are shown playing sports?

So, I was wondering do you think this is cool or dumb? Is it shown often enough in comics or not? I remember reading an X-Men comic once where they were playing baseball, but I don't think they were using powers, probably had a "no powers rule." So, how about that as well, if they were to play a sport should they be using their powers or not, is it more interesting if they did?


Favorite Joes/Cobras

Who are your favorite G.I. Joe characters and why?
 I like so many that it's hard for me to narrow them down but I'm going to pick just 3 on each side.
My favorite Joes are: Jinx, Shipwreck and Beachead. I like Jinx because out of all the female characters, she's the most unique in that while she's a ninja like Scarlett, she's actually Asian! Plus she can fight frickin' blindfolded! Shipwreck is just hilarious to me and I just love Beachlead's surly attitude.
As for Cobra: I have to go with the big three: Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness, need I say more?


Looking for new readers for my web comics

 Hey everyone, I'd like you to check out my current web comics!
This is the main comic. That is, that it's the actual story: 
This one is the supplementary comic that gives info about the characters and other things within my comic universe:

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