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Name: Miltiades Bellerophon

Rank: Darth, Patriarch of House Bellerophon

Height: 6'5

Weight: 190

Age: 65

Hair: White

Eyes: Brown

Species: Human/Sith bloodline

Alignment: Dark Side

Base of Operations: The Imperator, his super star destroyer

Occupation: Darth

Affiliation: House Bellerophon, Sith Empire

Character Build:

Build Points: 5 (5+1 January 2019 progression.)

  1. Curved-hilted saber
  2. Form Two: Makashi
  3. Force Lightning
  4. Battle Meditation: Strengthen Ally
  5. Custom Ship: Super Star Destroyer
  6. Force Telekinesis (January 2019 progression.)


One of two twins born to the previous patriarch of House Bellerophon. He was raised in the lap of luxury within House Bellerophon's empire within an Empire. Worlds knelt to his family and he wanted for nothing. Tutors from across the Empire instructed him and his twin in every subject. They wanted for nothing and were inseparable.

Eventually the war came. A clone strike team lead by Jedi penetrated their home world's defenses to eliminate his father who was a leader in the war. His father survived but his twin sister was killed. The pain of that psychic wound has never left him.

Decades passed. He rose from an apprentice to a Sith to a Lord and eventually a Darth. When his father died he inherited the House, as was their custom.

Now he has stood at the helm of his House for over twenty years. Glory and honor have been won in the name of the Empire. Hard-earned wisdom acquired. The respect of his peers and the Dark Council is his and entire systems are his to command. Millions live and die by his word alone.

But he has never forgotten the pain of his sisters death. Or forgiven the Jedi.


Many sabers are built as versatile tools to handle any situation, from extended hilts to provide extra leverage when cutting through barriers to wide blades to aid in the deflection of blaster bolts in addition to the lightsabers role in saber vs saber combat. Darth Miltiades's saber is different. It is built with one purpose: dueling.

A red kyber crystal provides a narrow, balanced blade. But the defining feature is the curved hilt of the saber. Curved-hilted sabers are difficult to build as the curve interferes with the alignment of the crystals. As a young man Miltiades experienced several failures before succeeding in building his saber. These sabers are renown for their precision and Miltiades's is no exception. The hilt is ornate and coated with polished electrum. This provides no practical advantage but is a symbol of wealth and status.

While the curved hilt and narrow blade make the saber inferior at blaster bolt deflection the blade is perfect for Miltiades's preferred style: Makashi. It's precision enhances the already precise movements of the Makashi style. Quick parries, swift cuts and sudden thrusts are made simple with the curved hilt. Many rivals have been worn down and cut to ribbons by the subtle mastery of the veteran Darth.


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An old style, the second to be developed Makashi is a style specialized in dueling. Precision, control and balance are vital complainants. It has become rare among Sith who often give themselves over to rage in battle. Makashi also requires great discipline and many years to master which dissuades many Sith who are seeking quick and easy power.

But not Miltiades whose aristocratic upbringing spared him from spending his early years clawing for power and survival. He could afford to take his time. To master a style worth of his station as a highborn Sith and heir to an ancient House. It could be said that while some Sith succumb to wrath in battle it is pride that seduced Miltiades. Not for him was the vulgar explosions of rage and frantic swings of mere brutes. And so he became a student of Makashi and made himself master of its nuances, separating himself from the horde of Sith who chose an easier, faster way.

Even in his old age he takes pride in his skill as a duelist and trains for several hours each day. While many Sith experience precipitous falls as age deprives them of the strength and stamina needed to use their aggressive, kinetic styles Makashi depends not on strength or speed but upon control and precision which Miltiades still possesses in spades. In addition Makashi is an energy efficient style allowing the sixty five year old Miltiades to conserve his limited stamina.


Hidden under his cloak is a brace of six knives. Each is roughly eight inches long. Made from durasteel. Laser sharpened to a keen edge. They are typical in most respects save for the fact they are not made with the human grip in mind. These knives are designed to be controlled by the force. They are molded to Miltiades's specifications, the design accommodating fine telekinetic control and aerodynamic performance.