Armageddon Sydney

I know I'm going. Should be fun haha :) 
And I twittered Gail Simone about where she'd be and she twittered me back. Neat. 
(though of course I'm also going to hunt down Ethan van Sciver and Dan Slott. Obviously. But this is win for me.)
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I'd follow Batman if I had to. I just think that, seeing as for the past... 70 odd years he's been good, who's to say he won't be good for the rest of it?


He's got the second greatest DC rogues gallery

Heck, his main villain team is called 'The Rogues'. 
Why can't we have a Flash animated series, beginning with Barry and adapting various Silver Age stories? 
The main villains would be Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, Professor Zoom and the Rogues Gallery - naturally. The Rogues Gallery appearing infrequently as a team, with the more high-profile individual members appearing solo frequently enough to develop their character. 
Barry also has a good supporting cast. 
I'm just thinking, animated series for Barry is the way to go.