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(Find me on Twitter (@SeraphimWriting) or Wordpress (http://seraphimwriting.wordpress.com/))

Not much to say here, really. Long time comic fan. My first book was Wolverine #22 during his first run, picked up in an old neighborhood newstand in Chicago. Been hooked since. I'm a writer, a formerly-passable artist (who hasn't put pencil to bristol in nearly three years), and gamer.

In other aspects, I live in Chicago and take great influence from the city, from the subculture scenes to the rich history of architecture and civil movements (IL passed women's suffrage, for example 7 years before it was federal). I love my hometown.

I currently work in the insurance industry (blah, let me tell you), but I am going for my psychology degree. I am a former model, salesman, and all around jack-of-all trades in many respects. I enjoy knowledge for knowledge's sake and think that an open mind and a genuine desire to understand is the key to changing the world.