marvel universe figures bulid a figure ?

well im sure we all all aware of the marvel universe 3 and a  quarter inch  figures and we are also aware of the marvel legends build a figure now ive been wondering what if the marvel universe figures came with bits of a 6 inch figure just like the 6 inch figures come with larger figures 

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damian wayne

since batman 700 i have warmed to Damian Wayne and his possible future self not that i did not like him before its just the story in batman 700 with his possible future was quite enjoyible so I  have been wondering does any one else want a mini 


3D comics

it been on my mind for a few days now but due to the increase of 3D movies  in cinemas eg iron man toy storey sherk 4 they are all doing it but then i thought wouldent it be cool to have 3d comics you know they could come with the comic with a coll design i would buy a 3D comic we could have all the pages flying out could be quite cool i think what,s you guys view on this 


my growing respect for Aqua man

well in the Dc universe I have all ways loved batman and superman as my fandom towards the man of steel decresed I jumped in the world of the flash but no matter who i liked in the dc u I always saw Aqua Man as just the worst consept ever but since I have been reading brightest day I have started to have a unknown respect toward him i even found myself wanting a dc universe figure of aqua man i dont know what it is about aqua man but thanks to brightest day if there was to by a aqua man ongoing i might contenplate picking it up