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Add Another To The Family Tree 0

Gail Simone has done some great things during her time as writing for Wonder Woman.  However I feel that this is not her best work here.  It's not awful, but it has the potential to be so much more than what it is.  With the conclusion to this issue I was also not really surprised to find what I saw.  But I think Ms. SImone still has a trick up her sleave and the final issue to this story arc is going to be fantastic.    On a side note I do enjoy Scott's art here.  It's visually appealing and se...

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This is Awesome. 0

I have been a fan of the Justice Society of America for a little bit now.  This new volume has been pretty amazing to me and thsi story doesn't dissapoint.  To those of you who don't like Mr. Terrific I'm sure this issue will change your mind.  He takes a stand against the Nazi's that is amazing in a world where evil won and the good guys are a bit bitten.  This issue explains what happens when the Darkness Engine and I enjoyed reading short synopsis of what happened to each hero.  Hopefully thi...

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I Have to Fight 0

i have to say I'm a fan of Billy Tan's art.  It's not really not that bad its kind of entertaining for the eyes to see.  The page to page art is one reason to keep on turning those pages Gillen delivers as the writer.  My personal favorite part of the book is when Kelda decides to do a little less moping and a little more kicking ass, and she delivers on some hapless H.A.M.M.E.R agents.  Although some would argue that the true highlight of the book comes when Balder does what he does best.  He m...

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Ultron Pym. 0

If you've been reading The Mighty Avengers from the begining than I really see no reason to miss this book.  Ultron makes his final attempt for this story arc to destroy his "father" and set himself up as the heir to Pym's legacy so to speak.  But this series has proven one thing, that Hank Pym always tries to stay one step ahead of his enemy, and you see that here.  Ultron's army of "brides" Pym manages to subvert back into just useless piles of metal basically.   And yes this story ends with a...

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This Is The Chance of a Lifetiem 0

It's a real shame that Conner and Palmiotti are going to be leaving this series soon.  Power Girl is a fun character to read with them behind the helm  This story arc has been kinda fun in my opinion.  Yeah there were some filler issues that slowed it down in my opinion, but it didn't do enough damage to hurt the credibility this series deserves.  I just hope these guys finish up their story here before the switch over after #13.  After what happened to Ultra Humanite in this issue and Satanna n...

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The Potential is Not Reached 0

I'm a fan of Perez and I like his art, however I don't feel this is enough to save the book.  Every week it seems it has the potential to be written at a much better level, and every week I'm dissapointed.  This new version of The Flamebird and Nightwing has been subpar and its a shame.  These are characters that have been proven to be much more than that.  Other than a little develpment we see happen with Chris, there's not much else here.  Also, I kinda feel that Wonder Woman and The Justice S...

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Hawkeye Never Misses 0

When Ultimate Avengers has been relaunched it has been nothing but greatness so far.  It's as if Millar was brought in to fix what Loeb left behind.  Basically every issue has been action packed from begining to end.  On top of that Millar has been laying some nice little twist and turns in the story line with basically every issue so far.  To me this is a call back to people who stopped reading this after Loeb was done.  It's fun to read and definitly worth my money every month.  However, there...

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It's Going To Be Messy 0

I love how Gail Simone writers her characters.  I even prefer her writing in Secret Six over her writing of Wonder Woman.   Mostly because I love how she writes Catman, and that is who this issue focuses mostly on.  You learn the lesson that a killer pushed to his edge will do mostly anything to get his vengenance, and that is what Catman does.  Being given an ultimatum I was quite surprised by his decision in the matter.  Needless to say Catman goes on the hunt and the start of his retribution ...

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"Super Duper" 1

The Boys is one of my personal favorite books that comes out each month.  I quite enjoy the altered take that Garth delivers on the Super Hero Community and a rag tag group that wishes to take them down.  Throughout the series we've seen "Super Heros" that probably got what they deserved.  But with this group "Super Duper" you get to see a group of people that want to ge genuine heros despite how much they might fail at it.  And with Hughie openly helping them in public is going to lead to some ...

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Where Do I Begin? 2

It seems that this issue was just unnecessary.  I mean it was appropriate for us to see the Deadpool Corp gather together to fight whatever huge threat there is out there, but this issue just falls flat.  I mean I wasn't really interested in the story of the Deadpool Corp competing against other crazy groups for the approval of some cosmic being to save the Universe.  I mean I understand where the writer is coming from showing us the teams first official outing is kinda neat, but in the end I ju...

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The One Millionth Person To Review This 0

Ok this is the big wrap up issue for the Blackest Night that has been blanketed across the DC Universe for quite some time.  And I must say it is freaking fantastic.  To attack this issue at two points I'll start off with the art.  The art team with Ivan Reis at the helm is great.  There are a lot of big splash pages in this book that require a lot of fine detail.  And the detail is there, you don't feel like your missing out on anything because you see everyone give it their all against Nekron....

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You Can Try To Be A Superhero 0

Hack/Slash has been one of my most favorite comics to read.  I find the odd pairing of Cassandra Hack and Vlad to be one of the most amusing interactions in current comics.  Now, this issue definitly stays up to the current standard of the series.  What we have here is that the Ms. Hack always seems to be stumbling upon the Black Lamp Society.  Accept the Society now seems to be going after soon to be superheros.  Quite literally killing them off as soon as they put on the mask.   And to top thi...

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What the Hell Happened? 3

I consider the story arc as kind of the black sheep of the series.  Possibly the story that no one will want to talk about if this book continues its run in the future.  Let me just say though the previous stories up until this point have been stellar.  Secret Invasion tie in....awesome, the bullseye fight, awesome.  I even loved his previous encounter with the X-Men and how he was trying to "impress" them.  However, this story arc has fallen short of expectations.  I mean a Deadpool and Spiderm...

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Hit's It In the Middle 0

This new PowerGirl series has been nothing but amazing.  Palmiotti's writing easily combines with Conner's art for a rather fantastic comic book.  There's action, drama and the side swipe of comedy that makes this rather quite entertaining.  However, I find this particular issue falls into the range of "mediocre."  I find in this issue there was not too much on the level of character development and with the last panel I found myself going "eh".  The scenes with the red haired boy attempting to ...

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