Ranking My favourite BATMAN comics:

My tread in the DC marathon was overlooked by the Dark Knight himself, ironically having fallen in love with such a character ever since I was young , I never showed the courtesy to join this legendary hero in the comic medium, but after I started reading the comics, I realized there is a lot more to Batman from where he hails, the way he fights crime and deals with cynical problems in his own just way...It is absolutely majestic! So here is top ten for the best BM comics I have ever read:

But first some honorable mentions:

- Batman Eternal

- Batman Earth One

- Batman and Son

- Batman Birth of the Demon

- Batman Black Mirror

List items

  • I read it in the dark, more sophisticated noir version of Frank Miller and believe me he has done justice to the Dark Knight as he did in the colored version...Batman kicking Superman's ass , I mean what else can you ask for more...

  • Man Oh man oh man! When the legend has a hand , it is always on another level. Alan Moore has delivered once again! The twisted origin of Joker our favorite hero of all time, and the way the story ends! Hats off to the art of Brian and the story telling of Alan!

  • This is more typically a Harley Quinn story, but the dynamic and comedy displayed in every panel gives it a different look to the Dark knight , who even at the end taunts Harley's Pudding! Unbelievably funny!

  • The defining moment in Bruce's life and how a naive boy becomes the shear embodiment of justice he is today!

  • Batman the long Halloween is a long story that is preparing us for eventual demise of Harvey Dent. Every issue is a take on different batman enemies.It sets up as a backstory on how Harvey becomes the two faced man and the fallen knight of Gotham!

    Written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale , DC legends at it again!

  • From Batman's childhood friend to batman's enemy..Hush is a saga on how these two psychopaths meet and relate their misfortunes.It was good but for me the romantic bits with Selena were the best..I mean who doesnot love Cat Woman???

  • Now in this we see a spooky art style and obviously visit the insane Asylum , the story telling is great and the art is on a whole new level befitting the mad house

  • Now the man who laughs was the introduction to joker for the fisrt time and it was the beginning of the first encounter of the vigilante with his favorite nemesis

  • In this story, they pushed batman to the limits and it shows hot the death of Jason Tod (Robin) affects him and transforms him.I personally liked Jason but beggars cant be choosers.

  • Lastly Knight fall! In this colossal series, the Bat gets his ass wooped :( , his spine broken :( and slowly rises again! Damn you Bane......

  • The Man of steel , The Dark Crusader and the lovely Wonder Woman team up in an epic trio to save the world from Bizaaro and Ra al Ghul, it was a joy reading it...