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Women in Comics that I find very attractive <3

This is a list about my picks for Most Attractive Comic Females. please keep in mind that this is a subjective opinion and may not be to everyones liking. + I have a fetish for raven haired ladies.

So lets begin

List items

  • Of course Wonder Woman is first :D. Lets see why: beauty beyond super model level and equal charm and muscle to boot. The ideal woman for any man...Well,anyone who can handle her =)

  • Similar to my Wonder woman choice. But while Wonder Woman presents strenght, Zatanna represents wisdom. And cute beauty. And magic. And have you stop looking for that fisnet? Because I havent!

  • Ms Marvel is probably the hottest blonde in comics in general.She is the embodiment of free spirit. She regulary defies and laughs in the face of death and danger.It is the very reason that she is Marvels premiere superheroine

  • Do I really need to explain this one?

  • The best thing to come from Mother Russia since vodka.

  • Possess a rack large and strong enough to crush a continent!Lets be real, her enormous breasts are the real thing we all look at.

  • A make out worth being in a coma or dead. But in all honesty,Rogue rocks men dreams with her hips,hair and accent

  • A princess form a alien world, Kori is one of the strongest alien beings of the planet.Also one of the sexiest. Wouldnt mind leting her learn Croatian (my language) from me.

  • A sexy asian lady who can speak fluently english with a british accent? Well thats hot in my book.And you know you love her purple hair...

  • Spanish?-Check


    Athletic body?-Check

    Lovely hair?-Check

    Would immediately propose to her?-Check

    Yep,Arana is my kind of chick

  • A clone of Wolverine,X-23 looks and smells better than the original. Laura is deadly goreous,and can easily kill you if your a bad date.Heck Id start my own X-Force with her by my side

  • Theres a reason that Spiderman had so much trouble adjusting to a normal relationship.One of them is Black Cat. And its not hard to see why. With a body like that and a playful personality to boot, I would have trouble talking to a normal girl again.A few scratches is nothing compared to what Black Cat offers in return...

  • Pretty little bird. Yep,Black Canary maybe one of DCs top tier martial artists,but she is also one of DCs top bombshells.just dont make her scream at you.

  • So,an African godess who can control the very elements of weather and is insanely good looking with white hair? Yeah,Storm is one of the most powerful X-man. Lucky you,Logan,lucky you...

  • "Aquaman sucks", "His powers are lame". Yeah,yeah,yeah, heard it from a thousand haters before.But tell me something: How can someone who sucks score with a dangerous nymph like that? Seriously!!!

  • Lets get this party started!!! That should be the motto if you want to hang with Alison.Because this mutant pop diva wont be held down! with her power to control sound and light this lovely star wont stop. So you move with the flow or stay away from her.

  • For most people,reciving a radioactive blood transfusion would kill most people.But in case of Jeniffer Walters,it only made her buffed.Severly buffed and green and attractive.

  • I...I... I was going to try to say something but I just decided to let this awesome picture of Helena speak for itself.

  • Body of an athlete,Mind like a computer.Sage connects the best of both.With her nice looks and smarts to boot,Sage takes her rightful place on this list.And they say that geeks are bad looking.

  • The Star Sapphire of Earth,Carol is one of the many lantern guardians of Earth.A death defying pilot similary if not more reckless than Hal Jordan,she gave up her dream of being a pilot to save her fathers firm.But regardless if shes wearing a buisness atire,pilot uniform or a Star Sapphire costume,she still looks cosmicly hot!

  • The shield maiden of Asgard,Sif is a proud warrior.Some asgardians laugh at the idea that a woman can be one of the fiercest warriors of Asgard.Obviusly they havent battled Sif.With looks equally deadly as her warrior training,men have to be careful when they battle Sif.Because if they get distracted by her good looks they wont have a head left

  • The deadliest woman in the galaxy,Gamora is deadly in more ways than one.Trained by Thanos to be the ultimate soldier,Gamora has been slaying aliens left and right.Well at least that intergalatic tyrannt did one favor to the universe which would be Gamora.

  • You know how they say that a womans hair is half of her apperance? Well Medusas hair is incredable!!! Not only is it pretty,long and red but it is alos the way she fights in combat.Her hair is her super power.Which female wouldnt want that?!

  • FLAME ON!!! Ops,wrong character!! But its not hard to see why.With her ability to manipulate fire,earth and magma, Magma is a real power house.And a hot one at that (NO pun). She has a warm personalitty,as warm as the fire she commands.

  • I dont care you think,but in my book Mercury is a very good character and a gorgeus one at that. Some maybe disgusted by her metalic skin,but who cares what they think. I love her and would instantly date her if I were given the chance

  • Another pretty bird,Mockingbird is an attractive agent of SHIELD and formerly married to Hawkeye.Mockingbird is a skilled martial artist and beautiful looking woman.I could never understand why she married Hawkeye and I can never understand Hawkeye for leaving a beautiful woman like her.