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My Favorite Superheroes of all Time

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  • Who did you expect?The worlds greatest detective is probably my favorite hero,with his badassnes,epic stories and awesome villains cast.He,in my opinion is the thing that keeps DC going.

  • The world famous wallcrawler is the most relatable hero in comics.I can relate to him in every way,be it personal or otherwise.He is Marvels mascot as opposite to DCs Batman and one of the most funny guys in comics

  • "I'm Wolverine. I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice."This quote alone proves Wolverines badassnes and confirms his title of one of the most brutal heroes in comics.

  • This beautiful and strong Amazonian princess is probably one of the most interesting female characters in comics.Nuff said.Plus I think her and Batman would be a good couple.

  • Immortal,strong and powerful.Thor is all of these things yet he spends more time protecting the people of Midgard then he spends on his home dimension of Asgard.With his mighty hammer Mjolnir he is a powerful warrior.

  • The intergalactic peacekeeping organization consist of various races wielding the green-willpowered ring.They defend the galaxy against the enemies of the Corp.

  • The Blue Boyscout. The first superhero. I recently rediscovered my love for Superman. Unfortunately he's recent tiles were bady written with exeptions like Superman Unchained. But I think and hope we will see more of him and with better solo titles.

  • Genius,billionaire,playboy,philanthropist.Tony Stark is all of these things yet the former weapons designer now uses his technology to help save the world.And the end result of his actions are:profit!

  • Former highschool bully that tormented Peter Parker,only to become his friend and is searching for redemption.Currently Agent Venom and a part of the Secret Avengers he seeks to use the Venom symbiote for good and beterment of others.

  • As a clone of Spiderman enginered by the Jackal currently the hero of Houston,he is seeking redemtion and helping the people of Houston.He is a vengful and sarcastic anti hero.

  • HULK SMASH!!!One of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe his massive strenght is unparraled.Even thought he is hunted he always tries to help the weak.Which goes against the rule "only the strongest will survive".

  • A spinoff charachter of Captain Marvel,she surpasses his popularity and is a sort of a Wonder Woman of Marvel.Both strong and charming woman,she is currently a member of the New Avengers alongside her crush Spiderman,whom she is attracted to.

  • A skilled sorcerres with a crush on Batman,she is a valued member on the Justice League Dark that deals with magical threats.Unparraled in magical prowness she works to keep the magic world in control.

  • The third Robin is the most promising of his wards.Currently using the identity of Red Robin ,and with the Teen Titans is working to stop N.O.W.H.E.R.E. from kidnapping young metahumans.

  • A clone of Wolverine made from the same Weapon X program that gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton,she was raised to be the human weapon that he was meant to be.She escaped and joined the X-men.Now a member of the Avengers Academy she is learning to control her rage.

  • Known in past as Arana,she currently gained enhanced powers from the Spider-Island,also a member of the Avengers Academy,was formerly also Ms. Marvels sidekick and is a member of the Spider-family.

  • The fastest man alive,member of the Justice League.His powers are greatly underestimated. He is commonly known for being a speed freak without other powers.But he launched Superman from Mount Rushmore to Africa with his infinite mass punch,which is only one of his awesome powers.But the downside of his powers is that he always finishes first ,if you know what i mean...

  • The Immortal Iron Fist is a legacy hero,using his many martial arts and powerful "Iron Fist" power fueled by his Chi.Focusing his Chi allowes for much things like healing,heightened senses and my personal favorites:oneshoting clone Thor and a helicarrier.

  • King of Wakanda,also a legacy hero,watch his father get murdered by the vilian Klaw,who was seeking vibranium,Wakandans rare metal.But Tcalla avenged his father and protected his country from forigners that try to exploit its vibranium.Plus he also punched Mephisto in the face,proving his badassnes.

  • Iron Fist partner and longtime friend,wrong accused of a crime that he didnt commit,he voluntarily submitted to an experiment that gave him titanium skin.He,alongside Iron Fist created the "Heroes for Hire"-the first super hero hire team.But he is notable for leading the New Avengers and becoming a family man,marring Jessica Jones and fathering his first child,Danielle.

  • Master of the Mystic Arts,Doctor Stephen Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel universe.He is unparalled in terms of magical power and wisdom.He is now more powerful that ever having regain the title of Sorcerer Supreme and learnig to use the power of dark magic without falling to their influence.

  • The ultimate cosmic hero of the Marvel Universe-Novas growth from a simple hero with powers to the ultimate protector of space is remakable.Being part of event such as Annihilation,Annihilation:Conquest,War of Kings and etc...

    He,in my opinion should have joined the Illuminti,only to be killed of.Damm!!!

  • The true leader of the X-men,Cyclops has become from the first X-man to the munant revolutionary is today.Although his methods remain questionable,he only wants for mutants to live in a better world.And hopefully,HOPEFULLY,he and Emma frost get back together.

  • Deadly beautiful-the only way to describe Emma Frost.From one of the deadliest X-villians to one of its central figures.Emma has risen in prominence and popularity so much that it should be consired illegal.Jokes aside,Emma is a godly character,and one of the most interesting females in comics.

  • The sentinel of liberty,the star spangled avenger-Captain America is the First Avenger,with good reason.The transformation from a weak but brave man into the peak commander he is today is beyond legendary.It is because of his bravery and nobility that America won WW2.Well in the comics atleast:)