My Ten's - Favorite Galactic Law Enforcement

This list contains some of the most interesting groups who protect the Milky Way and beyond. They'll be ranked on mostly how interesting I find them. The reason for this some of them don't have a great win loss record but they're powers organization etc are more interesting to me.

List items

  • The Nova Corps. An organization that has evolved alot since it's first incarnation. Wiped out on more than one occasion. Rank holds the key to how much power a recruit has access too. And the veterans are always finding a new way to use their powers beyond the standard Super strength, speed and flight. Star Gates, Electromagnetic pulses, gravimetric blast and gravity nets to secretly bind an assailant with a few moves an experienced Nova Centurion (highest rank) would be more than a match for any DC ring slinger.

  • What is there to say, some of the most powerful beings in the galaxy from highly skilled warriors, to above minded planet crushers. The Annihilators have so much power they end most conflicts just by being seen.

  • What is there to say. Sinestro wants the galaxy to be a safer place. But he wants it done through fear. Any who would kill innocents and cause universal chaos will wish the Green Lanterns were still around. The Sinestro corps has stepped up to take the Green Lantern's place in the universe and with a roster that itself inspires fear it'll be interesting to see how the perps and populace react.

  • The best and brightest space police DC had for a long time. Their origins interest and stories have skyrocketed in my opinion these last few years. IF they'd tone down on Hal and the mixing of the corps this would be at the top. Having Guy go under cover for instance is something they wouldn't have done before. This along with the Sinestro Corps war are a few of my favorite moments.

  • A Power House military organization that protects Shiar Space and Shiar interest. This entry also includes the Death Commando's which is essentially their black-ops division. Powerful organized massive precise disciplined. If there was one diverse and powerful enough to defeat all others on this list in combat it would be this one.

  • The Space Avengers around since the 80's they've undergone a major overhaul and increase in popularity in recent years. In no small part due to the new book and mainly the movie. While I prefer the version that was out shortly before the movie. I still like them. They're not as high because despite what they've accomplished almost everyone they fight still considers them a joke. How after taking Thanos hostage, using him as a weapon and trapping him in a dying universe you're considered a joke I will blame the writers.

  • The Red Lanterns like the Green and Sinestro's have their own ideals for bringing peace to the Universe. That is vengeance, the Red Lanterns are broken survivors of horrible acts or loss turned into a police force. Need I say more?

  • Shield in space. Intriguing interesting and taking space age peace in a different way. Why are they so low? Well They only protect the earth solar system and very little beyond on a regular basis.

  • I've always found the Darkstars highly interesting. From the characters to the costume design. My problem with them however? They never seemed to really get to shine. A few one of villains and always having their ranks decimated. Unlike the Nova Corps they never rebuilt, and unlike every other organization on this list, these people seemed to be the most under powered for the threats they faced.

  • To me this is the DC prototype to the Guardians for Marvel. An interesting and under utilized team , they're still pretty much in obscurity despite at one time having even Lobo among their ranks.