Top 15 Favorite DC Comics Heroes

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  • Mostly the DCAU version, SOME of the comics version, not all.

  • The ultimate comic book survivor.

  • Took that spot after I read Mark Waid's 1993 mini-series. Now I love the guy.

  • One of the most acutely aware comic book characters.

  • His story would make a great prime-time drama.

  • Mostly the DCAU version, as he lives up to ComicBookResources' Tom Bondurant's idea of an "ideal aggregation". Also when he is well-written, the comic version.

  • Being a fan of classic monster movies, got hooked after seeing his entry on Wikipedia.

  • Great legacy character, and a great JLA addition.

  • One of the most wittiest doctors I've ever read.

  • Thought about this long and hard, ultimately decided after remembering how good he was on the Justice League series (and the fact that Hal up till then only appeared in the Hanna-Barbera produced cartoons, where they barely delved into his mythos).

  • DC's equivalent to a good Transformers story. He may not change into anything other than a gust of wind, but he's a bot who managed to start a family, and that gets points in my book.

  • She's gone from Sub to Legionnaire, and hasn't looked better.

  • Got the spot after I read the first issue of his series.

  • Best "spunky" teen superhero in a long time.

  • Took the spot after reading Showcase Presents: Dial H for HERO. I hate it when something loses its innocence. Thank goodness for my slowly-developing fanfic-universe...