Top 10 Favorite Autobots/Maximals

A list of my favorite good guys from most incarnations of Transformers.

List items

  • The car mode, the mouth, and the voice are what sold me on him. Currently have his original 1984 figure (need to get his accessories and replace his roof) and his Generations figure.

  • He was awesome in the Beast Wars cartoon. A team-up with Aquaman or Namor would rock! Have both his original figure and the repaint from 2004's Transformers: Universe series.

  • Always liked his color palette and his car mode. Currently have his original figure from 1993.

  • Now that I've got comic characters to compare her to, she reminds me of Mockingbird a little. Have both her repaint that came with a video and her Transmetal version.

  • It was his personality--and who doesn't love a little red tank? Currently have his original 1985 figure, hoping to get the new Generations version.

  • Wanted his toy so bad, hope to find one at some point. I do have his 1999 Transmetal 2 figure.

  • Took a liking to his character after seeing an episode of Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Need to pick up his original toy at some point.

  • Loved his characterization in the Beast Wars mini-series. Have his figure, but need to replace his right arm and lower leg, along with his head, a boar leg, and his mane/gun.

  • Love his Classics toy, which I have, along with his original 1985 figure.

  • I love a good detective story, and his tale in the Marvel run's "Matrix Quest" story arc was definitely one of them.