My Black-Ops Dream Team

My ideal 7-person black-ops team in my shared fanfic universe.

List items

  • GI Joe member, ex-Cobra Viper who defected; part of the sub-team "Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades". Team leader.

  • Spy, Avenger, Jill of all trades. 2nd in command.

  • Former Checkmate agent, former bodyguard to Bruce Wayne, virtually undetectable to most forms of surveillance tech. Forward recon.

  • Former Predacon turned Maximal with a strong code of honor. Sniper (thanks to his Transmetal 2 form's left eye in robot mode).

  • Former Doll Agent of M. Bison turned member of MI6's Delta Red squad. Infiltrator.

  • Teenage mutant ninja turtle, "the smart one" with the bo staff. Tech specialist and information retrieval.

  • US Special Forces member, plenty of experience with both black ops and the supernatural.