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G.I. Joe's Roster (All Who Had Toys)

Every Joe team member who appeared in a comic book who had a toy--and ads count.

(Will be updated once an entry is made for the characters Skystriker, Super-Trooper, Windchill, Freefall, Major Storm, Rapid-Fire, Sky Patrol Airborne, Nunchuck, Blast-Off, Banzai, Mirage, Snow Storm, Effects, Gears, Thunderwing, Chameleon, Crossfire, Double Blast, Sure Fire, Wet Down, Lifeline (Scott), Dusty (Paquette), Sideswipe, Sidetrack (both of them), Hollow Point, Rampage, Switch Gears, Widescope and Lamont, Wreckage, Hard Drive, Hi-Tech, Link Talbot, Cannonball, Long Range (Garcia), Major Barrage, Checkpoint, Rook, Red Zone, Doc (Carla Greer), Sgt. Stone from Rise of Cobra, Sgt. Savage and the Screaming Eagles, and the GI Joe Extreme characters.)

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