Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman.

Us Viners have been debating which Wonder Woman is better Johns or Azz's. But now there is new player , Grant Morrison. His untitled Wonder Woman series is almost finished and really just needs an artist. I wonder how this will compare to Johns or Azz's. Will she be Johns overzealous warrior or Azz's family peacekeeper? Or will she be someone else? Grant was interviewed by Newsarama. This is what he had to say:

"Wonder Woman is more... unified, I think. The original idea of Wonder Woman was pretty sound. And I think the other great idea of Wonder Woman was her TV show with Lynda Carter. So I'm going to try to do something that's got all of that. As I told you, I've been working my way through the entire history of feminism, and I'm doing my research, and I'm talking to everyone, and my wife is leaning over my shoulder. So I really want to make it a particularly good book."

"It's different from Superman and Batman, because I think Wonder Woman... there have been different Wonder Womans — you know, the mod, 1960s, Wonder Woman. But we're trying to unify everything into a... I don't know if I can answer this one, Vaneta. I think this is more like All-Star Superman than how I did Batman, you know? Because I actually took a really different approach to Wonder Woman than I did with Batman, where I was combining all the ages into one man's life. And I worked it out on a 15-year timescale... when he was 25 and met Talia, and on from there. And I had all that worked out."

"But with Wonder Woman, I kind of read a bunch of stories and then ignored them all. This is like a completely new version of Wonder Woman."

I dont know about u guys but I excited for it.