question about the NEW MUTANTS

Some questions:

- Is ILLYANA gonna have the SOULSWORD as a necklace around her neck now ?

- Once ROGUE will have absorbed all powers and every personalities from LEGION's mind, will he have no more powers, and ROGUE will keep all of them ?

- Always no indications on what ILLYANA made in the future, and why she had arrows in her armor?

- SUNSPOT does not always seem to be able to fly in this series, while in others he's be able to make it (it is damage I liked well this) but he always can him?

- MAGMA also, in one others series it seems me to have seen her flying (I am not mad you know ) but I prefer that she can't. her power are connected to the earth, so it make no sense. Can she fly too ?

- Is CANNONBALL always an EXTERNAL and can he can always project his thermo-kinetic energy into powerful concussive blasts ?

- Since KITTY's been dead or lost in space, I definitely like to see again LOCKHEED with MAGIK, where is he ?

Hope long live to this serie