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question about the NEW MUTANTS

Some questions:

- Is ILLYANA gonna have the SOULSWORD as a necklace around her neck now ?

- Once ROGUE will have absorbed all powers and every personalities from LEGION's mind, will he have no more powers, and ROGUE will keep all of them ?

- Always no indications on what ILLYANA made in the future, and why she had arrows in her armor?

- SUNSPOT does not always seem to be able to fly in this series, while in others he's be able to make it (it is damage I liked well this) but he always can him?

- MAGMA also, in one others series it seems me to have seen her flying (I am not mad you know ) but I prefer that she can't. her power are connected to the earth, so it make no sense. Can she fly too ?

- Is CANNONBALL always an EXTERNAL and can he can always project his thermo-kinetic energy into powerful concussive blasts ?

- Since KITTY's been dead or lost in space, I definitely like to see again LOCKHEED with MAGIK, where is he ?

Hope long live to this serie


My toughts on NEW MUTANTS #5

The drawing was strange in this number, but preferable in 4 precedents. Really, it is rare to see KARMA resembling in one Asian, it was time!

MAGIK and MOONSTAR was dressed to such as they must be, and I would like that SAM can once again have the hairstyle of its beginning (what would go better with its role and its past of small soldier crossed to CABLE)

Similar for MAGMA, the long hair goes to her well but more curly would be better to identify better every character. SUNSPOT seems to have become again the charmer of his ladies!

I have the impression that they aren't never lost sight from each others during all these years, it is cool and good!

Personally I would have preferred seeing again MOONSTAR with the psychic arrow ( my favourite between three dimensional illusions, to foresee death, her empathic bond with animals, her tangible three dimensional projections, her power to control all quantum energies ),that another new power (to confirm). she seems to have become now very strong girl with a sword + BRIGHTWING is once again alive (???)

I hope that in series NECROSHA, in which we shall see the return of WARLOCK and CYPHER, will also have us joy to see again also too absent WOLFSBANE of the adventures of X-FORCE.
I waits with impatience for the return of HELLIONS, and the true battle between WOLFSBANE and CATSEYE.

MAGIK obviously did not take away the bewitching still so that EMPATH recuperates view as she has promised to MAGMA.

I would also like to see a little more COLOSSUS maintaining some interactions with his sister for whom it had killed himself, and see the reaction of ILLYANA also on the disappearing of KITTY.

For the time being YANA seems far from being very nice with her old friends, her who however since her return claimed them.

I hope to see also DAVID exchanging with XAVIER, wich one given his own life to save his father last time when we saw him.

It would be time to see the power of KARMA evolving a little more too !