Undersea Characters.

A list of various characters that dwell or operate within the ocean.

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Posted By Hollow Shel

Nice list! Need to add Carcharo to it however - short-lived Infinity Inc villain, but still counts. (damn, that makes 3 shark-based villains for DC alone. I'm surprised Marvel doesn't have more!)

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Posted By tamabone

I didn't see Deep Blue. Daughter of Npyune Perkins and Tsunami. From Peter David's Aquaman run.

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Edited By darkgundamz

@tamabone: Deep Blue is on the list. On Page Two. She Number 27.

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Posted By MadFacedKid

Lorena Marquez, Lisa Morel?

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Posted By darkgundamz

@justthatkid: add her & animated DC Beyond Universe version of Aquagirl as well.

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Posted By hyperman

What an original list!