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It's a family thing? 
Updated my choice for Nightcrawler :  Aidian Turner = Kurt Wagner. 


Carrie Anne Moss = Raven Darkholme/Mystique.   

Christina Ricci = T.J.  Wagner/Nocturne. 

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I always figured the current incarnation of Drax was a rip-off of Vin Diesel's Riddick character, especially the way he looks with the Mitch Breitweiser art style when this look first appeared.
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G-Fan right here.
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A few random Fantastic Four related castings. 
     Lee Arenberg = Ivan Kragoff, the Red Ghost  . 

Vincent D'onofrio =  the Mad Thinker.    
Alan Cumming  = voice and motion capture for CGI Impossible Man.    
 Nathaniel Arcand = Wyatt Wingfoot.


Christina Hendricks = Frankie Raye  /Nova the Herald.  

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One more character for the Spider-Man Reboot List. 
Laura Vandervoort = Felicia Hardy/Black Cat. 


Back to Fantastic Four Sequels: 
Fantastic Four Movie 9: Vengeance of the Black Panther.  
Not Tyrese Gibson,
but a solid unknown African or English born actor with similar features, skin tone and build as that of Gibson as Prince T'Challa, the Black Panther.  If Gibson could pull off the proper regal air and  the proper African accent, then he'd be a "GO."

For flashback sequences, Djimon Hounsou =  King T'Chaka.    

Mads  Mikkelsen = Ulysses Klaw .  

Fantastic Four Movie 10 : The Coming of Galactus.
No casting as such just "How to do Galactus without it coming off corny." 
1.  More Than One Herald In Service to Galactus at one Time.   Silver Surfer, Air Walker, Terrax and Firelord.  Four elemental heralds all searching for worlds for Galactus. Although the Silver Surfer would be the herald to receive the spotlight, the other three would be seen in a cameo flashback when either the Surfer r the Watcher explain to Reed Richards and crew who / what Galactus is. 


2.  Galactus.  Ancient, sentient , highly intelligent mass of primal universal energy possessed with the "power cosmic".  Galactus would keep it's essence within a gigantic "World Sphere" as it traveled the universe in search of worlds.  After Galactus has arrived at a world that has been found and prepped for consumption by one of his heralds, the "World Sphere" is transmuted by Galactus into his Elemental Convertor. Unlike the comic version however, this Elemental Convertor would be massive and would have to remain in orbit above the planet with only it's gigantic energy syphoning tendrils extending down to the planet into the "prep holes" made by the herald upon arrival to the planet. (Same way as it was seen in the second FF movie)  Part  of the Elemental Convertor would be Galactus' Armor which it would transfer its energy essence into. The armor would be connected to the Convertor by various cables and strap like devices and allow the energy being taken from the devoured to be transfered directly into Galactus. The purpose of the armor would be to give Galactus a basically humanoid form to allow it monitor and manipulated the function of the convertor and not  needlessly expend any of its energies in the process. The armor would be the comic design but without a "face". The  head piece would be enclosed similar to that of the Celestials.  

Galactus: Energy Being.
Galactus: Energy Being.


Galactus "World Sphere" and Elemental Convertor.

Galactus Armor Face and Elemental Convertor Controls .
Galactus Armor Face and Elemental Convertor Controls .
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@Vance Astro Said: 
Why would the ENTIRE movie be set in the  late 30's\Mid-40's.  What is also a big part of Steve's story is the whole "coping with his past life being over" thing.
That's exactly the reason why they are setting the majority of the film in the late 30's thru the mid 40's. The same reason they are setting a good portion of the Thor film in Asgard.  It establishes exactly who the character is and why they do what they do.  You have to remember, although the movie audience will largely be comic fans who more are less know what the deal is with Captain America, you also will have an equally large portion of  non comic readers in the audience that do not know a thing about the character other than he's a patriotic themed super hero.  By not setting up the proper background with Steve Rogers before he became Cap, what he went through to become Cap, how he embodied/inspired  what "ideally" makes America great when he's in costume and the battles/threats he fought during WWII, it would lessen the effect of establishing why he would be revered by the majority of people he would encounter present day. The audience should see and "live through" what he went through back at that point in his life to identify with him.  In that way when he is in the present and going through his whole "man out of his time" issues, the audience understands better what he has lost and how he would feel rather that saying "Dude, you can't rewind time, just get over it. Move on!!"  I don't think  having him at the onset in the present and showing all of his past experience through flashbacks would have the same effect.
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Gundam Wing.  I thought the Gundam Epyon mobile suit from that was pretty tight.
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@Vance Astro said:
i'm aware of this but they should skip Peggy and go straight to Sharon.They seem to try to modernize all of the other characters.They can do the same for Cap.Sharon is important to his storyline.More so than Peggy. "
Hold on a minute!!  What???  Huh???   Never mind.  I get it now.   Looking at your current avatar , I'm guesing you must be one of the "Everything Now" Club.  Taking a shot in the dark here but, you are someone who got into reading comics about five to ten years ago, became very knowledgeable in terms of everything going on comicwise within that specific time frame, so from your viewpoint that's all relevant, but everything that happened outside of the time that you personally got into comics is irrelevant?   So you if had your way it would be what precisely?  Bucky Barnes as Captain America not Steve Rogers?   Steve Rogers in his newly unvealed maskless costume?   What should be "modernized" in your opinion for a Captain America movie that takes place during World War II?    I'm honestly curious as to what ideas you have in mind that you think would benefit a Captain America movie set in that time period. Seriously.  I would like to hear your ideas please.  Unless of course you think it should be set in the present day.  And if so, I still would like to hear your ideas for that circumstance as well.  Go!!
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I vote Kevin McKidd as Ares. 

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Thanks for the props, but I must respectfully decline being labeled a genius.  I'm just a guy with a lot of love and respect for comics as a whole , who has seen far too many movies and TV shows and developed a semi decent eye for details from my time in the military.  Personally I think being a genuis is overrated and it's the reason why more times than not that Hollywood gets comic characters twisted on the big screen.