The Worst Story Arcs I Have Ever Read

This is a list of the worst comics I have ever read. You may have liked these comics and thats fine. These are just the ones I hated the most. Hopefully this list doesnt grow anymore.

List items

  • This is basically a how not to make Billy Batson or heroes in general. Billy Batson is given the ability to transform froma kind and caring kid into an obnoxious brat with the abilities self centeredness and a cynical and selfish attitude to bad he cant transform back. No, one is immune to this as Dr Sivana is transformed into a magic obsessed Lex Luthor with a magic eye. Mary and Freddy seem completely hollow and there are just a couple of tokens that dont really add anything to the story. Also Billy Batson robs an atm for money for beer and cheeseburgers and then is a complete hypocrite when others try and rob the same bank and he stops them from doing it. I honestly dont know what Geoff Johns was thinking with Ibac. The only good thing about this comic was Black Adam. The overall comic was the boring and rage inducing comic I have ever read and even the art seemed to clash with the spirit of Billy Batson. This one also really doesnt have much of an ending but that is actually is a positive because I dont want anymore comics starring Shazam.

  • This is a story of the Goddamn Batman and Dick Grayson age 12. This is a comic that is actually pretty hilarious when it doesnt want to be. I would almost give it a free pass just for that, but the characterization is so attrocious that I cant. I mean what was Frank Miller thinking with Wonder Woman or anyone for that matter!?! Another thing I hate about this comic is that it didnt even have an ending. It just ends when it finally begins developing the story. It also fails to accomplish what it set out to do which is tell the origin of the dynamic duo. At least Batman is crazy enough to make it worth the read.

  • This comic had alot of potential to be a great and fun comic that humanised the characters. Unfortunately the story feels rushed and lacking in structure, character, and fun. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to develop the team dynamic and the characters. That opportunity seems wasted to me.