My Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is team of captured supervillains who go on deadly missions in exchange for time off of their sentence. For my Suicide Squad I wanted a team of A, B, and C list villains with usefull abilities or can be expendable.

List items

  • Deadshot makes for a great leader behind Rick Flag. His skills with a riffle also make him a valuable member to the team. Plus he's just a cool character and you have to include him.

  • She's crazy, deadly, sexy, unpredictable, and buckets of fun. She brings to the team a sense of fun and uncontrollable insanity.

  • He is a man who knows all the angles and can get into any place. These skills alone make him a great asset to the team.

  • Plasique can create explosive blasts with her finger tips. This can be usefull in fights, in removing whatever needs removing, or creating a distraction.

  • Doctor Phospherous is kind of an obscure Batman villain and exactly what the Suicide Squad was all about. He has the ability to shoot radiation blasts which can be very dangerous. Plus he has a cool design.

  • Captain Nazi is one of Captain Marvel's most dangerous rogues. He is a nazi superweapon with super strength, super speed, flight, and heightend senses. He can be very deadly and if he dies no one would cry because well he's a nazi superweapon.

  • Lady Shiva is one of the world's most deadly assasins and martial artists. The team would need her fighting expertise when in large fights with deadly opponets.

  • Psimon is a foe of the Teen Titans with powerful telepathic abilities. He could be useful if they needed information from someone or could use these abilities ofensively.

  • With his skills in condiment marksmanship and his vast knowlege of garnishes, he makes for great cannon fodder. Plus who wouldnt want to see him die.