My Old Comic Book Collection

UPDATE: Unfortunately since I moved out I no longer have any of these comics. Which is terrible since I loved my collection.

This is a list of the comics I physically own and not ones digitally. My collection is incredibly small, but Im hoping to increase it in the coming year. I will update this list each time I get a new comic. Also I do have a paperback Transformers Heroes and Villains comic, but there wasnt a page for it so its not here.

List items

  • Hardback

    10/10 Its probably one of my favorite Wonder Woman comics and I hope to get the rest of the George Perez Wonder Woman comics.

  • Hardback

    9/10 This was a really fun and interesting read that does a good job of establishing a modern version of the Crime Syndicate. Though it seemed a little short and seemed to wrap up just as things were really moving. The pannel breakdowns are also really cool.

  • Hardback

    8/10 It is a really action packed and exciting book, but unfortunately the version I have just ends at his death and doesnt collect his eventual return. Ultimately it seems to live up to its promise, but it also leaves me wanting more. Plus it also has Booster Gold which is ALWAYS a positive in my opinion.

  • Hardback

    10/10 This is a great collection of short Batman stories written and drawn by some of the best. The idea to have it all in black and white was a great one and gives the stories more of a noir feel to them.

  • 10/10 This event was epic and was engaging all the whole way through. I thought it did a great job of juggling the whole DC Universe and making sure everyone got at least a decent role in one of DC's biggest events. The art was fantastic as Perez's is always.

  • 10/10 This was a fantastic beginning to this classic series. It does a great job of re introducing these obscure, or obscure at the time, characters and making you care about or hate these characters. It is pretty action packed and surpringly does a good job of making the political aspects interesting.

  • 10/10 This comic is far from being in the best condition as it lacks a back cover and the front is stapled on, but I really don't care as it is a Jimmy Olsen comic and I've been wanting to read his comics badly. I was expecting this to be just a sort of silly fun story sort of like his Turtle Boy story. Instead I was surprised that it was actually a quite engaging story that had some laughs and some drama. It was a well written story in my opinion and certainly not something you'd picture to come out of the Silver Age. It also did a good job of showing that even he's only Superman's Pal he can still lead his own story. Hopefully I can find more Jimmy Olsen comics in the future.

  • 9/10 This was a really solid start to a mini series. It quickly introduces the reader to who Swamp thing is and to what the story would be. The art made it feel like a 70s horror comic. Bringing back Swamp Thing creator Len Wein was a smart move in my opinion as it feels like it was written by a pro. Plus I've recently become a big Len Wein fan after reading his Batman run and work with George Perez on Wonder Woman. The cliff hanger is also great.

  • 2/10 I should have known going in that this was going to be bad as Rob Liefeld was doing the art, but for some reason I thought it could be good. I ended up being wrong as the art was worse than I could have imagined and the story was so unsatisfying. The positive of this book as it is the first appearance of Deadpool and Domino and I do like reading first appearances. Though I kind of got this to tell if I liked Deadpool as a character and I can't decide if I like him or not.

  • 3/10 Though the title says it is Deadpool Origins, this is actually a part of Wolverine Origins. That in lies my problem with this. I bought it thinking that this might give me the character's origin as I know nothing about this character, but it provides little about who he is. The story is also not even a number one in Wolverine Origins its like issue 3 or 4. It does have significantly better art than the above Deadpool story.

  • 10/10 Hardcover Collectors Edition with the Ultimate Cut and Motion Comics Though I would have prefered the Absolute Edition, the Collectors Edition is still really nice and I really like the box it comes in. This is my absolute favorite comic book and Im so glad I finally have it in print. The characters are fascinating and have a depth most superheroes take years to achieve. The story is endlessly entertaining and presents a world I cant help but get engrossed in. The art and layout are absolutely perfect. There really isnt much left to say that others havent already said better than me. I just love this book.

  • 10/10 Hardback This is really the perfect origin story Batman as it shows Bruce's humanity and vulnerability. It does a great job of establishing why Gotham City needed Batman. Another great thing in this book is showing the struggle and failures of Gordon as he is the new cop in the GCPD. This is a great example of gritty done right. I also like Selina Kyle's role in the book as she is inspired by Batman to become Catwoman to gain power in a powerless situation. There is a lot of great stuff in this book and I think the special features are really nice.

  • 1/10 Trade Paperback Admitedly I havent finished this comic yet, but so far I absolutely loathe it so far. It is the absolute sesspool of the comic medium and a disgrace to the Suicide Squad. Everyone in this comic is absolutely one dimensional and annoying. Harley Quinn has literally been destroyed as she lacks any of the qualities I like and wears a costume I cant tell if its revolting or not too bad. The Suicide Squad seems to have lost many of its great qualities as all the stakes have been removed as it places some fairly big names on the team like Harley Quinn and creates lame cannon fodder so you know who will die and who wont. Rick Flag one of the key members of the team in the past has been completely removed and Deadshot has taken his place. The missions arent too bad or too great and just overall feels too flashy and over the top. As of right now I wish I could return it as I despise how it destroys everything I love about the Suicide Squad and is the epitemy of what I hate about the New 52.