My Favorite Comic Book Movies

This is a list of my favorite comic book based movies. You may or may not like them. Some of these films I havent seen in a while, but I remember loving them. With all the new films coming out this list will hopefully grow.

List items

  • This is not only my favorite cbm, but its my favorite movie. The direction and acting is great and the story is top notch. I love the way it explores Batman and what sort of character he is. Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart are great as the Joker and Two Face and make great villains. The story is very gripping and always has me at the edge of my seat. You can also see how The Long Halloween inspired the movie and many of the aspects of the Batman lore. This is very minimilistic approach to Batman, but I think it does a great job of showing what the character is about.

  • Batman Returns was probably one of the most controversial comic book movies of its time due to its darker tone and how bizarre it was and is unfortunately responsible for creating two of the worst films ever made, Batman and Robin and Catwoman. It also made some drastic alterations to Catwoman and Penguin. These would be good enough reasons to hate the film if it wasnt such a great film. This film I think does a great job of juggling the darker and campier tones of Batman. The characters are also very inspired and realized as both Catwoman and Penguin are both very interesting and sympathetic. Though Batman doesnt have alot of screen time, it does a great job of showing how he has become consumed by the Batman identity. I also love how much this film is inspired by German Expressionist films like Metropolis and the Cabinet of Caligari. The christmas setting also is a great choice as it makes Gotham City feel cold and isolated and really adds to the darkness to film. Michelle Pfieffer brings the screen to life as Catwoman and Danny DeVito does a great job as the Penguin. Michael Keaton and Michael Gough are still great in their roles as Batman and Alfred. I also love the relationship between Batman and Catwoman in the film.

  • After Batman and Robin put the franchise on ice, Christopher Nolan was able to bring back the Batman franchise and make it stronger than ever. Batman Begins explores the how and why Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. Alot of the things I love about the Dark Knight were started here and this was a great beginning to the trilogy. The film also does a great job of showing how Batman uses fear to intimidate his foes. I also think Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul were great picks for villains the film as they challenge him physically and mentally. Christian Bale makes a great Batman and Bruce Wayne even if the voice is pretty silly. I also think Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Gary Oldmen are incredible in their roles. Gotham City also looks the best in this film out of the trilogy. I this is probably the best origin story and overall a great film.

  • Days of Future Past not only got rid of the two X Men nobody really liked, but it also breathed a ton of life back in this 15 year old franchise. It is one of the best made comic book films and the character arcs of Mystique, Magneto, and Proffessor X really shine through. It does a really good job at establishing the stakes and makes the most of its 70s setting. The Quicksilver scene is also a highlight for me. My only complaint would be that I wish it would have spent more time in the future after it combined the casts of the old and new films. The film is very sleek and has plenty of action and character moments and surprisingly doesnt spend too much time on Wolverine.

  • This is a film I really didn't have much expectations for, but I heard tons of people raving about it so I decided to give it a shot. Boy was I surprised at how much I loved this movie. It is just so much fun. The action and jokes are top notch and make for a very exciting film. The characters in the movie were also were interesting and helped make the movie. Plus Eggsy is so hot. ;) I'm usually not into spy films, but this one I loved and seemed to really play around and poke fun at spy films. I also loved the over the top posh style used in the film. This movie is so much fun and could go up on my list further.

  • I think X2 does a great job of building on the first film and made one of the best cbm ever made. The opening scene is fantastic and the film continues the greatness throughout. It also does a great job of juggling the characters and making sure they get enough screen time which is an impressive feat in of itself. It has some great action scenes and I like how it goes further into the mutant/human relationship.

  • This film not only told studios that you can make money off of superheroes other than Superman, but it also introduced the idea of a darker Batman that wasnt as campy as the one from the 60s. The story in this one I think is just ok, but I absolutely love what Tim Burton did with Gotham City and all of the Batman fixtures. The Batcave, Batmobile, Batwing, and Batsuit look pretty awesome. Gotham City truely looks like a city that is absolutely corrupt and rotten to its core. The Danny Elfman score is the best and is perfect for Batman. Michael Keaton was a great choice for Batman and Id say he probably is the best or is at least tied with Bale. I think Jack Nicholson does a great job as the Joker and I think Kim Basinger does a pretty good job as Vicki Vale. This film I think captures the feel of the Batman comics the best even if it does deviate in some areas. It also sort of has a Golden Age feel to it and I think the introcution of Batman in the film is perfect. The only other complaint I have is the Prince music. I think it was a bad move on the studio to put it in there.

  • After X Men Origins Wolverine wasnt recieved well, Fox decided to rethink their origins films and what we got was a great film that explains the origins of Magneto, Proffessor X, Mystique, and Beast and is pretty awesome. The 60s setting is smartly used to parrellel the civil rights issues at the time and the mutants struggle. I really like the cast and I personally didnt think January Jones was that bad as Emma Frost it was at least better than Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre. The story was very well written and the action was very good. I also love the look of the film and the overall tone of the film.

  • When I first watched the Dark Knight Rises I thought it was the best Batman film, and though it sort of lost that one the second and third viewings I still think it is a great film. It works a great conclusion to a greater trilogy. I like that it tried to give a conclusion to the character when most film series like this just want to keep things going as long as possible. I like the additions of Catwoman, Bane, and the Batwing like device called the Bat. The movie does a great job of breanking Batman down after the previous two films built him. It also returns to several of the themes from Batman Begins and makes the trilogy come full circle.

  • I havent read the comics and I really know anything about them other than the movies. I do think this is a really funny and cool movie that I have seen several times and enjoyed every time. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones work very well with each other and have some really funny moments. The premise is pretty cool and I think it was executed very well. The aliens all look really cool and the story is pretty good. This is a really fun movie that I loved as a kid.

  • This is the film started the X Men series and it does a great job of introducing the X Men world and making you want to know more about it. This is also the film responsible for restarting the superhero film craze after Batman and Robin killed it. The special effects are a little dated, but the performances and story make up for it. Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Robecca Romijn are the stand outs for me. This is a great first instalment in one of my favorite film series.

  • I am talking about the old film serials, The Adventures of Captain Marvel. I guess a serial isnt a film, but I dont know where else to put it. This was the first live action depiction of a comic book superhero and I think it does Captain Marvel justice. The special effects are incredible for the time and I like the serial nature of it. The story is pretty good and it is fun how it leaves each one on a cliffhanger. I do think they cast Billy Batson way too old, but he does the best he can. I also think this is probably the most faithful adaptation of hero even if it does make a few changes. It seems to capture the tone, spirit, and attitude of the comics at the time. This was a big surprise that I really enjoyed and need to watch again.