I've died and returned so many times I think my brain is still growing feelings and emotions

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Arrow's Fly, The Mark Is Lost 0

This is the Green Arrow I cannot explain how much I love reading, I mean i did enjoy this new volume up until this point. But its something else when you show off his real skill, and the emotion behind it. Ollie will always be a very deep man, a man whose emotions tend to get the better of him. And this issue shows when it can tear him apart when they do get the better of him.  Story-I cannot explain how the story had me rereading every single page of this issue, I fell in love with it the momen...

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I cannot explain my utter disdain for what they are doing with Hulk as of late, but sadly I needed to pick this issue up for one reason it was a Fear Itself Tie In. And I say now with great sorrow...I enjoyed it thouroughly. I couldnt stop reading, this is definately the only issue with Rulk that I f#cking love. It showed that this bastard of a man known as Thunderbolt is actually a decent human being, he is willing to fight an throw his life down to protect those that need protecting. I see thi...

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Decent Issue-But Not what I was expecting 0

See I went into this comic in the way I told myself not to, being a HUGE FAN of Shade the Changing Man and Black Orchid I was hoping of more of the same. Or if different not entirly different stroy. What I got was a story using the ORIGINAL Shade, who Pre-Vertigo was incredibly boring but they took this boring character and upped him into something decently interesting. This comic also is clearly not going to be a Vertigo praise-athon. They took the characters developed by Vertigo into awesome c...

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Cant Beat the Original 1

Alright i am a huge fan of the Planet Hulk arc let me repeat HUGE fan, so when i say this wasnt half bad that says alot. My biggest issue was the sheer remake of the entire Planet Hulk story line, you would figure they would make some major changes but alot of what happen to hulk happen to Tbolt in this single issue. But I will give this comic its credit in that its very cool read.  Story-If you put aside the awesomeness that was Planet Hulk, then this would be pure epic on a platter. But its no...

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Two Words, Holy Crap!! 0

Lets start out with this, my own words an opinion  I honestly had no let me repeat no expectations for this event, i saw the title an the concept an thought it was meh. I went into this whole event with nothing but a curiosity for it. But i was so freaking wrong, i cannot begin to fathom what is going to happen.   Story-The things that happen in this issue, holy crap. I never ever EVER saw some of these things coming. I mean we were teased with images of what could happen. But never saw the ass ...

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Holy Awesomeness Batman!!! THIS IS AWESOME~! 2

Some may say this has the potential to screw everything up, but after reading todays issue i cannot see anything but complete and utter potential for a wicked story  I will say Thomas being Batman and  Bruce being dead could have its problems, but hell we dont even know where this is going yet. All we know is this is a superb story told by some awesome people. Ill admit i hate hate what has happen to people in his writings, but i will admit i absolutely love what hes doing with this story line. ...

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I havnt picked up a single issue of Titans since issue 7 in which I voiced my opinions in another review, the story and continuity in that issue made me want to find Winnick and put a slug in his head.  BUT!! This issue was pure awesomeness, it wasnt the fights which were nothing compared to other comics it was the story.I am and will always be an Aquaman, and when Tempest was dropped into Comic Limbo after IC i was extreamly pissed. I wanted to know what happen to Dolphin and their child. And m...

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Cool New Character 0

Bought this today (i know its been so long since ive bought a actual Marvel comic). Was a the new comic shop in my area and the guy told me to pick it up saying "If you love Deadpool, this dude you will enjoy" To which i did the scooby doo "UHHH!" and bought it. So Bringing it home an reading it I really got into the character of Zodiac yeah hes a blatant ripoff of DP, but hes still rather cool. Loved the scene where he says "Yeah there was an earlier Zodiac, but I liked the name so I made sure ...

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Odd Little Gem 2

Now this one was something I read simply out of boredom before work tonight. And I have to say for a ten year old comic this was rather interesting, not one of the well known of the Vertigo lines but defiantly not something to pass up. I really cant find any really original words for this comic besides if you want a story of sticking it to the proverbial MAN this is defiantly one you should pick up. The art reminds me of the first few issues of Preacher in how its gritty yet also very well done ...

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Beginng To End 3

This was an insanely interesting book, if its not the art or the humor within the story its the story itself. I couldnt stop reading this book i was actually taken entirely into the world of David and King Saul. Watching David turn from the carefree smartass child into the man he became at the end of the story is something I would read in a novel not a comic and I loved every moment. David starting out the humble harpist to the lecharous and evil King Saul, and Davids harp being the only thing t...

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Oddest Little book 0

This 150+ page Graphic Novel is a novelty for those true blue Vertigo fans. Its not the greatest in the Vertigo archives but its not horrible in any sense. The storyline is almost engrossing if youcan get past the photos depicting the story art. Its really not for the people who want action in their stories because Ill admit it this is probably one of the more mundane Vertigo comics. The humor in it is dark an twisted, we have our main character Jake who is like any NORMAL photographer hes a jac...

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