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Whats What of The Kingdom (New Universe Concept)

The World of Kingdom (Places, Setting etc etc)

I would very much like this new world to be much like what we already have, its Earth guys but the entire population is made up of animals. Well animals who talk, fight, war, feud etc etc like humans but...yeah. Like our planet now, they will have varying ways of living and different people, classes etc etc. Think of it this way...

For the most part this world is very new to everyone involved, yes they have evolved as animals to be more intelligent and able to do things early versions of themselves would never have accomplished. But at the same time its still fresh and new.

There are working class, the rich, the poor, all these things and perhaps this could work as a guideline more than out right rules of how things will work with your character(s) but here we go.


For the most part Mother Nature left the earth as it was when it decided that humans were of no use any longer. We have Antarctica, Australia, US, Africa etc etc nothing has changed there.

BUT! What has changed is what the new "people" designate as habitable environments. Many (not all) but many have colonized in various parts of the world massive cities that cater to each "group" living within these cities. These will not need to be explained by each person, more of a simple understanding that each has been there for sometime, and been added and updated over the years as its people evolve and the population grows. These cities are all over the globe, and depend on the writer as to how big the city is and whats in it. So we all kind of have a factor in whats in each.

Outside of these cities is a bit more....to the tee you could say. Civilization is for the civilized, that will be the motto for the beginning of this journey. As such outside theses big cities (and even the in between villages) will be pure wilderness. Animals still live here in the "wild" and are a bit more...to there nature as you could say. Predators hunt, Prey run for there lives. These are the savages, perhaps walls should be built to keep them from entering the more civilized areas ((kind of like THE SHIELD in Secret Wars).

In these areas stories can still be done as well, as even the wild boy can become a man who thrives in the city (Tarzan eh ehh). All these kinds of things can be used and played with. Its a new world much like the CVn(b)U is and was. Things will be set in stone, where as others are more fluid.


As of RIGHT NOW, lets keep any stories involving The Kingdom more in the NOW, rather than in the past. That is until more is done with the current time period, my hope is that all time is to be seen from this perspective. I can imagine that early on the world was in constant struggle for power (Predators vs Prey) kind of things, and that would be incredible to see written out.

But as of now, the focus will be on the now. The year is...kind of up in the air, but lets say that Mother Nature said eff all humans...2000 years ago??? Giving time for generation upon generation to be built, classes are established in this time, certain things are made law and such. Things are established as a whole as of writing your first post.

Laws as of right now are....within Cities and villages. Unless you choose to be a villain, there is no predator against prey violence. No killing etc etc. Just kind of common law and nature.(Although beating up the peasant and such can be done as a story theme, no mass genocides alright?)


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It shall go to say the NORMAL stature and size of animals has not grown since Mother Nature got rid of the humans. Mice are still small, elephants are still big. BUT I think I should set a limit as of right now as to what can be controlled as anthropomorphic and what should not.

Use-Anything you wish actually, any animal besides what is stated below can be used. But strength agility etc etc is all up to you guys, besides their initial size compared to others that is.

Bugs- For the Most part, Bugs are the working class. Evolution gave all bugs IN GENERAL a boost in size. They are not human size, but more like dwarfs in size. Not an average human height, but also not midget size. Right in the middle, and they are considered scum for the most part.

Some can grow larger than others, but for the most part they are all the same size. And almost ALL are working class, they build what needs to be built where it needs to. Think of them like migrant workers, who get shipped around.


Fish-In general they are what is primarily consumed by carnivores the reason will be stated later. But as of now, Fish fish as in nothing mammal is considered FOOD. That said, whales are also a no go as of right now. They will be allowed once things get moving and more sea stories are established, but to allow a whale or dolphin to walk on land would require too many...tedious consistencies.

Extinct Animals- As of right now, because it was brought up in other thread anything dead prior to MN(Mother Nature) saying no more humans is still very much dead. In time scientists can bring them back, but as of right now as this is still new...just no...no dinosaurs.


For the most part, within the civilized areas of this world, a primarily vegetarian diet is had among the people of the cities. Fish is the only "meat" to be had within the cities. As the fish did not evolve in such ways as the others, because of this they are considered a food source for the carnivores of the world. As they hold no intelligence (shut up...you know what I mean).

Yes I spent nights trying to figure out what the meat eaters were going to consume. Then BOOM fish....


This is the part of the world I really wanted to explain. I know I said no mutants in last thread, but i meant no human mutant types. We cant have a Vine world made up of Animals, and not have some of them be unique mutations from the norm right?!!

So as of now mutants are pretty stinking scarce as a whole. As for the most part the world as JUST evolved into higher intelligent creatures (last thousand years or so) so mutations are still becoming a thing. So keep to a minimum please and discuss with me once this is all set up and all is set in stone.