I've died and returned so many times I think my brain is still growing feelings and emotions

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Tainted Life- The Re-Education of Darkchild

All it took was a single moment, a moment where it all crumbled. He knew that was it, the beginning of the end, if he had known what was to come in years time. He would of not stopped...no he would have made the same decision...he knew it then and he knows it now...he was forever destined to crumble at her feet

It took the great monster known as Darkchild off guard seeing someone smile, she was not happy nothe smile was not that of an emotion it was out of reflex. Her hand raised and gripped his closed fist and brought it down so softly her smile never fading as he moved back down to the ground, it was not that she was powerful but something about her intrigued him, no it confused him. Coming to his senses he pulled back his hand an again tried to strike, his fist going right past her face and its delicate features. She stood never blinking in reaction, in fact she had never opened her eyes throughout the entire ordeal. Simply stood their, one arm outstretched and palming his closed fist, while the other bent behind her. Impatience grew swiftly within the behemoth Gen and he barked "Who is foolish enough to enter my..." she finally spoke cutting him off in his attempt at another intimidation "You sure do talk a lot, if I hadn't followed your energy by itself all I need to do was follow the loud obnoxious sound of your voice."Dumbfounded he just stood for a moment, the insolence of this woman was on level of Crimson, this time he did strike her with a swift back hand only to find he struck the doorframe.

She had moved so fast he almost didn't see her as she moved further into the throne room, arms still behind her as she spoke "You have an awful big place for only one big whiny man, but I can smell that others have been here. You don't get this far in life even with an ability without relying on what you still have.."she pointed to her eyes as she opened them, they were empty sockets. Nothingness seemed to seep from her eye sockets, but her smile took full attention as if her smile took full attention away from her opened eyes. "Catch up, Sweety. I have been on this island for quite sometime, nothing happens here. Well that was until I sensed you. Such power you hold, yet you not once struck at a city here...why is that? It is not cowardice as their is absolutely nothing to fear here."she stopped tilting her head to the side as if waiting to hear his response, he stared still floored by her bold and brash nature.

Finally he spoke "It is nearly untouched by those in this world who could stand against me..." she laughed and gestured with her finger as if telling him to try again. Sighing deep he scoffed at her and turned away moving up to a newly formed throne and sat down with a loud thud, mulling over why it was so easy for him to instinctually talk to this woman. "Its beautiful, this land the entire country is the single most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The fact that my darkness could reside here and it still manage to be the single most beautiful thing....that is why. It is untouched by my evil, my darkness." she nodded in agreement and continued throughout the room. Soon her hands pressed against the walls and tapped a few times then turning towards Darkchild "With such beauty why do you not have windows to view such beauty?" a single snap of his fingers and the darkness that filled the room withdrew and windows formed on the walls. Allowing for bright light to fill the entire room, it shined over everything illuminating every crevice it could, washing over the towering behemoth and the slender shape of the woman before him. She moved to a window and stood in the sunshine, breathing in deep as the sensation of the sunlight against her skin filled her mind.

For a few moments she simply stood their in the sunlight, her arms stretched out to her sides. Slowly her arms fell to her sides and she moved closer to Gen, her hands reaching out to him. Firstly he wanted to react, but something overcame him and her hands slowly touched his face. Down his neck her fingertips walked up and down, then down to his shoulders, chest and then back up to his face. Her expression was that of curiosity, she finally stopped her fingertip crawl over him and chuckled "Figured you would be much uglier..." she moved from the throne and down back to the doorway "See you later Big Guy....now you have my scent an know of my existence, don't be a stranger now..." a wicked grin and seconds later she was gone with a flash. Gen sat bewildered as to who and what she was, why she decided that very moment to step into his home his domain. No matter the confusion she left, he was hooked, she vexed him and that only made finding out who she was that much more intriguing.