I've died and returned so many times I think my brain is still growing feelings and emotions

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Tainted Life- The Re-Education of Darkchild, Introduction of Pias Nur

To many within this world Gen was one of the single most vile creatures to ever step on this sacred Earth, many had felt his touch both physically and mentally, yet none knew what his own mind had endured over the centuries. Should he be forgiven many would be justified with the answer of NO, but none answered faster than Gen himself. He knows deep how his actions and atrocities have shaped this world, and the others he has touched. Gen Esis was a named feared throughout the entire world, no matter that his schemes rarely ever bared fruition, it was what he did to those who were left to leave the battlefield he had stepped onto at any given time. From France to New York the name Gen Esis buried deep into the minds of all those who had to endure his presence.

Now he must find a way to continue the life that was taken from him, making a promise at her bed that he would not take action out of anger for her absence. He was to atone, atone for her...and her name was Pias and she was a creature he had never met before...she was his sanity. Returned to him after so many years, not since the Silver Coins had he felt even a remote notion of sanity...

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Two years ago

Defeat was something that all villains must grow accustomed to, but such a soundly defeat even when he held the Four Hoursman at his fingertips it made the bile rise into his throat as he materialized in his sacred home deep within the mountains of Iceland. Rage filled his uneasy mind, lashing out with his immense power at anything within reach. Thankfully for anything living these outlets for his rage were nothing but materialistic objects, his throne rose above his head as he lifted it with his mind and a moment later it was atomized as he slammed it into the wall. "Bastards!" a chair here and a table there, they were nothing to a self imposed god like Gen Esis. Splinters littered the ground and crunched as he stomped through the now barren throne room. Rage slowly turned into bitterness, and this bitterness drove him to further insanity as it always did, he never dealt with defeat well never.

Slowly he calmed and snapped his fingers, another throne formed from the darkness and shadows and he rested his head forward as he sat down. Hanging his head he thought the days actions through, it was not what he wished to do but its what he had to, figure what to do better next time. As he disappeared into his mind something fluttered just at the forefront of his mind, the image of a woman clad in nothing but white fluorescent skin. Long stripes of black liquid gave her an outlined look as the moonlight in the vision shined, shaking his head he opened his eyes and looked into the darkness of his throne room. As his vision returned as he had closed them so tightly, he saw something outlined in the darkness.

It was her, her bright skin broke through the darkness as she stood in the doorway to the room. Instantly he roared as someone was foolish enough to enter his home unannounced "You chose incorrectly, today was not the day to test me." he did not care who or what she was, he wanted her gone no...obliterated. He rose from his throne so fast he knew she could not follow, she stood there hands behind her and folded. A grin appeared on his face as he rose a engulfed arm above her and swung hard downward. She never moved simply looking forward with eyes white as her skin, just as his arm struck he stopped just inches from her skull....smiling..she was smiling.

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