I've died and returned so many times I think my brain is still growing feelings and emotions

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Tainted Life- The Re-Education of Darkchild, Enter the Gunman

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Days had passed since the intruder had stepped into his life, Gen was a man of facts and the young lady left none only questions and illusions behind in her wake. She reminded him of everything he wished to find in the world, a sense of concrete facts. The epitome of human conditioning, the fact that the survival of the fittest created a woman as bold and confident and strong as her, it only proved what he had believed in for so very long. That with potential all can be achieved and he too could achieve godhood in his lifetime, or very least one of his many. But what she also brought to his mind was something he hadn't felt in two millennia, an old emotion....it was not rage or anger as he had felt for so long. It was different and it could easily bring his entire world down...

Standing and watching out over his own peace and harmony, Iceland was something special to him something deep down and clung to this feeling this memory of peace. Waving his arms out in front of him the wall fell apart and opened giving him a beautiful view, his eyes glazed over then transformed turning bright yellow as he scanned over all he could see. In an instant something had passed his field of vision, it was down in the marketplace, a single moment it was only a blur in an out of his field of vision in an instant. Then something else appeared in a single blip then was gone from his vision, even his mighty telepathic abilities lost sight of what it was, but then the blur stopped it was still vibrating making a visual difficult. He knew it was her..and he disappeared into the shadows appearing outside in the marketplace. It WAS her, something inside fluttered deep within his very being his core, he shook it away with a thought and place a hand down onto the building she had let her legs hang off, she smiled at his presence and spoke "Took you long enough darling, why you so serious all the time. I had to make enough noise and movement I might of well spelt out RIGHT HERE for ya sweetie."A deep chuckle escaped him as he let himself fall down beside her, a bent knee is all he could muster as his head was foggy. Shaking his head and looking at her "Is this your doing?" pointing to his head she shook her head and smiled looking out to the falling sun "No..its an after effect of my friend, he will show himself when hes sure you wont...you know kill him."Gen was now looking out to the sunset.

She took in a deep breathe and began not waiting for an answer let alone Gen to say anything else "Did you remove them on a whim or was it thought out? You are not a man who does things on a whim anymore are you? That was a Darkchild that hadnt been seen in nearly fifteen years..." Now Gen felt the difference in power, she surged with energy preparing for a reaction. All at once he sensed it all, the parasites, her mind was racing, with knowledge of another life. Another person entirely, something she should not know, he had forgotten those times long ago. Gripping tight to the concrete they now sat, it crumbled like a sandcastle beneath his palm. "You...you have been watching me...for how long. I knew such boldness could not be true, it was all a ruse. My attention you caught it with an ability then, something tactile in nature....when you touched my face you vexed me..." he could feel the anger rising within him overshadowing what had been there only moments ago, before he could say another word she raised her hand and he felt something link within each of their minds. She had made a connection, she had let him in something he had been trying since the moment they met.

Her memories flooded into him, flashes of her long life. She's a god no...she WAS a god, long ago left her lineage to pursue something she found to be pure. The purest she would tell them as she let them rip her very powers from her body, the process was immense and terrifying. It pulled her very essence from her body, along with her vision. She was left with her speed and nothing more, the abilities she had gained in her time now on earth were learned and nothing more, no gods given powers but the speed. She wandered for centuries awaiting what she foretold long ago. Then her memories transformed, he could see through her, it was not like eyesight vision it was all energy based. All she saw were colors according to the power within those she passed by, she finally found the greatest source of pure energy, bright baby blue energy is all she could see when he was born, she had been a nurse by fluke at the same hospital as the baby blue energy. IT quickly made came into form as it emerged from the womb, and its energy now albeit baby blue had something within it that looked to be a darkness pure darkness.

It was Gen and his parasite finding a suitable host, they pushed the poor baby blue energy aside and buried it deep but it fought back taking back control at the very last moment. A smile came to her face as she watched it all unfold within the now born child, she would watch over the host of Gen and his parasites. Fighting constantly for 15 years over control until the blue energy finally could no longer fight, it lost and buried itself deep within deep enough that even Gen and his parasites could not see nor find.

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Back to reality his vision clear and her memories gone from within his, now he finds himself with the sensation of cold steel wrapped with turbulent and unstable energy within its barrel. Behind him her friend he stood tall and twitched and convulsed talking to himself, she spoke as he pulled back the hammer on his weapon "Answer my question please...Are they gone the Parasites, is all that remains inside you both yourself and the hosts mind? If so tell me Gen...why?"