I've died and returned so many times I think my brain is still growing feelings and emotions

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Something Different (Rpg Concept, Or Perhaps something else)

Alright here it goes.

This would be a concept on a different universe existing within the Vine World, one where there are no humans AT ALL (unless a really cool idea is made by someone, then it can be...discussed) no mutants, metas nada. All that remains on the planet are animals...well more importantly anthropomorphic animals (Think Zootopia or Kung Fu Panda) these animals/people as they are the only inhabitants of earth so they would be designated people now...have never seen a human.

They died thousands of years ago ( a mix between our own eff ups and mother nature having it with humans mucking up her planet.) The First Ones as they are called and worshiped as,took the stand and felled humans all over the world. This will be explained more once I set it in stone.

Beyond the beginnings of how the world became populated with soley animals, this world would simply be a different version of the Vine World. Everyone having their own story (stories, alts, etc etc) spanning the entire time line of this worlds existance. Past rpgs, future timeline ones, etc etc. Just like we do now...but with animals.

I am going to still do this as a story somehow if it doesnt get picked up which I really hope it does, going to have it begin in the first generations of the animal kingdom becoming more anthropomorphic (what they are now) and make it as silly as it sounds kind of like Kung Fu Panda.

So if I get an actual want for this I will set everything up and discuss with the COE exactly what I want to do. And see how to go about it.

So what do you guys think? Wanna see the Animal I've Become?

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