I've died and returned so many times I think my brain is still growing feelings and emotions

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Slave No More: A Reclaimed Earth Story and Introduction to Grimoir

Kain's Ruins, Outskirts of Fyre Kyngdom

I find that even outside the walls we are treated with such disgust that we no longer have a place within this world, even the bugs have a place within their society, yet us savages are treated like the dung beneath their feet. Anger swells within my mind as the collar is pulled tighter, The Order have an unseen and unknown ability to detect the emotions of those around them, and this one senses mine and tugs hard onto the leash that was tethered to my collar. I wish to turn around and show him what a Pride Land Born can teach him, but I am nothing and was born into nothing to them.

I go over all the stories I had heard in the holes they dumped us into, how we should truly be the ones to rule. As the savages were the very creatures that built these civilizations, and brought the walls up high enough to touch the heavens. Our sweat and blood built into the very foundations of the skyscrapers that tower high above even the Order. But now we are lead into cages within homes we clean and protect, we are forced into work we cannot escape of for fear of certain death. Controlled through our own "savage" natures and through the technology we allowed to become more than we could fight.

But as they lead us into our cages I hear a voice inside, one that does not seem to be my own. Something is speaking to me from beyond the walls that surround us "When I give the signal...go....get out. Get through them at any price, meet me on the outside..." I stop walking for a moment to look around as the Order behind me slams a elbow into my neck dropping my large body like a sack of potatoes. His suit delivering a grand jolt of electricity through the elbow and into my body, I try not to growl in retaliation but it slips out and I am delivered another charge from his suit. This time I keep my mouth shut thankfully, but I still cant seem to find the where the voice came from. Hoping it was only exhaustion from my weeks work load, and I fall asleep.

Hours Later

Suddenly I am awoken to the sound of a deafening voice as it echoes throughout my mind "Go!" it screams as my eyes dart open. The High Order outside our cage hears my sudden movement and turns around, his eyes widen as do mine as I realize my collar along with each and everyone else's in the cage falls to the ground shorting out. Even the cage door opens slowly as the magnetic locks are disengaged.

Everyone else stood in amazement as the Order reached for his only weapon, a pair of matching gauntlets fueled with electricity and capable of delivering a lethal shock. My brain goes dark as IT takes over, that animal that still resides in each of us uncivilized creatures. The part of our heritage that allows even for the evolved to protect itself at any cost, the fire of the savage sparks and I lunge forward tackling the guard to the floor. A roar erupts from my throat as I swung my hand across his face and throat, slashing deep gashes into his suit. Blood sprays over my fur and what remain of clothes on my body, as the last moments of life fleet from his eyes I look down at him with a smile and I flip him off.

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Running full tilt his screams as I tackled him alerted the rest of the Order within Fyre. Weapons are prohibited to all civilians, but unfortunately not to the Order when a edict for shoot to kill sounds. The blaring sound of this edict fills my head as it rings throughout Fyre, the rest of my Cage Brethren stay within it for a brief moment before running trying to get away from the dead Order.

I hear some of them shout to my direction and pointing as I turn around to look "Traitors...dont worry about them. If any are as smart as you are Grim, they will follow or find a way to me. Alright keep running Grim, that wall go through it or above it." as if it knew me the voice spoke to me. Giving me instructions "Go through the wall?" I thought to myself in disbelief. But just as I was to give it a shrug something inside directed me instead over the wall, a 400 feet climb which was difficult even without High Order on my tail. But just as I am about to dig in my claws into the cement, my legs take over and I attempt to jump it. Screaming internally at my own body not too, I am amazed as I leap the four story high wall in a single bound.

Landing hard enough to cause the ground to sink a bit, I dont stop...I keep running because finally I am free.....