I've died and returned so many times I think my brain is still growing feelings and emotions

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Second Cycle-When Dreams Fall-Enter Jones

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She was asking the right questions, but he could not answer her, for the fight for his own mind let alone sanity was just beginning within. Gen was no more, what he was suppose to become had broken through its restraints and taken hold of those chains that bind him and pulled hard at its masters grip. In an instant Gen was no more, that personality was no more. No longer would Gen be faced with finding that he was turning into something else something he was not born to become. No years ago born from the parasite and its ilk he was created. Fracturing what should have been a single mind into two and the parasite itself making a trio of voices and personalities fighting for control. For decades the two believed they had the power to overcome the host..until now.

"Get out!" screamed the shrouded man before them, and in an instant Gen was gone his astral/mental form vaporized at the pure and wild energy this man held. Held in check for forty five years by a single thought "I am not strong"no longer had he felt this way. And pulling down the shroud that covered his face he was again born. For the second time he was born and now he held a chance at fighting the demon who had long ago taken control over his body. Gene laughed as his body transformed and began to literally tower over the man before him "Took forty years for you to finally act like the child I took, throwing a tantrum in hopes of convincing me to lend you the keys to daddy's new car. Pathetic, I once feared you taking over Gen and getting behind the wheel. But no longer, I am a part of this body as much as you are. Do you even remember your.." spits to the ground "God given name? Were you awake lone enough to even remember such a thing...You will not win this.." A long flaming sword erupted from the demon's palm and grew to gargantuan size, fitting into his even larger hands. Souls swam around its blade, screaming and howling out cursing the demon.

The man let his energy finally surge untapped and his body began to glow bright blue, almost florescent. He paled in size compared to the beast but he cared nothing as he spoke "My name is Jones, you took the one creature on this damned planet that would have given a damn for me...killed her as they ripped my body from hers. I heard you then as you wrapped me in a Quintilian tons of chains, you enjoyed flaying her soul as we crawled from her body. Her name was Joyce, and she named me Jonais-Thor Dominic...she would have called me Jones." in an instant he was airborne flying with righteous fury upward Gene would not stop him, even laughing at his attempt to fight him. An instant later his fist connected with the monster's jaw, and he watched the laughter and gleeful expression fade from his face, replaced with agony and surprise. Flying fast Jones weaved in an out of Gene's swipes and swings of his mighty sword and the demon's curses, mistaking his gargantuan size as an advantage Gene continues his attempts at swatting the visibly fly like Jones from the skies.

Growing impatient at his lack of success at striking Jones the beast goes for a hail marry, a force of fiery energy bursts from the beasts body and washes over Jones and all around him. As the flames wrap around him they explode again this time the beast finally gains the upper hand and disappears and the area transforms into a nothingness. Total darkness surrounds Jones and he is brought slamming down to the ground with an bone breaking force that knocks the air from his lungs and for a brief moment he panics.

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A cackle echoes from the darkness "So easily you panic hahahahaaha, so easily you become that child again. And you had such a fervent energy just now, where did that go? Am I still that boogeyman that grips tight on your emotions?" as he spoke from the darkness came more human size forms, they were Gene now at a more manageable size. As the first stepped out as did one after another until they completely encircled Jones as he tried desperately to fight the flames that had wrapped around him like chains. "You really had me worried their for a moment Jones, you could have made this much more difficult.."as he spoke he and his doubles took steps closer until they were all around him, his body mere inches from them "But you just couldn't pull that trigger could you, if I had been you...oh I was haha I would have...." just then it hit Gene as Jones smiled himself

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His flames simply smote out in a fraction of a second, the next moment energy burst from Jones and wrapped around each form of Gene and slammed them all together, the noise they made only made Jones smile grow wider and wider. Now holding a single strand of energy in his hand that wrapped Gene completely and immobilizing him, With a monstrous pull he lifted the now single form of Gene and slammed it down to the ground. The bone shattering force of the slam was only the beginning of his onslaught, pulling again but towards his body Gene slid towards Jones. Bringing his leg back then kicking with everything he had he sent Gene sailing, gripping hard on the energy strand he stopped his forward momentum bringing him to a hard stop mid-air then he let him drop. As he fell Jones ran towards him at blinding speed, as Gene was just about to hit the ground he struck him with a single hay-maker punch.

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Gene dropped to the ground his body in mangles and energy nearly gone, he had only the last bit of energy left when he tried taking back the body. He no longer had the demonic parasites within Jones body to sap energy from, he was only corporeal out of sheer will to survive. Now he was nothing but a dwindling memory of a past now long gone, Jones stood anger still burning in his very soul. Gene chuckled as he began to fade "Your victory will be short lived....and you know that Jonias. You no more need peace and the goodness of the world than I do, you will quickly find that I started out in those parasites but I was always a part of you, that anger you so willingly allow control in these moments...that's me. I am every single person's own rage and anger personified into a single form, everyone has a Gene like me....don't think you are any different. And I will be there in the darkness you hide me behind waiting....hahahahaahahaha... his body finally fading into the shadows his laughter lingered just a few moments longer.


Gen was screaming long and loud, a crowd had formed around the three. The gunman hiding his weapon beneath a poncho, and Pias looking on in horror worried that she had pulled the last levy of his psyche apart only to destroy what she was trying to save. She reached out to touch his cheek only to leap back and place a force-field up to protect the forming crowd and the gunman formed a shield of his own. Suddenly Gen burst into a pyre of energy and the screaming stopped replaced with the sounds of burning embers, as the pyre faded and the smoke cleared Jones stood almost naked before both his potential killer and his savior Pias

Hello Pias, Hello Eighter...My name is Jones.
Hello Pias, Hello Eighter...My name is Jones.