I've died and returned so many times I think my brain is still growing feelings and emotions

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Return of the King: Enter Judas


He had told Gen long ago the first time he was brought before him, that to ever forsake him or the power he was to bestow upon him. That the ramifications would be absolute and his end would come slow, riddled with pain and misery for what would seem like an eternity.

Aflada was an island of pure beauty, every blade of grass seemed to be grown from the Garden of Eden, and for all intents and purpose, the island had become Eden for so many of the worlds disregarded and throwaways. Jones had created the potential for an everlasting place for all who wished to be seen as more than just a weapon or simply a mutant or meta-human.

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That is when the island shook so hard that buildings trembled and cracked, the sky turned dark as miasma swirled and surrounded the island cutting off all light and a wall jutted up from the sea and it seemed it never ended into the sky it climbed. Citizens screamed and worried about what was going to come next, and just as Jones was alerted to an intruder, his compound was bound with burning energy that scorched any who even came close. Then in the middle of the town square, the grounded shook again and burst open, from the cracked earth a large cloud if burning miasma slithered out into the open. Awestruck at what was happening all that surrounded the Hellmouth in the middle of town stood frozen, from the middle of the cloud a silhouette of a face formed its eyes scanning the crowd. Suddenly a mutant turned and projected a single thought to Jonas "Help" an instant later the cloud wrapped around the mutant who had sent the signal to Jones.

Forcing itself with vigor down the mutant's throat smoke exploded from every orifice, the crowd scattered now screaming and filling the air with what sounded like war screams. The unnamed mutant shuttered before his eyes opened smoke spilling from where his eyes should be, a smile came to his face as he transformed. Hellfire pouring from his mouth and sliding up and over his body before fully engulfing it and hardening. His body was now full demonic in appearance, horns wrapped around his head and came to a point just behind his skull, arms were giant just like the rest of his body and a slick and sticky in appearance carapace covered him from head to toe. Eyes white-hot as the sun he looked around as the scared crowd was replaced with soldiers a variety of plant-based, mechanical and humanoid.

Fully surrounded the demon stood simply admiring the body he now possessed, cracking knuckles and joints he stared with a nauseating grin as the soldiers got closer and closer. More poured in behind those at the forefront, all a mix of weapons and abilities. A lone and brave soldier stepped forward pointing a rifle at the face of the demon and barked "WHO are you, where is Tobias? What have you done with him?" as his questions ended he pushed the end of the barrel to the demon's forehead. All the demon did was smile up until that point, eyes narrowed and before the soldier would blink the hand of the demon was around his mouth "Silence...you are far too loud." from his hand something hellfire began to ooze and it burned deep only allowing a quick attempt at a scream as the soldier was transformed into something only found in nightmares. A fire wraith is what the demon called it as it fully transformed "My first child, go at the behest of the true Child of Darkness. Lay waste turn what survives your attacks..." as the demon finished the wraith spun around and ran full tilt into the crowd of soldiers, bullets embedding into its chest or simply going straight through.

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The demon walked away as the wraith had its fun, as he made his way away from the center of the island more mutants and meta-humans attacked. Something he was expecting, the first fired a concussive force and it hit the demon square in the chest sending his arms flying from the sheer force of the blast hitting. His arms lay on the sand as the rest of the small group closed in grinning like a bunch of cocky adolescents. Stepping just close enough to the severed appendages for them to grab and squeeze. The true horror on there faces made the demon smile wide, darkness burst at the elbow of each arm and pulled like a retractable leash, pulling the arms and the young mutants by the legs back to the body of the demon. A swift crack of there skulls caused what looked like jelly to burst from the subsequent cracks in their skulls. The remaining mutants screamed only to be cut short.

Inside Jones compound

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Jones screamed as he smashed fist after fist into the wall of energy, smashing his fists into the wall of energy and trying with all his might to absorb it into his body and bring it down. All he could do is watch the monitors as the now dozen wraiths slaughtered everyone. Crazy trying with all his might as well to calm and try himself with bringing down the wall. Every mark they manage to make only fills in faster than they can destroy, their war cries full of rage echoing in the compound. Crazy manages to get Jones to give it a moment and rushes himself transforming into another persona to ram into the wall, as he nears it with a full charge the wall erupts and an arm grabs Crazy by the throat lifting him into the air as the rest of the demon walks through. A smile almost from ear to ear plastered onto his face "Jones is it now...Gen? You could not come up with something more original?" Crazy grunts trying to cuss and kick at the demon. "Shhh," the demon says squeezing as hellfire burns to the surface of his hand. Jones screams "Lord! Stop please!" and just for a moment the demon stops smiling and drops Crazy, his throat burnt and exposed he gasps for air as his body slowly tries to heal.

Eyes narrowed and full of anger "You no longer have the privilege to call me Lord! You will not even utter a single syllable if my f#%king name! You did this JONES, you were given the power to rule this damned rock. Do you know that every single one before you managed to complete there task? You were the only one in a Millenium to ever fall short. You were also the only one I watched personally, that kind of power I gave you kills fast, but you survived over and over again. Each death each life you took as your new personality, you grew stronger...and then you threw it all away for a WOMAN. Gene was right, you were a poor choice from the beginning. I should have burned you to slag the first time you came to me in hell....this is the ramifications I told you..." without even looking a large ball of energy shot at Crazy and enveloped his body entirely. Screaming as the energy burned him from the inside out, skin boiled and burst, eyes gone in seconds, finally turning into a slag of ash. Another burst of energy vaporizing the ash itself.

"You are such a disappointment.."

Sky Above Alfada

Below the hovering demon, Alfada burned as the wraiths lay waste to the surface, and make there way down into its core where the seeds were grown and used for power. The Island shakes as the wraiths set off the tremendous power of each seed, a bright light forms like the surface burst as multiple explosions ripped through the island. Jones hangs by the demon's hand "F^&k you Judas...You will never win...you even said it yourself, I always come back."the demon now named glares at his "student" "You always did enjoy calling me that, no matter how many times I ordered you to stop. Well, it does fit...I have already won Gen Esis. Burn with the rest of your waste....and know I will find any who managed to be lucky enough not to be here today." dropping Jones, Judas watched as his last act of defiance was a middle finger as the island erupted into one last and enormous explosion rivaling Hiroshima, the energy engulfing Jones.

Watching as the island of Alfada burns, Judas smiles wide as this was only the beginning.

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