I've died and returned so many times I think my brain is still growing feelings and emotions

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Returning for some much Needed normalcy

Hey ya!!!! I've decided to return to writing on a semi normal basis. Life has been chaotic, on such a way I've been told by many people I need an outlet that isn't compartmentalization (HA) so I have returned. Your lovely neighborhood perv had returned.

I don't think as DC as I've become quite bored with him lol, but I'll be here more and more. Pm me if you wanna do something or ask all the questions you want. I'll be on even when I find another job yaaay as I have a computer kinda lol. Love you guys and glad to be back


Return of the King: Enter Judas


He had told Gen long ago the first time he was brought before him, that to ever forsake him or the power he was to bestow upon him. That the ramifications would be absolute and his end would come slow, riddled with pain and misery for what would seem like an eternity.

Aflada was an island of pure beauty, every blade of grass seemed to be grown from the Garden of Eden, and for all intents and purpose, the island had become Eden for so many of the worlds disregarded and throwaways. Jones had created the potential for an everlasting place for all who wished to be seen as more than just a weapon or simply a mutant or meta-human.

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That is when the island shook so hard that buildings trembled and cracked, the sky turned dark as miasma swirled and surrounded the island cutting off all light and a wall jutted up from the sea and it seemed it never ended into the sky it climbed. Citizens screamed and worried about what was going to come next, and just as Jones was alerted to an intruder, his compound was bound with burning energy that scorched any who even came close. Then in the middle of the town square, the grounded shook again and burst open, from the cracked earth a large cloud if burning miasma slithered out into the open. Awestruck at what was happening all that surrounded the Hellmouth in the middle of town stood frozen, from the middle of the cloud a silhouette of a face formed its eyes scanning the crowd. Suddenly a mutant turned and projected a single thought to Jonas "Help" an instant later the cloud wrapped around the mutant who had sent the signal to Jones.

Forcing itself with vigor down the mutant's throat smoke exploded from every orifice, the crowd scattered now screaming and filling the air with what sounded like war screams. The unnamed mutant shuttered before his eyes opened smoke spilling from where his eyes should be, a smile came to his face as he transformed. Hellfire pouring from his mouth and sliding up and over his body before fully engulfing it and hardening. His body was now full demonic in appearance, horns wrapped around his head and came to a point just behind his skull, arms were giant just like the rest of his body and a slick and sticky in appearance carapace covered him from head to toe. Eyes white-hot as the sun he looked around as the scared crowd was replaced with soldiers a variety of plant-based, mechanical and humanoid.

Fully surrounded the demon stood simply admiring the body he now possessed, cracking knuckles and joints he stared with a nauseating grin as the soldiers got closer and closer. More poured in behind those at the forefront, all a mix of weapons and abilities. A lone and brave soldier stepped forward pointing a rifle at the face of the demon and barked "WHO are you, where is Tobias? What have you done with him?" as his questions ended he pushed the end of the barrel to the demon's forehead. All the demon did was smile up until that point, eyes narrowed and before the soldier would blink the hand of the demon was around his mouth "Silence...you are far too loud." from his hand something hellfire began to ooze and it burned deep only allowing a quick attempt at a scream as the soldier was transformed into something only found in nightmares. A fire wraith is what the demon called it as it fully transformed "My first child, go at the behest of the true Child of Darkness. Lay waste turn what survives your attacks..." as the demon finished the wraith spun around and ran full tilt into the crowd of soldiers, bullets embedding into its chest or simply going straight through.

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The demon walked away as the wraith had its fun, as he made his way away from the center of the island more mutants and meta-humans attacked. Something he was expecting, the first fired a concussive force and it hit the demon square in the chest sending his arms flying from the sheer force of the blast hitting. His arms lay on the sand as the rest of the small group closed in grinning like a bunch of cocky adolescents. Stepping just close enough to the severed appendages for them to grab and squeeze. The true horror on there faces made the demon smile wide, darkness burst at the elbow of each arm and pulled like a retractable leash, pulling the arms and the young mutants by the legs back to the body of the demon. A swift crack of there skulls caused what looked like jelly to burst from the subsequent cracks in their skulls. The remaining mutants screamed only to be cut short.

Inside Jones compound

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Jones screamed as he smashed fist after fist into the wall of energy, smashing his fists into the wall of energy and trying with all his might to absorb it into his body and bring it down. All he could do is watch the monitors as the now dozen wraiths slaughtered everyone. Crazy trying with all his might as well to calm and try himself with bringing down the wall. Every mark they manage to make only fills in faster than they can destroy, their war cries full of rage echoing in the compound. Crazy manages to get Jones to give it a moment and rushes himself transforming into another persona to ram into the wall, as he nears it with a full charge the wall erupts and an arm grabs Crazy by the throat lifting him into the air as the rest of the demon walks through. A smile almost from ear to ear plastered onto his face "Jones is it now...Gen? You could not come up with something more original?" Crazy grunts trying to cuss and kick at the demon. "Shhh," the demon says squeezing as hellfire burns to the surface of his hand. Jones screams "Lord! Stop please!" and just for a moment the demon stops smiling and drops Crazy, his throat burnt and exposed he gasps for air as his body slowly tries to heal.

Eyes narrowed and full of anger "You no longer have the privilege to call me Lord! You will not even utter a single syllable if my f#%king name! You did this JONES, you were given the power to rule this damned rock. Do you know that every single one before you managed to complete there task? You were the only one in a Millenium to ever fall short. You were also the only one I watched personally, that kind of power I gave you kills fast, but you survived over and over again. Each death each life you took as your new personality, you grew stronger...and then you threw it all away for a WOMAN. Gene was right, you were a poor choice from the beginning. I should have burned you to slag the first time you came to me in hell....this is the ramifications I told you..." without even looking a large ball of energy shot at Crazy and enveloped his body entirely. Screaming as the energy burned him from the inside out, skin boiled and burst, eyes gone in seconds, finally turning into a slag of ash. Another burst of energy vaporizing the ash itself.

"You are such a disappointment.."

Sky Above Alfada

Below the hovering demon, Alfada burned as the wraiths lay waste to the surface, and make there way down into its core where the seeds were grown and used for power. The Island shakes as the wraiths set off the tremendous power of each seed, a bright light forms like the surface burst as multiple explosions ripped through the island. Jones hangs by the demon's hand "F^&k you Judas...You will never win...you even said it yourself, I always come back."the demon now named glares at his "student" "You always did enjoy calling me that, no matter how many times I ordered you to stop. Well, it does fit...I have already won Gen Esis. Burn with the rest of your waste....and know I will find any who managed to be lucky enough not to be here today." dropping Jones, Judas watched as his last act of defiance was a middle finger as the island erupted into one last and enormous explosion rivaling Hiroshima, the energy engulfing Jones.

Watching as the island of Alfada burns, Judas smiles wide as this was only the beginning.

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Second Cycle-When Dreams Fall-Enter Jones

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She was asking the right questions, but he could not answer her, for the fight for his own mind let alone sanity was just beginning within. Gen was no more, what he was suppose to become had broken through its restraints and taken hold of those chains that bind him and pulled hard at its masters grip. In an instant Gen was no more, that personality was no more. No longer would Gen be faced with finding that he was turning into something else something he was not born to become. No years ago born from the parasite and its ilk he was created. Fracturing what should have been a single mind into two and the parasite itself making a trio of voices and personalities fighting for control. For decades the two believed they had the power to overcome the host..until now.

"Get out!" screamed the shrouded man before them, and in an instant Gen was gone his astral/mental form vaporized at the pure and wild energy this man held. Held in check for forty five years by a single thought "I am not strong"no longer had he felt this way. And pulling down the shroud that covered his face he was again born. For the second time he was born and now he held a chance at fighting the demon who had long ago taken control over his body. Gene laughed as his body transformed and began to literally tower over the man before him "Took forty years for you to finally act like the child I took, throwing a tantrum in hopes of convincing me to lend you the keys to daddy's new car. Pathetic, I once feared you taking over Gen and getting behind the wheel. But no longer, I am a part of this body as much as you are. Do you even remember your.." spits to the ground "God given name? Were you awake lone enough to even remember such a thing...You will not win this.." A long flaming sword erupted from the demon's palm and grew to gargantuan size, fitting into his even larger hands. Souls swam around its blade, screaming and howling out cursing the demon.

The man let his energy finally surge untapped and his body began to glow bright blue, almost florescent. He paled in size compared to the beast but he cared nothing as he spoke "My name is Jones, you took the one creature on this damned planet that would have given a damn for me...killed her as they ripped my body from hers. I heard you then as you wrapped me in a Quintilian tons of chains, you enjoyed flaying her soul as we crawled from her body. Her name was Joyce, and she named me Jonais-Thor Dominic...she would have called me Jones." in an instant he was airborne flying with righteous fury upward Gene would not stop him, even laughing at his attempt to fight him. An instant later his fist connected with the monster's jaw, and he watched the laughter and gleeful expression fade from his face, replaced with agony and surprise. Flying fast Jones weaved in an out of Gene's swipes and swings of his mighty sword and the demon's curses, mistaking his gargantuan size as an advantage Gene continues his attempts at swatting the visibly fly like Jones from the skies.

Growing impatient at his lack of success at striking Jones the beast goes for a hail marry, a force of fiery energy bursts from the beasts body and washes over Jones and all around him. As the flames wrap around him they explode again this time the beast finally gains the upper hand and disappears and the area transforms into a nothingness. Total darkness surrounds Jones and he is brought slamming down to the ground with an bone breaking force that knocks the air from his lungs and for a brief moment he panics.

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A cackle echoes from the darkness "So easily you panic hahahahaaha, so easily you become that child again. And you had such a fervent energy just now, where did that go? Am I still that boogeyman that grips tight on your emotions?" as he spoke from the darkness came more human size forms, they were Gene now at a more manageable size. As the first stepped out as did one after another until they completely encircled Jones as he tried desperately to fight the flames that had wrapped around him like chains. "You really had me worried their for a moment Jones, you could have made this much more difficult.."as he spoke he and his doubles took steps closer until they were all around him, his body mere inches from them "But you just couldn't pull that trigger could you, if I had been you...oh I was haha I would have...." just then it hit Gene as Jones smiled himself

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His flames simply smote out in a fraction of a second, the next moment energy burst from Jones and wrapped around each form of Gene and slammed them all together, the noise they made only made Jones smile grow wider and wider. Now holding a single strand of energy in his hand that wrapped Gene completely and immobilizing him, With a monstrous pull he lifted the now single form of Gene and slammed it down to the ground. The bone shattering force of the slam was only the beginning of his onslaught, pulling again but towards his body Gene slid towards Jones. Bringing his leg back then kicking with everything he had he sent Gene sailing, gripping hard on the energy strand he stopped his forward momentum bringing him to a hard stop mid-air then he let him drop. As he fell Jones ran towards him at blinding speed, as Gene was just about to hit the ground he struck him with a single hay-maker punch.

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Gene dropped to the ground his body in mangles and energy nearly gone, he had only the last bit of energy left when he tried taking back the body. He no longer had the demonic parasites within Jones body to sap energy from, he was only corporeal out of sheer will to survive. Now he was nothing but a dwindling memory of a past now long gone, Jones stood anger still burning in his very soul. Gene chuckled as he began to fade "Your victory will be short lived....and you know that Jonias. You no more need peace and the goodness of the world than I do, you will quickly find that I started out in those parasites but I was always a part of you, that anger you so willingly allow control in these moments...that's me. I am every single person's own rage and anger personified into a single form, everyone has a Gene like me....don't think you are any different. And I will be there in the darkness you hide me behind waiting....hahahahaahahaha... his body finally fading into the shadows his laughter lingered just a few moments longer.


Gen was screaming long and loud, a crowd had formed around the three. The gunman hiding his weapon beneath a poncho, and Pias looking on in horror worried that she had pulled the last levy of his psyche apart only to destroy what she was trying to save. She reached out to touch his cheek only to leap back and place a force-field up to protect the forming crowd and the gunman formed a shield of his own. Suddenly Gen burst into a pyre of energy and the screaming stopped replaced with the sounds of burning embers, as the pyre faded and the smoke cleared Jones stood almost naked before both his potential killer and his savior Pias

Hello Pias, Hello Eighter...My name is Jones.
Hello Pias, Hello Eighter...My name is Jones.


Tainted Life- The Re-Education of Darkchild, Enter the Gunman

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Days had passed since the intruder had stepped into his life, Gen was a man of facts and the young lady left none only questions and illusions behind in her wake. She reminded him of everything he wished to find in the world, a sense of concrete facts. The epitome of human conditioning, the fact that the survival of the fittest created a woman as bold and confident and strong as her, it only proved what he had believed in for so very long. That with potential all can be achieved and he too could achieve godhood in his lifetime, or very least one of his many. But what she also brought to his mind was something he hadn't felt in two millennia, an old emotion....it was not rage or anger as he had felt for so long. It was different and it could easily bring his entire world down...

Standing and watching out over his own peace and harmony, Iceland was something special to him something deep down and clung to this feeling this memory of peace. Waving his arms out in front of him the wall fell apart and opened giving him a beautiful view, his eyes glazed over then transformed turning bright yellow as he scanned over all he could see. In an instant something had passed his field of vision, it was down in the marketplace, a single moment it was only a blur in an out of his field of vision in an instant. Then something else appeared in a single blip then was gone from his vision, even his mighty telepathic abilities lost sight of what it was, but then the blur stopped it was still vibrating making a visual difficult. He knew it was her..and he disappeared into the shadows appearing outside in the marketplace. It WAS her, something inside fluttered deep within his very being his core, he shook it away with a thought and place a hand down onto the building she had let her legs hang off, she smiled at his presence and spoke "Took you long enough darling, why you so serious all the time. I had to make enough noise and movement I might of well spelt out RIGHT HERE for ya sweetie."A deep chuckle escaped him as he let himself fall down beside her, a bent knee is all he could muster as his head was foggy. Shaking his head and looking at her "Is this your doing?" pointing to his head she shook her head and smiled looking out to the falling sun "No..its an after effect of my friend, he will show himself when hes sure you wont...you know kill him."Gen was now looking out to the sunset.

She took in a deep breathe and began not waiting for an answer let alone Gen to say anything else "Did you remove them on a whim or was it thought out? You are not a man who does things on a whim anymore are you? That was a Darkchild that hadnt been seen in nearly fifteen years..." Now Gen felt the difference in power, she surged with energy preparing for a reaction. All at once he sensed it all, the parasites, her mind was racing, with knowledge of another life. Another person entirely, something she should not know, he had forgotten those times long ago. Gripping tight to the concrete they now sat, it crumbled like a sandcastle beneath his palm. "You...you have been watching me...for how long. I knew such boldness could not be true, it was all a ruse. My attention you caught it with an ability then, something tactile in nature....when you touched my face you vexed me..." he could feel the anger rising within him overshadowing what had been there only moments ago, before he could say another word she raised her hand and he felt something link within each of their minds. She had made a connection, she had let him in something he had been trying since the moment they met.

Her memories flooded into him, flashes of her long life. She's a god no...she WAS a god, long ago left her lineage to pursue something she found to be pure. The purest she would tell them as she let them rip her very powers from her body, the process was immense and terrifying. It pulled her very essence from her body, along with her vision. She was left with her speed and nothing more, the abilities she had gained in her time now on earth were learned and nothing more, no gods given powers but the speed. She wandered for centuries awaiting what she foretold long ago. Then her memories transformed, he could see through her, it was not like eyesight vision it was all energy based. All she saw were colors according to the power within those she passed by, she finally found the greatest source of pure energy, bright baby blue energy is all she could see when he was born, she had been a nurse by fluke at the same hospital as the baby blue energy. IT quickly made came into form as it emerged from the womb, and its energy now albeit baby blue had something within it that looked to be a darkness pure darkness.

It was Gen and his parasite finding a suitable host, they pushed the poor baby blue energy aside and buried it deep but it fought back taking back control at the very last moment. A smile came to her face as she watched it all unfold within the now born child, she would watch over the host of Gen and his parasites. Fighting constantly for 15 years over control until the blue energy finally could no longer fight, it lost and buried itself deep within deep enough that even Gen and his parasites could not see nor find.

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Back to reality his vision clear and her memories gone from within his, now he finds himself with the sensation of cold steel wrapped with turbulent and unstable energy within its barrel. Behind him her friend he stood tall and twitched and convulsed talking to himself, she spoke as he pulled back the hammer on his weapon "Answer my question please...Are they gone the Parasites, is all that remains inside you both yourself and the hosts mind? If so tell me Gen...why?"


Tainted Life- The Re-Education of Darkchild

All it took was a single moment, a moment where it all crumbled. He knew that was it, the beginning of the end, if he had known what was to come in years time. He would of not stopped...no he would have made the same decision...he knew it then and he knows it now...he was forever destined to crumble at her feet

It took the great monster known as Darkchild off guard seeing someone smile, she was not happy nothe smile was not that of an emotion it was out of reflex. Her hand raised and gripped his closed fist and brought it down so softly her smile never fading as he moved back down to the ground, it was not that she was powerful but something about her intrigued him, no it confused him. Coming to his senses he pulled back his hand an again tried to strike, his fist going right past her face and its delicate features. She stood never blinking in reaction, in fact she had never opened her eyes throughout the entire ordeal. Simply stood their, one arm outstretched and palming his closed fist, while the other bent behind her. Impatience grew swiftly within the behemoth Gen and he barked "Who is foolish enough to enter my..." she finally spoke cutting him off in his attempt at another intimidation "You sure do talk a lot, if I hadn't followed your energy by itself all I need to do was follow the loud obnoxious sound of your voice."Dumbfounded he just stood for a moment, the insolence of this woman was on level of Crimson, this time he did strike her with a swift back hand only to find he struck the doorframe.

She had moved so fast he almost didn't see her as she moved further into the throne room, arms still behind her as she spoke "You have an awful big place for only one big whiny man, but I can smell that others have been here. You don't get this far in life even with an ability without relying on what you still have.."she pointed to her eyes as she opened them, they were empty sockets. Nothingness seemed to seep from her eye sockets, but her smile took full attention as if her smile took full attention away from her opened eyes. "Catch up, Sweety. I have been on this island for quite sometime, nothing happens here. Well that was until I sensed you. Such power you hold, yet you not once struck at a city here...why is that? It is not cowardice as their is absolutely nothing to fear here."she stopped tilting her head to the side as if waiting to hear his response, he stared still floored by her bold and brash nature.

Finally he spoke "It is nearly untouched by those in this world who could stand against me..." she laughed and gestured with her finger as if telling him to try again. Sighing deep he scoffed at her and turned away moving up to a newly formed throne and sat down with a loud thud, mulling over why it was so easy for him to instinctually talk to this woman. "Its beautiful, this land the entire country is the single most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The fact that my darkness could reside here and it still manage to be the single most beautiful thing....that is why. It is untouched by my evil, my darkness." she nodded in agreement and continued throughout the room. Soon her hands pressed against the walls and tapped a few times then turning towards Darkchild "With such beauty why do you not have windows to view such beauty?" a single snap of his fingers and the darkness that filled the room withdrew and windows formed on the walls. Allowing for bright light to fill the entire room, it shined over everything illuminating every crevice it could, washing over the towering behemoth and the slender shape of the woman before him. She moved to a window and stood in the sunshine, breathing in deep as the sensation of the sunlight against her skin filled her mind.

For a few moments she simply stood their in the sunlight, her arms stretched out to her sides. Slowly her arms fell to her sides and she moved closer to Gen, her hands reaching out to him. Firstly he wanted to react, but something overcame him and her hands slowly touched his face. Down his neck her fingertips walked up and down, then down to his shoulders, chest and then back up to his face. Her expression was that of curiosity, she finally stopped her fingertip crawl over him and chuckled "Figured you would be much uglier..." she moved from the throne and down back to the doorway "See you later Big Guy....now you have my scent an know of my existence, don't be a stranger now..." a wicked grin and seconds later she was gone with a flash. Gen sat bewildered as to who and what she was, why she decided that very moment to step into his home his domain. No matter the confusion she left, he was hooked, she vexed him and that only made finding out who she was that much more intriguing.


Tainted Life- The Re-Education of Darkchild, Introduction of Pias Nur

To many within this world Gen was one of the single most vile creatures to ever step on this sacred Earth, many had felt his touch both physically and mentally, yet none knew what his own mind had endured over the centuries. Should he be forgiven many would be justified with the answer of NO, but none answered faster than Gen himself. He knows deep how his actions and atrocities have shaped this world, and the others he has touched. Gen Esis was a named feared throughout the entire world, no matter that his schemes rarely ever bared fruition, it was what he did to those who were left to leave the battlefield he had stepped onto at any given time. From France to New York the name Gen Esis buried deep into the minds of all those who had to endure his presence.

Now he must find a way to continue the life that was taken from him, making a promise at her bed that he would not take action out of anger for her absence. He was to atone, atone for her...and her name was Pias and she was a creature he had never met before...she was his sanity. Returned to him after so many years, not since the Silver Coins had he felt even a remote notion of sanity...

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Two years ago

Defeat was something that all villains must grow accustomed to, but such a soundly defeat even when he held the Four Hoursman at his fingertips it made the bile rise into his throat as he materialized in his sacred home deep within the mountains of Iceland. Rage filled his uneasy mind, lashing out with his immense power at anything within reach. Thankfully for anything living these outlets for his rage were nothing but materialistic objects, his throne rose above his head as he lifted it with his mind and a moment later it was atomized as he slammed it into the wall. "Bastards!" a chair here and a table there, they were nothing to a self imposed god like Gen Esis. Splinters littered the ground and crunched as he stomped through the now barren throne room. Rage slowly turned into bitterness, and this bitterness drove him to further insanity as it always did, he never dealt with defeat well never.

Slowly he calmed and snapped his fingers, another throne formed from the darkness and shadows and he rested his head forward as he sat down. Hanging his head he thought the days actions through, it was not what he wished to do but its what he had to, figure what to do better next time. As he disappeared into his mind something fluttered just at the forefront of his mind, the image of a woman clad in nothing but white fluorescent skin. Long stripes of black liquid gave her an outlined look as the moonlight in the vision shined, shaking his head he opened his eyes and looked into the darkness of his throne room. As his vision returned as he had closed them so tightly, he saw something outlined in the darkness.

It was her, her bright skin broke through the darkness as she stood in the doorway to the room. Instantly he roared as someone was foolish enough to enter his home unannounced "You chose incorrectly, today was not the day to test me." he did not care who or what she was, he wanted her gone no...obliterated. He rose from his throne so fast he knew she could not follow, she stood there hands behind her and folded. A grin appeared on his face as he rose a engulfed arm above her and swung hard downward. She never moved simply looking forward with eyes white as her skin, just as his arm struck he stopped just inches from her skull....smiling..she was smiling.

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Slave No More: A Reclaimed Earth Story and Introduction to Grimoir

Kain's Ruins, Outskirts of Fyre Kyngdom

I find that even outside the walls we are treated with such disgust that we no longer have a place within this world, even the bugs have a place within their society, yet us savages are treated like the dung beneath their feet. Anger swells within my mind as the collar is pulled tighter, The Order have an unseen and unknown ability to detect the emotions of those around them, and this one senses mine and tugs hard onto the leash that was tethered to my collar. I wish to turn around and show him what a Pride Land Born can teach him, but I am nothing and was born into nothing to them.

I go over all the stories I had heard in the holes they dumped us into, how we should truly be the ones to rule. As the savages were the very creatures that built these civilizations, and brought the walls up high enough to touch the heavens. Our sweat and blood built into the very foundations of the skyscrapers that tower high above even the Order. But now we are lead into cages within homes we clean and protect, we are forced into work we cannot escape of for fear of certain death. Controlled through our own "savage" natures and through the technology we allowed to become more than we could fight.

But as they lead us into our cages I hear a voice inside, one that does not seem to be my own. Something is speaking to me from beyond the walls that surround us "When I give the signal...go....get out. Get through them at any price, meet me on the outside..." I stop walking for a moment to look around as the Order behind me slams a elbow into my neck dropping my large body like a sack of potatoes. His suit delivering a grand jolt of electricity through the elbow and into my body, I try not to growl in retaliation but it slips out and I am delivered another charge from his suit. This time I keep my mouth shut thankfully, but I still cant seem to find the where the voice came from. Hoping it was only exhaustion from my weeks work load, and I fall asleep.

Hours Later

Suddenly I am awoken to the sound of a deafening voice as it echoes throughout my mind "Go!" it screams as my eyes dart open. The High Order outside our cage hears my sudden movement and turns around, his eyes widen as do mine as I realize my collar along with each and everyone else's in the cage falls to the ground shorting out. Even the cage door opens slowly as the magnetic locks are disengaged.

Everyone else stood in amazement as the Order reached for his only weapon, a pair of matching gauntlets fueled with electricity and capable of delivering a lethal shock. My brain goes dark as IT takes over, that animal that still resides in each of us uncivilized creatures. The part of our heritage that allows even for the evolved to protect itself at any cost, the fire of the savage sparks and I lunge forward tackling the guard to the floor. A roar erupts from my throat as I swung my hand across his face and throat, slashing deep gashes into his suit. Blood sprays over my fur and what remain of clothes on my body, as the last moments of life fleet from his eyes I look down at him with a smile and I flip him off.

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Running full tilt his screams as I tackled him alerted the rest of the Order within Fyre. Weapons are prohibited to all civilians, but unfortunately not to the Order when a edict for shoot to kill sounds. The blaring sound of this edict fills my head as it rings throughout Fyre, the rest of my Cage Brethren stay within it for a brief moment before running trying to get away from the dead Order.

I hear some of them shout to my direction and pointing as I turn around to look "Traitors...dont worry about them. If any are as smart as you are Grim, they will follow or find a way to me. Alright keep running Grim, that wall go through it or above it." as if it knew me the voice spoke to me. Giving me instructions "Go through the wall?" I thought to myself in disbelief. But just as I was to give it a shrug something inside directed me instead over the wall, a 400 feet climb which was difficult even without High Order on my tail. But just as I am about to dig in my claws into the cement, my legs take over and I attempt to jump it. Screaming internally at my own body not too, I am amazed as I leap the four story high wall in a single bound.

Landing hard enough to cause the ground to sink a bit, I dont stop...I keep running because finally I am free.....


Whats What of The Kingdom (New Universe Concept)

The World of Kingdom (Places, Setting etc etc)

I would very much like this new world to be much like what we already have, its Earth guys but the entire population is made up of animals. Well animals who talk, fight, war, feud etc etc like humans but...yeah. Like our planet now, they will have varying ways of living and different people, classes etc etc. Think of it this way...

For the most part this world is very new to everyone involved, yes they have evolved as animals to be more intelligent and able to do things early versions of themselves would never have accomplished. But at the same time its still fresh and new.

There are working class, the rich, the poor, all these things and perhaps this could work as a guideline more than out right rules of how things will work with your character(s) but here we go.


For the most part Mother Nature left the earth as it was when it decided that humans were of no use any longer. We have Antarctica, Australia, US, Africa etc etc nothing has changed there.

BUT! What has changed is what the new "people" designate as habitable environments. Many (not all) but many have colonized in various parts of the world massive cities that cater to each "group" living within these cities. These will not need to be explained by each person, more of a simple understanding that each has been there for sometime, and been added and updated over the years as its people evolve and the population grows. These cities are all over the globe, and depend on the writer as to how big the city is and whats in it. So we all kind of have a factor in whats in each.

Outside of these cities is a bit more....to the tee you could say. Civilization is for the civilized, that will be the motto for the beginning of this journey. As such outside theses big cities (and even the in between villages) will be pure wilderness. Animals still live here in the "wild" and are a bit more...to there nature as you could say. Predators hunt, Prey run for there lives. These are the savages, perhaps walls should be built to keep them from entering the more civilized areas ((kind of like THE SHIELD in Secret Wars).

In these areas stories can still be done as well, as even the wild boy can become a man who thrives in the city (Tarzan eh ehh). All these kinds of things can be used and played with. Its a new world much like the CVn(b)U is and was. Things will be set in stone, where as others are more fluid.


As of RIGHT NOW, lets keep any stories involving The Kingdom more in the NOW, rather than in the past. That is until more is done with the current time period, my hope is that all time is to be seen from this perspective. I can imagine that early on the world was in constant struggle for power (Predators vs Prey) kind of things, and that would be incredible to see written out.

But as of now, the focus will be on the now. The year is...kind of up in the air, but lets say that Mother Nature said eff all humans...2000 years ago??? Giving time for generation upon generation to be built, classes are established in this time, certain things are made law and such. Things are established as a whole as of writing your first post.

Laws as of right now are....within Cities and villages. Unless you choose to be a villain, there is no predator against prey violence. No killing etc etc. Just kind of common law and nature.(Although beating up the peasant and such can be done as a story theme, no mass genocides alright?)


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It shall go to say the NORMAL stature and size of animals has not grown since Mother Nature got rid of the humans. Mice are still small, elephants are still big. BUT I think I should set a limit as of right now as to what can be controlled as anthropomorphic and what should not.

Use-Anything you wish actually, any animal besides what is stated below can be used. But strength agility etc etc is all up to you guys, besides their initial size compared to others that is.

Bugs- For the Most part, Bugs are the working class. Evolution gave all bugs IN GENERAL a boost in size. They are not human size, but more like dwarfs in size. Not an average human height, but also not midget size. Right in the middle, and they are considered scum for the most part.

Some can grow larger than others, but for the most part they are all the same size. And almost ALL are working class, they build what needs to be built where it needs to. Think of them like migrant workers, who get shipped around.


Fish-In general they are what is primarily consumed by carnivores the reason will be stated later. But as of now, Fish fish as in nothing mammal is considered FOOD. That said, whales are also a no go as of right now. They will be allowed once things get moving and more sea stories are established, but to allow a whale or dolphin to walk on land would require too many...tedious consistencies.

Extinct Animals- As of right now, because it was brought up in other thread anything dead prior to MN(Mother Nature) saying no more humans is still very much dead. In time scientists can bring them back, but as of right now as this is still new...just no...no dinosaurs.


For the most part, within the civilized areas of this world, a primarily vegetarian diet is had among the people of the cities. Fish is the only "meat" to be had within the cities. As the fish did not evolve in such ways as the others, because of this they are considered a food source for the carnivores of the world. As they hold no intelligence (shut up...you know what I mean).

Yes I spent nights trying to figure out what the meat eaters were going to consume. Then BOOM fish....


This is the part of the world I really wanted to explain. I know I said no mutants in last thread, but i meant no human mutant types. We cant have a Vine world made up of Animals, and not have some of them be unique mutations from the norm right?!!

So as of now mutants are pretty stinking scarce as a whole. As for the most part the world as JUST evolved into higher intelligent creatures (last thousand years or so) so mutations are still becoming a thing. So keep to a minimum please and discuss with me once this is all set up and all is set in stone.


Something Different (Rpg Concept, Or Perhaps something else)

Alright here it goes.

This would be a concept on a different universe existing within the Vine World, one where there are no humans AT ALL (unless a really cool idea is made by someone, then it can be...discussed) no mutants, metas nada. All that remains on the planet are animals...well more importantly anthropomorphic animals (Think Zootopia or Kung Fu Panda) these animals/people as they are the only inhabitants of earth so they would be designated people now...have never seen a human.

They died thousands of years ago ( a mix between our own eff ups and mother nature having it with humans mucking up her planet.) The First Ones as they are called and worshiped as,took the stand and felled humans all over the world. This will be explained more once I set it in stone.

Beyond the beginnings of how the world became populated with soley animals, this world would simply be a different version of the Vine World. Everyone having their own story (stories, alts, etc etc) spanning the entire time line of this worlds existance. Past rpgs, future timeline ones, etc etc. Just like we do now...but with animals.

I am going to still do this as a story somehow if it doesnt get picked up which I really hope it does, going to have it begin in the first generations of the animal kingdom becoming more anthropomorphic (what they are now) and make it as silly as it sounds kind of like Kung Fu Panda.

So if I get an actual want for this I will set everything up and discuss with the COE exactly what I want to do. And see how to go about it.

So what do you guys think? Wanna see the Animal I've Become?

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Something Different (Rpg Concept, Or Perhaps something else)

Alright here it goes.

This would be a concept on a different universe existing within the Vine World, one where there are no humans AT ALL (unless a really cool idea is made by someone, then it can be...discussed) no mutants, metas nada. All that remains on the planet are animals...well more importantly anthropomorphic animals (Think Zootopia or Kung Fu Panda) these animals/people as they are the only inhabitants of earth so they would be designated people now...have never seen a human.

They died thousands of years ago ( a mix between our own eff ups and mother nature having it with humans mucking up her planet.) The First Ones as they are called and worshiped as,took the stand and felled humans all over the world. This will be explained more once I set it in stone.

Beyond the beginnings of how the world became populated with soley animals, this world would simply be a different version of the Vine World. Everyone having their own story (stories, alts, etc etc) spanning the entire time line of this worlds existance. Past rpgs, future timeline ones, etc etc. Just like we do now...but with animals.

I am going to still do this as a story somehow if it doesnt get picked up which I really hope it does, going to have it begin in the first generations of the animal kingdom becoming more anthropomorphic (what they are now) and make it as silly as it sounds kind of like Kung Fu Panda.

So if I get an actual want for this I will set everything up and discuss with the COE exactly what I want to do. And see how to go about it.

So what do you guys think? Wanna see the Animal I've Become?

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