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Absorption- Gen is capable of absorbing energy and at times with full concentration the powers of those around him. Able to redirect the energies or almost copy a powerset. These powers he absorbe/copies can be permanent or temporary, often he cycles through them until he grows bored

Healing-No longer the omnipotent healer he was once, having sacrificed a good deal of his original energy to harness the power of cosmic. He still is fairly invulnerable, about to withstand detonations of kilatons of nuclear explosives. Yet can no longer heal entire body from drop off blood.

Removal and destruction of brain and or skull is his greatest weakness

Energy manipulation/Cosmic-Lengthy process and trip throughout the Galaxy has allowed for Gen to harness the power of the energy of the universe. Cosmic energies that thrives within his very core. Constant exposure to the energies of space allowed for his already vast ability to absorb energies and powers to evolve further. Not only can he harness and absorb all earthly energies he now can with the power of cosmic.

Even though the energies that sustain him now have cosmic energies within he still hasn't mastered the power. Still very unstable

Darkness/Shadow manipulation-Gen is capable of manipulating all forms of darkness. From creating weapons to concussive blasts

Metallic skin- an ability he absorbed decades ago that allows for his skin to be very durable whole in his metallic form