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These are almost Constant use. Others are cycled

Absorption- Gen is capable of absorbing energy and at times with full concentration the powers of those around him. Able to redirect the energies or almost copy a powerset. These powers he absorbs/copies can be permanent or temporary, often he cycles through them until he grows bored

Healing-Super human healing

Darkness/Shadow manipulation-Gen is capable of manipulating all forms of darkness. From creating weapons to concussive blasts

Metallic skin- an ability he absorbed decades ago that allows for his skin to be very durable whole in his metallic form

Current yet to be Cycled Abilities

In years past, Gen had to fully or partially absorb powers from those in proxy to his body, but now thanks to Crazy-Eights he can absorb any power he wishes , then cycle it or get rid of it whenever he chooses This new source is not fine tuned nor has it been exhaustively researched, his capability to do this rests soley on his research in mending Crazy's fractured mind (details pertaining to C8 and Darkchild will be revealed)

Telepathy-Ability to read minds, the power is not fined tuned or least its source is not, so it is very limited.

Energy Absorption and Redistribution- Absorb energy and either use it to boost ones body, or can be redirected into concussive blasts

Eye Beams- Able to fire intense energy from his eyes.


Shape Shifting- Ability to change his physical appearance at will.


Jones often changes how he looks based on his mood, many times even in the same day but his current appearance balances between these two.

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