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A god am I 0

Finally, we get to see what happened to LeFey, Enigma and "Despero" and a little back story on each of them.  This part of the story I loved, it pulled me in and made me wish it was a bit longer.  I've been wanting to learn  more about Enigma ever since he first appeared, knowing he had to be from another earth.  Of course they never want to give everything away at once.The second part...I really didn't want to read.  I just have never gotten into the new Firestorm, I like the original.  I just ...

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Awesome 5

I don't even remember hearing about this comic but I am so glad my comic shop put it in my bag. I loved it, yet am a bit confused about some of the rouges, wish these writers would keep things in continuity. Besides that it was a great read with lots going on and an exciting mystery, The Whale, Suiside Squad, the Underground, even Alfred gets in on the action. Though I'm not sure what Nightwing means about the weapons guess I am missing something there (I don't follow his book). The artwork ...

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Deathwish! 2

Robin pushes himself to the limit to round up a couple escapees from Arkham Asylum (Riot Act and Lockup) and a short abrupt meeting with Commissoner Gordon. Its when Robin goes to stop a hostage situation where things escalate for the Boy Wonder. One of the hostages has been killed before he can get there and when he finds out which one it was who killed him Robin gives him no mercy. But its the last few pages of Robin where Robin (and Batman) visit Jack (and Janet) Drake's grave that were th...

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Fear the Scarecrow 0

Okay, Scarecrow was always one of Batman's more lame villians, Batman Begin helped to breath new life into him, but that was until now. No more fear toxins, just plain fear in a traditional sense, by scaring the crap out of his victims. This just may make the Scarecrow a real bad ass in Batman's rogues gallery. He's become a psychopathic murderer without logic, killing seemingly randomly...wait isn't that the Joker's MO? Oh well, so far I am loving the new Scarecrow. The art isn't the best,...

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