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My Naruto Character

Ok Heres My Go Im Making This Up As I Write.Just A Lil Disclaimer

Name:Raine Shidobu (Rayne Shadow)

Village Hidden In The Shadows




BACKGROUND: Raine Was Raised In The Hidden Village Of The Shadows By A Female Ninja By The Name Of Kohatsu.All His Life Raine Believed Kohatsu to Be His Mother And His Father Was The Strongest Ninja In the village Of Shadows Who Was Sent On A Mission In A Joint Effort To Help Stop the Assault On Konoha From The Kyuubi And Was Killed In Battle,But It Was All A Cover Up.Raine Was Actually Found On Mount Hiei,A Mountain That Towered Over The Village To The North.One Day Kohatsu Was Training In The Mountains When She Heard A Loud Rumble To The West Of The Mountain.Wondering What Had Happened Kohatsu Rushed To The Side Of The Mountain Where She Had Heard the Noise.When She Arrived At The Scene A Dark Mist had Engulfed The Mountain.Kohatsu Used Her Raging Wind Justsu In Order To Clear The Mountain Of the Dark Mist.She Discovered A Boy Who Was About The Age Of 10 And Was Lying On the Ground unconscious,Bare,And Dirty As If He Had Just Been In The Fight Of His Life.

The Woman Grabbed the boy And Rushed Him To The Village Medical Center.The Doctors Had Revealed That The Boy Was In Supreme Condition Except Something Was Odd About The Boy.He Had A Strange And Unique Chakra Pattern Which The Doctors Could Not Identify.It Had Resembled The Chakra Of A biju (Tailed Beast) But They Could Not Determine Whether The Boy Was A Jinchuriki Or Just A Boy With An Incredible Chakra Force.After 3 Days Of Resting,Raine Had Finally Awoken But He Seemed To Have No Idea Who Or Where He Was.Kohatsu Took The Boy In And Raised him She Gave Him The Name Raine Shidobu Due To The Fact That When She Had Discovered Him It Had Been Raining And There Was A Dark Shadow Which Covered The Mountain.

Kohatsu Sent Raine To The Academy To Become A Ninja,She Figured With His Incredible Chakra,Raine Had Potential To Become An Incredible Shinobi.Raine Was At The Top Of His Class Surpassing All Others,Teachers Favored Him And Students Of His Class Looked up To Him.Raine Became An incredible Shinobi With The Aid Of Kohatsu.Kohatsu Had Once Been An ANBU Level Ninja but When Their Kurokage (Dark Shadow) Had Fallen 11 Years Ago She Had Left The Ranks Of ANBU To Become A Jonin Again.The Village Had Fallen Into Confusion Without A Leader.The Village Was Led By A Council Who Refused To Appoint A New Kurokage Until They Could Find A Shinobi Who Was Worthy Of Leading Their Country.

Becoming An Incredible Ninja,Raine Was Favored By All.Raine Graduated The Academy At The Top Of His Class.In The Chuunin Final Exams Raine Was In A Tough Fight With A Strong Ninja By The Name Of Kaen Akegata(Flaming Dawn).The Two Exchanged Blow For Blow Their Strength Seemed To Be Rivaled.Kaen Unleashed A Fatal Attack That Had Almost Knocked Raine Unconscious.All Seemed Lost For Raine Until He Had Heard A Voice In His Head Screaming Get Up Weakling! At The Voices Command Raine Felt A Dark Surge Of Power Fill His Body.In A Strange Turn Of Events Raine Rose To His Feet,A Dark Purple/Black Aura Raged In A Torrent of Madness Around Raine.His Eyes Flashed A Dark Purple And He Developed A Unique Pupil Which Extended Out Like A Four Bladed Shuriken.Raine Felt Hatred And Evil Urges Fill His Body.In An Instant He Was At Kaen's Face.He Grabbed Kaen By The Throat And Began To Lift Him Up Off The Ground.If A Few More Seconds Had Passed,Raine Would Have Crushed Kaen's Throat But The match Was Stopped By Three Jonin Which Had Been Observing The Match To Make Sure The Fight Did Not Result in Death.In A Flash Three Jonin Had Restrained Raine.After Pulling Raine Off Of Kaen,Raine Collapsed And Was Sent To The Medical Center.Raine Awoke Several Hours And When Asked What Happened When He Went Beserk,Raine Said He Had No Recollition Of The Incident I Just Blanked Out He Replied

Raine Had Become A Superior Ninja Over the Years And Was Appointed An ANBU Member At The Age Of 16.Raine Was The Top Requested Ninja On All Missions He Was An Expert Assassin And Supreme Stealth Agent.At The Age Of 18 Raine Was Being Considered A Legend And Even Being Called A Blessing To the Village.Raine Had Single-Handedly Brought The Land Of The Shadows Back On The Map.An Excellent Leader And Compassionate Friend To All.One Day,The Council Had Summoned Raine To A Meeting.The Coucil Had Told Raine That He Had Become One Of The Greatest Shinobi The Village Had Ever Manifested,They Offered A proposal Which Was Not Expected By Raine,The Position Of Kurokage.Raine Was Shocked,The Coucil Told Him He Had A Week To Decide If He Wanted To Assume The Positon.

Rushing Home Excitedly,Raine Had Told His Surrogate Mother All About The News.She Was Overjoyed And Felt That This Would One Day Come.She Was Truly Happy For Raine.Raine Celebrated The News With His Friends And They Had A Party In His Honor.

On A Dark Gray,Rainy Thursday,Raine Had Went To Mount Hiei To Pray To The Gods That He Would Be A Great Kurokage And Lead His People To Greatness.Suddenly A Flash Of Lightning Struck The Mountain And Raine Passed Out.While Unconscious Raine Discovered All Of His Lost Memories.His Identity Prior To The Village Of Shadows Was Uncovered In A Flash.

Raine Was Born To A Mother Which Was Part Of The Uchiha Clan In Konohagakure.His Father Was A Shinobi From The Village Of The Hidden Waterfalls.His Mother Had,Had A Secret Romance With The Man And Her Clan Forbade It.She Was Exiled From The Clan And She Was Forced To Live A Nomadic Life With Her Husband And Her Son Raine.During Their Travels,They Had Encountered Mount Hiei And Decided To Go Around The Mountain In Search Of A New Home.They Had Reached The Western Part Of The Mountain When They Encountered A Beast So Fearsome It Instantly Sent Raine Into Tears And Shivers Down His Parents Spines.The Beast Revealed Itslelf To Be The 11 Tailed Biju.It Had Resembled A Black Dragon And Stood Fifty To Sixty Feet High.The Dragon Also Claimed To Be Darkness Incarnate,He Said He Was A Biju Which Had Been Forgotten Long Ago And Had Lived Thousands Of Years Seeking Death To End His Curse As An Immortal.He Wished To Find A Mortal Host And Live Life As One.He Had Finally Chosen His Host And It Was Raine.

Raine's Parents Refused To Let Their Son Become Such A Monster And Stood Up To The Beast Only To Simply Be Eradicated From Exsistence.The Eleven Tailed Biju Towered Over Raine As He Wimpered And Prayed For His Parents To Save His Life.The Beast Spoke To Raine * Do Not Fear Me For We Are One,Or Soon We Shall Be* With That Said,The Beast Had Assumed A Mist Form Still Resembling The Dragon And Rushed Forward Into Raine's Body Rendering Him Unconscious.

Raine Awoke From His Memory Flashes And Was Consumed By Sorrow.It Had All Come Together.Fearing His Possible Threat To The Village And The World Of The Shinobi Raine Left Behind His Home In Search Of Someone Who Could Destroy The Beast Within.

KEKKEI GENKAI: Being That His Mother Was Born Of The Uchiha Clan,His Ancestrial Traits Allow Him To Use The Sharingan But It Has Been Altered Due To Him Bonding With The 11 Tailed Biju.The Extent Which His Sharingan's Power Can Be Calculated Is Yet Uknown Due To the Fact That It Has Been Activated When It Was Under The Control Of Raine's Subconcious,The Eleven Tailed Biju.The Sharingan Which Raine's Posseses Is Reffered To As Demonu Sharingan

NINJUTSU: Raine Is A Skilled Ninjutsu User Which Specializes In A Unique Elemental Chakra,Darkness.Raine Is Able To Utilize And Attack Which Raine Calls Kurai Enkou (Dark Flame) Which Raine Generates A Black Flame Which Engulfs His Fist And Is Able To Burn Through Any Substance And Is Even Capable Reducing Artic Glaciers To Steam.

TAIJUTSU: Raine Is An Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat Specialist And Uses A Taijutsu Style Known As Rippukotsu(Rage Fist).Raine Enhances His Rippukotsu Attacks By Channeling his Chakra Into His Fist Allowing Him To Destroy A Small Home With A Half Forced Blow With Ease.Raine Is Also A Specialist In The Tensou Sword Style Created By A Clan In The Village Hidden In The Shadows Who Specialized In Assasination Techniques.Raine Is Also A Master In Senkochi Which Is A Technique Where The User Moves At A Lightning Fast Speed

GENJUTSU: Raine Is Not A Very Skilled Genjutsu Specialist As Of Yet.But Do To His Sharingan Ancestry He Posesses Great Potential As A Genjutsu User