Top MA'er Masters of Marvel

The Highest know MA'ers to the least Knowledgeable and less skilled.

0: Ogun,The  Mandarin, Master Izo, Stick,  Master Po, Iron Monk, Lord Shingen, Foreigner,  Mabel, 
1:  Wolverine, Psylocke, The Gorgon, Mister. X, Captain America, Prodigy, Kitty Pride, Black Panther, Taskmaster,  Red Skull, Sabretooth, Blade
2: Mantis, Gamora, Moon Dragon,  Karnak, Slaymaster, Vargas,
3:  Temugin,   Elektra, Shang Chi, Quan Yaozu,  Iron Fist, Steel Serpent, Junzo Muto, 
4:  Silver Samurai, Crossbones, Bucky Barnes, Gambit, Daredevil, The Cat, , Yukio, U.S. Agent

5: Mocking Bird, Colleen Wing,  Bullseye, Moonknight, night thrasher, Lady Bullseye, Kingpin, Punisher, Echo, Ronin.

List items

  • A fallen Samurai Warrior corrupted by evil. through Mastery of MA conquered death made immortal and turned demon. A World Master and only one to know 12 long lost forgotten Disciplines along with having invented his own style, Master of Ninjitsu, Bushido, Sorcery, Pressure Point Master and father figure to Wolverine.

    Ogun is able to raise Wraiths, hypnotize opponents with the wave of his sword, paralyze with the lightest touch, possesses a person, share his Knowledge a preferred method for teaching his honored students.

  • Master of the Chaste and enigmatic teacher to Elektra, Daredevil and helped Wolverine return to the Warrior's Path. stick possess various mystic, abilities including a Radar sense, immortality, low end telepathy and other Chi mystic abilities. Stick was able to spar with Wolverine in a raging inferno without any discomfort from his environment regardless of his advance age and appearance.

  • Master Po an enigmatic MA master of 82 chinese forms of combat responsible for helping retrain Wolverine and break the habit of relying on his mutant power and brawling style.

  • World's Master having trained and Mastered the World's disciplines in his century long existence holding various MA titles of his own from Earth to Space. Self admittedly having been taught from bar room brawlers to mystic Masters to immortal gods and aliens.

    pertinent instructors:




    Silver Samurai,

    Master Po,




    Master of the Black Dragons,

    Custodian of the Honor Sword.

    List of Defeated opponents:


    Shang Chi,


    Blood Shadow,


    Mister X,

    Lord Shingen,

    Silver Samurai,




    Iron Monk

    X-23 .... etc etc

  • The Gorgon is an extraordinary hand to hand combatant, even before his resurrection, trained in multiple forms of martial arts. He is an expert swordsman and typically prefers to use a katana during combat. he typically uses his telepathic abilities to read the minds of his opponents during combat enabling him to predict and counter their every move. He currently wields Godkiller, a swords that had killed many kings, emperors and made a god bleed.

    The Gorgon is extraordinarily intelligent and possesses advanced knowledge in multiple academic and artistic fields, this ability allowed him to Master various forms of combat an an exceptional rate long before joining the Hand and having been enhanced by them as well as by Hydra through mystical means adding the fact he is a mutant with superhuman physical attributes he is a force to be reckon with.

  • trained by Ogun through mystical means of sharing knowledge and experience, possessing the knowledge of The Hand and Kwannon The Hand's deadliest Assassin.

    So skilled is she that she has fought Wolverine, Sabretooth and Slaymaster in close quarter melee combat enjoying the thrill of battle.

  • A Mystic MA's Master of The Hand having Mastered the Iron discipline technique making him impervious to all physical force minus Mystic attacks.

  • Mister X is a low end telepath able to read an individual's mind anticipating their attacks by locking onto their neurons allowing him to subconsciously, reflexively and actively counter his opponent being several steps ahead.

    Embracing MA, He has mastered all the terrestrial forms of unarmed and armed combat having killed his masters in the process as a final test to himself. He has continued the trend to be the best Martial artist by also learning and mastering extraterrestrial MA from the Kree to the Shiar blending them together to create his own MA form. His telepathic ability gives a mild addictive need to feel his victims death a reason for his psychotic nature. Mister X has so far by the Reigning champion of The Mandripoor Blood Sport having defeated Wolverine and Taskmaster at different occasions.

    Combined with his Peak conditioning, telepathic precog his is a dangerous opponent and deadliest of MA of Marvel Earth.

  • Although, not a true Ma'er in the sense that he did not undergo full training nor physical conditioning his mutant power to absorb the Knowledge and skills of those around him has resulted in him gaining the Ma knowledge of various X men having been around:





    due to living at the Xavier academy.

  • Steve Rogers was physically enhanced with the experimental Super soldier Serum granting him the pinnacle perfection of the human body in all areas from strength, speed, stamina, mind, coordination/agility that would be impossible for a single human to reach. Steve Rogers was trained by the Ally Forces in various forms of combat from military arm and unarmed combat to Judo, western boxing and kick Boxing mastering them all in matter of months and blending it into his own unique style which he still prefers to employ today. Although it should be noted he has continued to master other various forms of MA having said to have mastered the world's MA through independent training to battle experience learning from his enemies during combat. Kang the Conquerer has also dropped Captain America in a time loop forcing him to fight for well over a 100 yrs adding to his battle experience and knowledge since retaining the knowledge from his various battles which solidifies his placement in Marvel to being one of the greatest MA being complimented or acknowledged by Wolverine, Black Panther, Ironfist.

  • Taught for years in Martial Arts by Wolverine, she has added sword training from Nightcrawler and gaining and retaining a portion of Ogun's MA knowledge. she is an exceptional fighter blending her Ninjitsu stealth with her mutant phasing ability. a Bushido weapon handler in swords and blades with the fighting experience of being an outlaw X-Man. Her preferred h2h fighting style is Krav Maga Israeli special forces military combat in homage to her Jewish heritage.

    she sometimes carries a Katana or her Talisman Bone Clawed knife fashioned from one of Wolverine's broken Claws able to easily slice through steel block like butter.

  • T'Challa Once Leader of the Panther Clan through right of ritual combat. Not only has Black Panther monster the various african combat style of his continent but has traveled the world to learn majority of the world's MA. Having few equals or slight superiors in overall MA knowledge two being Wolverine and Captain America.

  • Once a member of The Hand and leader of the Chaste before having been voted out with over centuries worth of MA knowledge and fighting experience.

    Teacher to Lady Bullseye.

    assumed Master instructor Status

  • Taskmaster possesses the innate ability of photo reflexive muscle memory allowing him to memorize and replicate any physical human feat. This ability allows him to memorize key fighting styles of various superheroes and villains in a mishmash of various disciplines from all around the world and possessing a vast video library without having to undergo years of dedicate training to Master said forms.

    He has also trained physically with various instructors to reach his phsyical potential combined with his double time fast forward and weapons he is one of the most dangerous fighters in Marvel Earth.

    MA instructor to Superheroes, Villains, government and criminal organizations.

  • Gamora the Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe. Having mastered the majority of the Galaxies Martial Arts in armed and unarmed combat or so it has bn said. Raised by Thanos and trained by his Robot Servants and battle droids for the specific mission to not just be Thanos body guard but one day kill Adam Warlock. To this End Thanos had her enhanced bionically and was later further enhanced by Adam Warlock.

    She has shown to be a master of pressure point attacks and at times preferring to wield bladed weapons for close quarter battle. Her superhuman Agility, Speed, Strength, Durability and regeneration makes her an exceptional combatant for the majority of terrestrial MA'ers.

  • Karnak has enhanced strength, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes as a result of his genetically superior Inhuman physiology. Karnak has the extrasensory ability (achieved through meditation and intensive training) to perceive stress points, fracture planes, or weaknesses in objects or persons. He has complete voluntary control of most of his autonomic bodily functions. All striking surfaces of his body are extremely toughened.

    Karnak has received his fighting skills as a result of Inhuman royal militia training. He is also a graduate of the religious seminary, at the Tower of Wisdom in Attilan.

  • Mantis was trained by the Priests of Pama to become a grandmistress of the martial arts, demonstrated as fully capable of defeating opponents as skilled as Captain America.[22] She could also instinctively sense weak points in an opponent and knock out beings as powerful as the thunder god Thor.

    She has attained a mastery of meditational disciplines giving her an unusual amount of control over her body, including autonomic functions like heartbeat, bleeding, and breathing, as well as awareness of pain, allowing her to more quickly heal injuries through sheer force of will, and affording almost superhuman reflexes and reactions. She also had psychic empathy, a telepathic power that allowed her to sense the emotions of others.

  • Heather Douglas is a human who has accessed her full psionic potential through extreme training under the Titanian monks of Shao-Lom. She is also highly educated in Titanian science, and is a master martial artist.

    Her MA skills have allowed her to engage Captain America who at the time was suffering from the SSS deterioration purposely humiliating him in the process.

  • Elektra top assassin of The Marvel Univers was trained by both the Hand and Chaste under the tutelage of Stick. through training she has learned various Chi techniques that manifest in psionic like abilities as well as physical attribute boost in strength, speed, durability. Her weapon's of chose are Sias and is a Master of Various forms of Chinese and Japanese MA Form most notably preferring Ninjitsu.

    She has fought Daredevil, Bullseye, Shang Chi and even help retrain Wolverine.

  • Shang-Chi Master of Kung fu, having Mastered the various disciplines that fall under the title of Kung Fu he is son to Fu Manchu. His life had been in training to be an assassin for his father only to rebel.

    Shang's Kung Fu h2h fighting and knowledge has been stated by Black Panther to be above Iron-Fist an apparent fact in the MA world in h2h combat.

  • Rand is a master of all of K'un Lun's martial arts and many of Earth's, making him easily one of the most skilled practitioners of unarmed combat. Plunging his fists into the molten heart of the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying infused the dragon's superhuman energy into Rand; this along with training by Lei Kung the Thunderer gave Rand the power of the Iron Fist, allowing him to summon and focus his chi (or natural energy) and enhance his natural abilities to extraordinary levels. His strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes and senses can all be astronomically intensified, making his already formidable martial arts skills even more so

  • The Steel Serpent is a master of the martial arts of K'un-Lun, including those practiced millennia ago. His skills rival those of Iron Fist, He has proven capable of draining the power of the Iron Fist (the energies of Shou-Lao) from its wielder by pressing his serpentine tattoo against the wielder's dragon tattoo. At least on one occasion he retained some fragment of Shou-Lao's power after the previous holder of the Iron Fist has reclaimed his power. At his full power he has weathered assaults from the superhumanly powerful Spider-Man, his reflexes and skills making him more than a match for Spider-Man.

    Davos is able to perform and summon the Steel Phoenix Blow.

  • He is also exceptionally fast; his speed easily surpasses Danny Rand as commented by his uncle Yü-Ti. In his meetings with Iron fist, Steel Serpent and Hiromitsu, he easily stole their power through absorption.

    His strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes and senses can all be astronomically intensified, making his already formidable martial arts skills even more so.

    Once leader of the Hand.

    tutored under Hiromitsu

  • Slaymaster is a master hand-to-hand combatant and a world class assassin, on various occasions he is depicted as having more than normal balance and reflexes.

    He has demonstrated unknown defenses to both telepathy and telekinesis.

    His preferred weapons are specialized high tech needles with which he can shower a deadly barrage upon opponents. He has also used swords, armor, laser cannons, and an inter-dimensional teleportation device.

    Slaymaster has been depicted as gaining strength and speed at a superhuman level by killing his alternate-reality analogues and absorbing their essence.

    Exile Slaymaster a more rfined and skilled version then his 616 has killed various alternate reality versions of Psylocke and even engaged Sabretooth in close melee battle. T

    616 Slaymaster in a grotesque sense of trophy collection has gouged out Besty Braddock's eyes of his victims. Sufficiently skilled in MA that he has been able to defeat Captain Britain in combat.

  • Foreigner a Master Assassin and MA Master, He was once teacher to Sabretooth and confident enough in his abilities to mock and insult Sabretooth without fear of retaliation.

    foreigner has the ability to hypnotize his opponents in mid combat for misdirection allowing him to appear to disappear and reappear attributed to a sense of missing time.

  • Sabretooth Feral appearance hides his true MA combat knowledge and skills.

    although, he prefers to use his savage fighting style it is not without purpose nor lacking skills each swipe kick designed to kill or maim his opponent.

    Sabretooth was trained by The Foreigner in assassination and Combat.

    He has Military Combat training in espionage, h2h as well as ninjitsu stealth techniques possibly learned by the Hand and enhanced by his animal nature.

  • Cyber Wolverine and Daken's military combat instructor, so dangerous and traumatic are his beatings that he was feared by Wolverine at one point in time. Brutal and Merciless, his size belies his actual reflex and speed able to grab Wolverine claws swipes in mid attack.

    He has easily defeated Wolverine and Daken confident in his abilities that he has toyed with them both at the same time.

  • X-23 a partial clone of wolverine with superhuman stats, trained by using holograms of Wolverine and early Weapon X Footage. She possesses Text Book knowledge of human biology and methods to kill, maim and incapacitate in multiple forms of assassination techniques of various combat styles.

  • Shingen was Lord of Clan Yashida, once a criminal organization under his rule modernly called the Yakuza. Shingen a sword master and follower of Bushido disappeared only to returned with obligations or alliance with The Hand and having become a Master of Pressure Point attacks.

    Father to Kenuichio Harada(Silver Samurai) and Mariko Yashida.

    Shingen has defeated and humiliated Wovlerine after removing his healing factor with nothing more then a Bokken leaving him for dead.

  • Silver Samurai is one of Marvel's arguably the current Sword Master for his physical attributes and a follower of Bushido arguably equal or coming slightly behind Wolverine in Sword/blade skill.

    Kenuichio Harada has been teacher to Wolverine,

    Wielder of the cursed Black Blade of Muramasa and it's Master and

    Once owner of the Clan Yashida honor sword.

  • Originally her powers were a form of telepathy that allowed her to anticipate her opponents moves and make them misjudge her position. Training with SHIELD Psi-Ops she managed to refine this ability and read surface thoughts and communicate telepathically as well.

    The experimental neuro-net exoskeleton she stole from SHIELD granted her other abilities. First off it made her nearly impossible to track or detect and augments her strength by a factor of ten. The suit also allowed her to teleport in a similar manner to Amelia Voght, she transforms into smoke and can reappear elsewhere. The range of her teleportation is unknown.

  • Having trained under Steve Rogers, the original Captain America in World War II, and others in the time leading up to WWII, "Bucky" Barnes is a master of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, as well as being skilled in the use of military weapons such as firearms and grenades. He also used throwing knives on occasion and was a gifted advance scout. His time as the covert Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier helped to further hone his skills, making him the equal to his predecessor in combat skills. Brainwashed into working for the Soviets, as the Winter Soldier, Barnes became an expert assassin and spy. Barnes's left arm is also cybernetic with superhuman strength and enhanced reaction time.

  • John Walker was trained by Taskmaster at the request of the US government in order to replace Steve Rogers at the time Captain America. His fighting style was based on the original Captain America combined with his superhuman strength and physical attributes making him a dangerous opponent.In his Super Patriot persona he was able to stalemate Captain America before he was trained in unarmed combat.

  • Jubilee was a mutant with natural Olympic attributes furthered trained in gymnastics as a child. Since the age of 13 she has been trained along side the X-men having various instructors from Gambit, Storm, Rogue, Cyclops and most notably Wolverine. At a young age she has been able to fend off Yakuza and Hand assassins even when handcuffed. Wolverine has chosen to teach her how to kill and maim and told her unless she plans and is willing to kill she should not get in a fight. Something that Jubilee took to heart and help her learn compassion and self control so as not to live with blood on her hands unlike her mentor and father figure, Wolverine.

    Currently a vampire her vampiric attributes makes her a dangerous opponent for any person choosing to engage her in melee combat.

  • Amiko is the Adoptive daughter of Wolverine and her Guardian being Yukio, a Ronin who she views more as a mother figure.

    Amiko has been trained to defend herself from a very young age since living with Yukio. She has also been given Post Hypnotic MA Knowledge by the Hand at a young age of 7-8 in order to one day kill Wolverine. Her training was given to her to protect herself from those that would try to harm her to get to Wolverine.

    Amiko even as a small child was very stubborn and fearless in part due to her traumatic life of losing her mother to a dragon and subsequent tragedies. Having run away from home at one point in time in order to fulfill a promise to her dead mother. upon her quest she faced off against some muggers and would be rapist while still being a small child even facing Wolverine who disguised himself as a bum to look after her managing to temporarily injure him to make her escape.

    Later on as an adult she was able to fight a demon possessed Wolverine still full of hate and bitter toward her adoptive father, Wolverine.

    Now a young adult with mystical powers inherited from her mother and her Clan she is a force to be reckoned with.

    Her noticeable Guardians & instructors include: Wolverine, Yukio, Silver Samurai, The Hand.