The Unbelievable Wolf Spider. 9

 The Unbelievable Wolf Spider

William and Mikey head into the city the whole time listening to Classic Rock while Mikey tries to block it out with his Ipod headphones...

Mikey: that's old school!
it blows!

William ignoring him turns up the knob in response to his comment and to annoy him......

William: you pups today dont know what good music is.
If those girl songs of Dustina Beaver and Rebecca Black are any indication, you'll must be deaf.
so i wouldnt be talkin about taste, boy.

Mikey: what?!
I cant hear you!

Mikey raises his headphones in response

William: Whatever, we're here.

William pulls up to the front gate of the government funded Superhuman Team, Two front guards step out of their security booth and approach the Mustang.. William staring at the men while pulling out his I.D. Mikey buries himself in his seat and covers himself up with his hoodie as he tries to hide his face. Security officer approaches the driver's window while the second one walks behind the car looking it up and down.

Security: Sir, can i see some I.D.
and state your reason for being here.

William hands over his I.D. while the guard looks at him and the kid suspiciously.

William: we're expected, we have an appointment to see The Sgt Major.

Security officer looks at his I.D. and calls it in from his radio clipped on his shoulder on his bullet proof Vest. The officer leans in to use the radio while the voice on the other side confirms.. The security officer hands back William his I.D.

Security: your clear to enter Sir.
enjoy your visit.

The security officer motions to have the gate open while the Security officers stand behind the vehicle watching it drive in before proceeding back to their security booth.

William: what's wrong with you?

Mikey: i didnt want them to see my face...
I have an identity to protect you know.

Mikey reaches into his back pocket pulling out his mask smiling at William before donning it...

Mikey: cool, huh?

William: if by cool you mean nerdy, sure.

Mikey: you're just jealous i thought about bringing a mask..

William: i'm sure.
you know what's the 1st thing ppl think when they see someone in a mask?

Mikey: he must be a superhero?

William: no. he must be up to know good.
most often it's bad when that person has a badge or a gun.
remember that.

Mikey: sure, i'll write it down.

William: you do that.

William parks his car in one of the empty parking spots both exiting the vehicle, William walking to the truck while Mikey waits. William leaning in pulls out a large green military duffel bag hoisting in over his shoulder as they walk toward the building.

William: let's go, Mister amazing tree crawler..

The building Doors slide open as both William and Mikey walk in. The security guards behind the desk see a large intimidating man carrying a duffel bag which could be a danger ever since the heighten national alert being orange as well as seeing someone with a mask. the security Guards stand up putting their hands on their holster and assuming a defensive position...

Security guard: Sir, i'm gonna have to ask you to put down the bag and run it the X-ray machine and the young man to remove his mask.

William seeing the officers taking a threatening position slides Mikey behind him blocking him with his body. Mikey slightly leaning out looks up at William from behind.

Mikey: i cant, i cant let them see who i really am..

William looking at Mikey for a split second takes off the Green military duffel bag putting it on the conveyor belt and responding to the officer who are on edge..

William: I'm sure since you gentlemen work with actual superhumans you are aware of why this young man cannot remove his mask?

Security gaurd: those men and women are government funded and are vouched for one way or another and put on a special list.
He is not.

William: does he look dangerous to you?

The Duffel bag going through the machine while the guard operating it sees nothing but some sort of disruptive blur within the bag unable to produce an image. the guard at the end of the conveyor belt suspicious opens it up and pulls out two sets of uniforms one being a large black flak jacket, side arms and knives and the second being a smaller uniform too small for William with black and Grey pattern appearing like a off road biker body suit with pads. Mikey looking at them his eyes grow wide in excitement of what it could possibly mean.

Mikey: definitely cool.

William: we have an appointment with the Sgt Major, here is my I.D.

Gaurd: That may be, sir.
but, this is a federal building and bringing such items constitutes a felony and is a federal offense.
Now i am gonna have to ask you not to move and once again and for the final time have your friend remove his mask!

William growing annoyed assess the situation his alien implant scanning the potential threat.

William: i dont think you want to do that, gentlemen.

The Guards growing impatient and paranoid unholster their guns aiming it at William. Mikey scared hiding behind him while William pushes Mikey's head behind him..

Mikey: oookay, i'll take it off....
just dont shoot.

William: no, leave it on.
Gentlemen pls call Sgt Major. he is expecting me and we are friends.
i dont think he take to kindly to shooting his friend and a small child.

B/c i definitely wont.

William staring at the main gaurd as one of the superhuman team members comes down from the second floor to see what is happening.

Stranger: do we have a problem, here?

Guard: these men have brought weapons within the building and one refuses to unmask.

William: your men are paranoid.
Sgt Major is expecting us and they refuse to confirm.
I fire them as soon as possible before they shoot the next school field trip here or tour group.

Mikey standing behind William looks to see the newly arrived stranger and is awe struck.

Mikey: hey, i know you.... you're The Titan!
can i have your autograph?

Titan: sure, kid. as soon as these men lower their weapons.
Gentlemen, pls.

The men holster their weapons annoyingly staring at the two guest who do not have to abide by the set procedure. William putting everything back in his duffel bag hoist over his shoulder and turns to take one last look at the lead guard making his eyes shine red in devious which makes the guard feel uncomfortable...

Titan: follow me, the Sgt is waiting at the Lab.
Sorry about the guards, we'll make sure to replace them.
for some reason we seem to get the government rejects...

Mikey: so how big can you grow, how strong are you?
are you married, how did you get your powers?

William: let the man have his secrets and you keep yours.

Mikey: ooh, i'm sorry Mister Titan, sir.
i didnt mean to pry.

Titan: nonsense, i dont mine answering.
i never pushed myself to my height limit or strength.
but, i can grow well over 60 feet comfortably and i have held up a collapsing bridge.

Mikey: can you shrink as well?

Titan: yes, but i rarely do, there isnt much of an advantage unless i am on a covert reconnaissance mission.

Mikey: so are you married?

William: Mikey....

Mikey: what?
no harm, i bet if he were she be a  model.

Tita: i was married once a long time ago.
but, we're divorced. she actually was involved in the modeling industry.

Mikey: wow, see?
i told you.

Titan: well, here we are, Gentlemen.
If you would.

Titan motions them to enter the Lab doors, The two guest enter inside. Waiting for them is Sgt Major with two lab technician. Mikey stares at Sgt Major who is standing before him wearing his combat Uniform...

Mikey: woah,,,

Sgt Major: nice to meet you son.(extends hand)

Mikey nervously shakes it as he is awe struck and without realizing it his spinnerets come out and squirt webbing causing their hands to stick.. Sgt Major raises an eyebrow at the situation and smiles at Mikey.

Mikey: sorry...

Sgt Major: it's okay, son.
it's why we're here to help you learn to control your ability.

Sgt Major raises his arm up to see how strong the fluid is as Mikey is lifted up to Sgt Major's eye level.. Mikey bashfully smiles..

Mikey: hi,,
i can get it off just give me a sec.

The two lab technicians run to both superhuman's as they try to grab some web samples but unable to remove it with the steel prongs and tweezers. Mikey using his other hand, palms the webbing the mild acid fluid that he release as part of his sweat glands dissolves the webbing causing Mikey to fall on his butt.. Mikey rubbing his butt stands up to face the worlds 1st known supersoldier..

Mikey: see?

Sgt Major: yes, we all see.

Titan: now that is funny..i never thought i see Sgt Major with sticking hands...hahaha

Sgt Major looking at Titan annoyed while the lab techs round to analyze and pick up the residual chemicals. William looks at the lab coats annoyingly reminding him how much he dislikes them..

Sgt Major: Hal, can you pls begin prepping for the physical test portion of the Exam.

Titan: sure, Sgt Major.

William pulls out the uniforms and throws the smaller pair to Mikey..

William: here, put these on Spider boy..

Sgt Major: is that what you prefer to be called, son?

Mikey: noooo.. i havent really taught of a name, yet.
i guess,, Wolf Spider for now will do.

William raises an eyebrow at the mention of the name..

Sgt Major: well than, Wolf Spider.
you can get dress in that  bathroom over there.

Mikey running into the bathroom changes and a few minutes comes out sporting his very own combat uniform.

Mikey: what do you guys think?

Mikey with his arms outstretched as he strikes a pose, Mikey still wearing his custom made mask now with wrap around goggles to go with it over his head.
his torso armor with straps and steel alloy composite padding spread out from his pectorals to his abs.   his specially designed  under armor shirt beneath the armor comes down and stops at his forearm due to being a short sleeve shirt. Mikey's gloves being fingerless Makes him start thinking about cutting  between the finger webbing and the palm area so that he can shoot the webbing as well as melt if off. his pants being black military gargo pants with greyish camoflauge design, his boots having an outer steel toe and the bottom having retractable hook spikes for climbing. Mikey kicking and sweeping his legs as he practices popping out the shoe spikes on the soles of his feet..

William watching is impressed by Mikey's uniform and walks into the bathroom to puts on his own black ops uniform having added brown tiger stripes on the shoulder area of his black flak jacket.

Sgt Major: well, whenever you're ready Wolf Spider..
we'll begin the test.

Sgt Major looking at the lab coats as he signs for them to leave.

Sgt Major: Gentlemen if you pls.

The men walk out leaving Sgt Major, William and Mikey alone to talk.

Sgt Major: before we begin we need to ask you a few questions about what you know about yourself.
We will also answer any questions that you might not know that you wish answered before we begin the test so we can get a clear understanding of your abilities.

does that sound okay to you, son?

Mikey: umm.. sure..
but i dont have to answer any questions i dont want, right?

Sgt Major: no, of course not only what you want to divulge.
whatever we learn here stays with us.
it is obvious that you're just a kid and probably want to have as much as a normal life as you can.

Mikey: umm.. okay.
can i ask you two a question?

William: sure, shoot.

Sgt Major: what is it, son?

Mikey: you guys are like me, right?

Sgt Major: Super human?
yes, we are.

Mikey: no i mean, the way you got your powers is the same way i got mine.

sgt Major: that's what we're here to find out.

William: honestly, yes.
we believe so.

Mikey: is that why you moved in across the street.
to keep an eye on me?

William: it was just a coincidence.

Sgt Major: so how is the suit?

William: Awesome!
it just needs a few alterations and it will be golden.

Sgt Major: that's good.
so can  you tell me when your powers 1st showed up and what you were doing at the time?
what do you know about your family history?
does anyone you know in your family exhibit similar abilities?

Mikey: a few nights ago...
i found some old pictures of my great grandfather and i put two and two together..
ummm... with some letters and stories from my family...
no, no one else in my family exhibits the same abilities as me.

William: what family stories, son and what pictures?

Mikey: my great grandfather in an old desert military base.
the internet said it was white sands new mexico.
the story was that my great grand father was involved in a secret military bomb project.
but we all know that wasnt true, it was UFO's and alien technology/experiments to create supersoldiers and alien human hybrids.

Sgt Major: what makes you say that?

Mikey: b/c if it wasnt we wouldnt be here, duh...

william: he got you there, buddy..(stares at Sgt Major)

Mikey: so em i right?

Sgt Major: uhmm.. to an extend, yes.

Mikey: so what did i get wrong?

William: your great grand daddy was one of the scientist involved in secret experiments to create Supersoldiers to fight the Nazi's.
we believe he experimented on himself altering his genetics and passing those changes to you.

Sgt Major; we believe it remained dormant within you and your family and for some reason finally activated.

William: your great Grand daddy died along with many of the project scientific leaders due to a nuclear explosion from a failed experiment.

Mikey: hmm.... you guys were part of the original experiment werent you?
it would explain why william likes old music so much...

Sgt Major stares at William for giving that part of himself away... William smirks and answers..

William: yes.

Mikey: so why does everyone in the world think Sgt Major is the 1st and original Supersoldier?

Sgt Major; publicity, son.
besides, William wanted to live a quiet life

now the test will consist of a blood test
a physical exam in our combat training room and finally a few X-Rays to see what changes have gone inside of you.

So you okay with that?

Mikey: yes.

Sgt Major: William here will go into the combat training room so you can see the exercises that you will need to perform.
the test will be of course none lethal and for novice.
now if you will pls hold still, i'll draw the blood so the technicians can examine it when they come back inside and then we can head to the Combat training room.

Sgt Major guides Mikey to a seat and then proceeds to draw out a vial of his blood for examination..

Sgt Major: at ease, son.
i have  field medic training.

finishing up Sgt Major puts a cotton swap on Mikey's arm to stop the bleeding, Mikey holding on to it as they step out of the room. the Technicians waiting in the hallway patiently wait as they walk out. Sgt Major hands them the vial to run test on as they head to the combat training room. Titan waiting in the booth takes Mikey along and shows him the panels and explains what they will do. William and Sgt Major standing in the back discuss the situation.

Sgt Major: so do you think he told us the truth?

William: as much truth as you and i told him about his family and who he is.

Sgt Major: i picked up some signs that he was misleading us..
but it could be he really was just nervous and being a kid.
kinda threw me off.

William: He's confused.
whatever small lies he threw in were to protect himself.
i wasnt really looking hard to pick up on the lies.
his physiology makes certain tells impossible to pick up unless one takes the time and learn his physical responses.

Titan: are we ready, fellas?

Sgt Major: yup..
whenever you are ready William enter the room so we can begin.
Keep your eyes open Wolf Spider, you'll be next.

Mikey: Cool... i cant wait..

William enters the combat room and waits for the session to begin, in front and all around him are different obstacles from rope climbing, gymnastic equipment , Rings, horse mount,  bars and whatnot. William patiently waiting standing still as he focuses his senses for the exercise. Titan on the panel behind a specially designed glass hits the start button. suddenly the wall panels lift up exposing gun barrels as they attempt to lock on and fire on their target. William burst from his position as he dodges the gunfire twisting and spinning running on all fours as he pushes himself and leaping to the hanging rings and somersaulting to the bar bells. The gunfire relentlessly fires unable to lock onto their strange target giving off some sort of minor disruptive field.

Titan: this guy is incredible, Sgt Major.
He's like a badder version of you...
i mean... you know slightly faster.
he just beat your time by a full 3 seconds.

the systems finally shuts down as William has reached the end of the course. patiently William waits.. Mikey for the 1st time is seriously impressed by his neighbor and doubts his own ability to replicate what these real superheroes can do.

Mikey: i i i i i..... i cant do that!
you guys are crazy, i'll get killed!

Sgt Major: dont worry Mikey, you'll be doing Novice with paintballs...

Mikey: is that all?

Sgt Major: that's all, Wolf Spider.
now go inside while Titan resets the program and lowers the threat level.

Mikey walks in while William walks out and pats him on the head.

William: you'll do fine, kid.

Mikey: i'm sure.

Mikey standing in the room stares at the booth and lowers his wrap around goggles as he turns and faces the obstacle course and shakes his hands in preparation.. nervously he stares not realizing his depredation is escalating his transformation.. his eyes turn all black the minor hairs extrude on his arm through his under armor clothing, his teeth slightly grow,. the adrenaline in his body causing his body to begin changing... Titan looking at the monitors is able to scan Wolf Spider's body function...

Titan: umm.. Sgt Major, we already have a physiological response here.
take a look..

Sgt Major and William look at the monitors and see Mikey's heart rate slow down and other changes from not normal to the standard baseline human nor even Olympic or peak.

Titan: his heart rate is slow and strong..
 it is well  beyond a  peak athlete, his core temperature has dropped to 60 degrees..
this kid is cool as a cucumber.
plus he is generating some sort of bio electric static aura..

Sgt Major: that's interesting record it all and begin the experiment.

Titan: you ready, Wolf Spider?

Mikey: umm.. yeh..(mumbling due to his fangs)

Titan: one, two, Three! ( hits start button)

The wall panels open and out pop out multiple gun barrels each able to lock on to the target and begin firing paintballs at him.. Mikey panicking begins to hop in anticipation running at fast as he can in an attempt to evade. Mikey although fully capable has yet to master his abilities as he clumsily jumps and leaps and zig zags in an attempt to run through the course.. The paint balls flying past him as he instinctively ducks and counters without ever having to see where the paintball is coming from..

Titan: it appears Wolf Spider has some sort of advance warning ability.

Sgt Major: how?
speculate, pls.

Titan: the bio aura that we notice earlier appears to act as some sort of atmospheric detector acting like a biological radar.
It must be able to detect certain fluctuation.

Sgt Major: hmmm... that definitely has an advantage.

William: you ready to trade in your enhanced neural kinetics, perception and implant?

Sgt Major: not just yet...
afterall these are just paintballs, we dont know how far his field sense extends and how it would handle bullets.

Mikey in the Combat Room jumping on the rings as he uses them to swing and twist tucking in his legs and arms as paintballs fly past him from different directions.

Titan: this kid has got some moves..

he  make any extreme olympic athlete envious of his abilities.
the kids a natural gymnist and than some.

Mikey landing on the bar bell crouches down like a spider by pure instinct as he ducks the paintballs. As he prepares to jump he doesnt realize his hook spikes on his boots have  activating from slamming on the bar bell when landing. As Mikey leaps off his hook spikes latch on the bar causing him to swing down toward the ground the paintballs taking aim fire...

Mikey: arrrhh!!

Mikey slamming on the ground slightly sore but unhurt do to his physiology is pummeled by multiple paintball rounds.. William annoyed grabs the mic and yells at Mikey..

William: get up!
you're not done yet!
move, now!

Mikey annoyed at being yelled at realizes he is trying to motivate him..

Mikey begins to run as the paintballs narrowly miss him and hit the ground right behind his heels.

Mikey: *gotta, finish*

Suddenly Mikey explodes out of the ground and leaps into the air and without thinking removes one of his gloves and aims it at the ceiling and instinctively shoots three small streams of webbing that shouldnt be capable of supporting him yet it does as he swings and releases it as he pulls himself to the ceiling. the goldish mechanical spinnerets pinch the line and retract allowing him to release the line while his palms sweats keeps it from sticking onto him. Mikey smacking the ceiling with his hands as the small tecno hairs stab through his one handed glove the  thin hair spark creating a static cling effect while also stabbing through he ceiling for added anchoring. Mikey scurrying upside down toward the finish line as he leaps off the ceiling.

Titan: did you guys see that?
this kid is amazing!

Sgt Major: that is something.

Mikey landing on the finish line covered with washable paint. Mikey looking up at the booth panting as he smiles behind his mask looking at the men for a sign of approval as he removes his goggles and exposes his all black eyes that slowly return to normal... William looks down with his arms crossed and gives him a thumbs up..

Sgt Major: that was amazing Wolf Spider..
you did incredible for your very 1st time.
how do you feel?

Mikey: i feel like an animal!
My skin crawling my heart pumping..
i feel incredible!

Sgt Major: Well, Wolf Spider we're not done.
do you want to see how strong you really are?

Sgt Major nods at Titan who presses a button causing one of the walls to raise up and extend a weight rack, specially designed weights.

Sgt major: these weights are tech based they are capable of increasing their own weight by manipulating their gravity by use of a magnetic field.

go ahead and lift what you think you can.
i suggest you start with a 100 lbs just to get a base reading.

Mikey trying the large and small weight till he finds the one's he is comfortable with.. on the side he is able to increase it's weight by pushing and turning a knob. Mikey begins to add more weight each time by 50 lbs before finally going to a 100 lbs at a time.. finally he begins to feel the burn as he lifts a bar bell over his head..

Sgt Major: how much is that?

Titan: it says, 1250 lbs, Sgt Major.
umm.. Wolf Spider do you think you can do more?

Mikey: yeh!

Mikey begins to strain at the added weight that he has added as his legs and arms begin to buckle..

William: okay, you can put it down, Wolf Spider..

Mikey: no, i got it!

William put it down..

Mikey finally unable to hold it up releases as it slams on the ground, Mikey taking a minor step back as he releases it..

sgt Major: how much was that, that time?

Titan: 1575 lbs..

the kid is nearly reaching you..

Wolf Spider, do you mind telling us how old you are?

Mikey: 14..

Titan: now that is something..

well you can come out of there the test is done and i'll need to run the numbers.

Mikey stepping out heads back to the booth, Sgt Major, and William waiting as Mikey approaches. William throws him a towel to wipe himself off.

Sgt Major: you hungry, Wolf Spider?

Mikey: a little.

Sgt Major: well, lets head to the cafeteria and get you something to eat before we do the X-Rays.

Mikey: sounds fine to me..
man, i was in the Zone in there.
it was so cool!

Mikey, Sgt Major and William head to the cafeteria, Mikey still wearing his costume his mask still in place as they walk in line with their trays. Mikey staring at the various food behind the glass shield as his mouth waters and thinks to himself of how this food is so much better than what they serve at his school's cafeteria.

Mikey: yum... I'll take some steak, mash potatoes, gravy, lobster, some shrimp, and an  enchilada, pls...(talking to the server)

sgt Major: no vegetables?

Mikey: umm.. fine...
and some vegetables, pls..

William: I'll take some steaks three of them, pls.
and some mash potatoes and gravy.

Sgt Major: I'll have some Chicken, vegetables and baked fish, pls.
Thank you ma'am and gentlemen (smiles).

having a full tray they leave the serving line and head to the drink fountain where Mikey get's a glass of strawberry soda, Sgt Major, a tall glass of milk and William looking at the machine annoyed it doesnt serve beer...

Sgt Major: things change, william..
no beers in the mess hall.( smiles)

William: that's just great, i guess i'll take some water than.

Sgt major: i am sure if you really want,  we can scrounge some from the kitchen.
grab them from the special event supplies.

William: no, that's fine.

They head to their seat Mikey hungry stares at his food realizing he has to remove his mask to eat. Sgt Major smiles as he realizes Wolf Spider's delimal.

Sgt Major: it's okay, son.
no one here will tell your secret.
there are no cameras here.

Mikey: i dont know....

Mikey puts on his goggles and brings down his mask down to his chin as it bumps while he stuffs his mouth with food..

Mikey: this is awesome!

Sgt Major: i guess it is..

They sit down and enjoy their meal while Mikey relives the exercise and tells them stories about his life and asks them questions about theirs. Mikey eagerly listening to Sgt Major's stories and exploits about fighting sueprvillians and the few times he has helped saved the world. William quietly listening eating his food as he avoids answering some of Mikey's questions only giving him vague answers.


the three head to the final exam room for the X-Ray while Mikey jumps up and down asking them questions..

Mikey: do you think i can be a superhero and join the team some day?

Sgt Major: of course, so long as you keep your nose clean and finish school 1st.
enjoy your life before you come thinking of coming here and sacrificing it for others.

Mikey: umm.. okay.

William: this is the final test, "Wolf Spider"

Mikey: you guys ever think of using your powers to become rich and famous?

William: how?

Mikey: you know sports or something.
maybe football, baseball, wrestling maybe become an action star.

Sgt Major: that doesnt sound very fare for those who put in the time and training, does it?

Mikey: i guess not.

Sgt Major: besides nowadays with everyone taking steroids they are bound to grow suspicious and find out before we could ever compete.

William: if that's what you want to do, Mikey.
i say go for it. hell, nothing in life is fair anyways..
just dont get caught.

Sgt Major: what kinda message is that?

William: a real one.
you cant expect people to live far below their potential b/c they have an advantage others dont.
If we lived like that sports would be played by fat slops and not athletes.
there is a reason why the sports world has changed in the last century.
the new generation supplants the old and breaks their records.

Mikey, the world is always changing and evolving, you are part of that change.
dont hide and pretend you're soft and weak.
but, dont be cocky and think you are better than everyone else.
just be yourself and dont forget who you truly are.

Mikey: i guess... i dont know..
so does that mean, yes. on using my powers for money and fame?

Sgt Major:what do you think?

Mikey: umm... yes. i mean, no... uh.. yes...
i dont know, you guys are confusing me.

Mikey is taken inside the next examination room for his X-rays...

Sgt Major: take off your armor padding.
here, put this on(hands him a lead apron).
and take a seat and try not to move, pls.

Mikey takes off his armor padding, shirt and dons the apron while standing in front of a machine which activates scanning and taking pictures of Mikey's insides...
Sgt Major standing in front of the machine with his arms crossed one hand under his chin as he examines the images..

William: what are you thinking?

Sgt Major: that this kid's skeleton isnt as dense as you or I.
you see how bright it is? (points)

William: well, that just means that his skeleton hasnt been refortified like ours.

Sgt Major: not sure if his nanites were designed to alter his skeleton.
afterall, he doesnt have an implant like we do that's for sure.
not sure how they are even coordinating without one.

Wolf Spider, how much do you weigh?

Mikey: i dont know 115 last time i checked.

William: have you felt any different lately?

Mikey: aside from my mild growth spurt and gaining superpowers, no.

William: okay smart @$$.
do you feel heavier?

Sgt Major: okay, we're done here, Wolf Spider.
you can take off the apron and your boots and come over here.

Sgt Major points to the corner of the room where a weight scale is standing..

Sgt Major: just need to see how tall you are and how much you weigh, go ahead and step on.

Mikey hurredly removes his shoes and steps on the scale while Sgt Major raises the ruler to check for height and then begins sliding the weight to balance his weight..

Sgt Major: hmm.. you are 5'5" and wiegh about 128 lbs.
looks like you added some weight, Wolf spider.

Mikey: cool, but, i still look the same not much of a difference.,,
not really..(frowns)

William: give it time.

Sgt Major: well, let's get you dressed and head back to the main lab to see what we manage to find out.

Mikey getting dressed quickly follows them down the hall back to where they started where the scientist are running his blood test. Sgt Major opening the door to allow them in as he asks the scientist who are working questions..

Sgt Major: so what have you gentlemen figured out.

Lab Techinican #1: well, sir.
we found a few anomalies in the blood work.
We found that he has small traces of molecular nanites in his blood.
they were inactive at the time of study, almost as if they were shut down.

Lab technician #2: his red blood cell count is extremely high allowing him superior metobolising of oxygen.
it would reduce his lactic acid build up allowing for higher endurance and overall performance.
It would also mean that he has superior healing and coagulating to prevent blood loss and promote healing.

Lab Tehnician #3: His white blood cell count is also 10x above the norm, sir.
The kid's immunology and resistance to viral and bacteria infection makes him 6x less likely to  contract any illness.

Sgt Major: any other anomalies?

Lab Technician # 1: yes, sir.
his blood type is slightly strange, he is AB- which in itself isnt strange.
but there is some strange chemical that kept popping up and screwing  our test, Sir.
We havent been able to identify it but we are assuming it is insectoid due to his particular nature.

Lab Technician #2: We also ran the fluid discharge by the boy..
the analyzes confirmed that the fluid was some kind of organic polymer and organic acid compound.

it's spider webbing, Sir.
made up of some unique human insect protein molecular chain bonds.
it's strong stuff, sir.
akin to braided steel line.
we also found deactivated nanites in the fluid.
we think it's partially made up of nanites as part of it's production, which contributes to it's overall strength.

Lab Technician #3: the organic acid is specifically keyed to breakdown the webbing.
while it also acts as a mild acid to organic material.
we're not sure how strong it is, we'll need more samples, sir.

Sgt Major: no. gather all the material and samples, gentlemen.
you are done here and thank you for your services.
We'll take it from here.

Lab Technician: yes, sir.

Titan walking into the lab as the technician hand overall the research and walk out...

Titan: Sgt Major...

Sgt Major: what is it Hal?

Titan: just finished looking at his bio readouts.

William: what did you find?

Mikey: yeh, what'd you fine?

Titan: well, as i said earlier he has some kind of bio electric magnetic static field around him which acts as a another form of sensory perception.
I think i know why. Wolf spider, if you would, pls?

Titan grabs Wolf spider's hand as he puts on some glasses staring at Mikey's arms to find what he is looking for far smaller than his pores and even his haira. Titan grabbing some tweezers pulls out a small hair like fiber.

Titan: this!
you see this?

it's what allows him to stick to walls and i am betting it also is what acts as his sixth sense which produces the magnetic field.
i bet it even picks up air current and vibrations as well.
it's techno organic, gentlemen.
It also causes small electronic interference, a small stealth cloak if you will.

It was kinda hard for the systems to scan him probably before it manage to find a frequency to bypass his field.
but, i figured it out.

well, we know he possess superhuman strength for someone of his weight, height and age.
so i started looking at the muscle fibers and made me start thinking of how actual arachnids move and what they use for muscles.

William: so?

Titan: So the kid should weigh more than he appears to weigh.
Even Sgt Major weighs well over 3x's than norm.
part if it being muscle mass and bone density to fortify his strength.
this kid exhibits none of those tells.

so i believe his muscle fiber is interwoven with some form of arachnid type exoskeleton but inside of him.
his muscles are partially hydrolic at least that is my theory.
but, i'll need to take a sample to confirm.

Sgt Major: Wolf Spider?
it's up to you.

Mikey: sure, why not.
go for it.

Titan pulls out a small hypodermic needle gun as he stabs Mikey's arm and activates it. the gun making a small hissing sound and clicks as it latches unto a small piece of muscle tissue...

Mikey: ow!

Tita: you see arachnids muscle is their exoskeleton.
inside of it are fluids which act as a piston and hydrolic.
i'm betting i will find the same on Arachnid boy.

Mikey: it's Wolf Spider.

Sgt Major: anything else?

Titan: well, your friend William was a complete anomaly.
the systems couldnt scan him.

William: why were you trying to in the 1st place?

Sgt Major: that's fine, Titan.

you can leave us now.

The Titan takes the sample and heads to his lab to confirm his suspicions. William, Sgt Major and Mikey wait for Titan to leave. Sgt Major nods at William for the conclusion of the visit. William looks at Mikey...

William: wolf Spider, take a seat.

Sgt Major: there is something you need to know.

Mikey: what?

William: you are part arachnid which you already know.
but that in itself runs certain dangers.
one of them being that you might one day lose control.

Mikey: well, i wont let it happen.
i wont let my powers get the better of me..

Sgt Major: it's not that easy, son.
William, show him.

William removing his boots and socks and unbuttoning his pants and belts for that demonstration..

Mikey: what are you doing?

Sgt Major: just watch and try not to wet yourself.

William staring at Mikey as his eyes turn reds, goating himself he begins to breath hard as his canines enlarge and before Mikey realizes what is happening, William growls bearing his fangs as he transforms into a were wolf like creature covered in hair. William shocked falls off his chair and screams...

Mikey: holy crap!
i went myself!

William staring at Mikey slowly walks toward him and growls bearing his teeth.. Sgt Major standing behind William watches him with his arms crossed.

Sgt Major: i think he gets it now.
you can change back now.

William looking over Mikey who is on the ground and in fear. William grabbing him by the collar lifts him up as he transforms back to normal while staring at Mikey's eyes..
Mikey tangling stares back...

Mikey: i wasnt scared.. i knew you wouldnt hurt me.
i was just taken off guard that's all.

Sgt Major: remember this day.
it took William's years to master his primal urges and instincts.
it could one day be you and without proper control you could end up harming someone.
maybe someone you know.

Mikey: okay, i get it.
you can put me down. now.
are you guys telling me that i could one day turn into a spider monster?

William: maybe... we dont know.
but better to be aware about the possibility than not.
just remember this, no matter what happens always be true to yourself.

come on let's put on your civies and head back home.
call your sister let her know you are back in school.

Mikey: do i get to keep the costume?

William: sure.

Mikey: do i get any gadgets like your costume, Sgt Major?

Sgt Major: like what?

Mikey: maybe a gun arm like yours or a tech mask with radio, infrared and other cool stuff..

Sgt Major: well, we'll see.
for now i stick to staying out of trouble and not having a need for it.

Sgt Major reaches into his cargo pant's pocket pulling out a cell phone and handing it to Mikey.

Sgt Major: this here is your 1st piece of gadget tech.
if you ever wanna talk or need anything give me a call.
it also has a direct line to the team HQ.

Mikey: gee, a cell phone.