Stellar-Man: The Forgotten Son

 Stellar-Man, The Unknown Son.

Location: Citizen City.
In one of the cleanest safest cities on the planet walks a slightly overweight tall man, with dark shaded glasses, mussed up hair and a walking cane. The people of the city move out of his way as he walks bye noticing the man's handicap of being blind. To those who know him they call Francis Hubert, a nice man although clumsy due to his blindness but no one really holds it against except for one woman..

Francis walking into a large Lobby within a building.

Woman: you're late again, Francine.

Francis: it's Francis, Laura.
and good morning to you too.

Laura: whatever..
Jerry might put up with you but i wont.
i dont care what your excuses are.
i didnt go to journalism school to babysit you and correct your typos prior to print.

As Laura lectures Francis, a young man exits the elevator smiling and happy to see Francis his friend. The man walks toward him noticing Laura the office b#$% once again getting her jollies by demeaning her fellow go workers, Laura noticing him waves him away...

Laura: not now johnny go play with your camera somewhere else.
your friend and i are busy.

now get upstairs and straight to work.
you think you can manage that Francis?

Francis: yes, ma'am..

Francis walks past her waving his cane in front of him as he bumps past Laura and steps on her toes..

Laura: ow! watch where you're walking!

Francis: oops.. sorry.

Johnny seeing his friend walking toward the elevator runs behind him to help guide him to the doors..

Johnny: Here, i got you, buddy.
how you been?

Johnny guides his hand to his shoulder as they head to the elevator door..

Francis: fine johnny and you?

Johnny: alright, got me a new camera with all the bells and whistles.
it's Digital decided to give up the old school stuff, you know..

The elevator door opens up as the two men step in and Johnny hits the top floor button.

Johnny: oh. you'll never believe what happen on my way to work today.

Francis: what?

Johnny: So there i was on the bus, right.
and this car comes railing through right in front of us.. the popo cars right behind it firing their guns no regard for anyone.
The bus swerves nearly flipping over everyone panicking and all of a sudden we're lifted into the air and brought down at the next bus stop without a scratch..
 there he was stellar-Man, right in front of us smiling and saluting us before leaping into the air.
and you know what his battle cry was?

Francis: no?

Johnny: get this, "To the Stars"..
how awesome is that?

Francis: pretty awesome, now you sure it's his battle cry and not something else?

Johnny: what else would it be?

Francis: i dont know, a message, kinda like aim high or something.

Johnny: i guess that makes sense.

The elevator door opens up as the two men step out to the main work area a dark smokey floor, typing and yelling everywhere, people screaming about deadlines and out of the smoke steps out a large middle aged man barreling forward pushing people out of the way as he marches toward Francis.

Johnny: Jerry is coming and he looks pissed..

Jerry: you're late, Francis!

Francis: sorry, Jerry.
I took a wrong turn on my way here.
it wont happen again.

Jerry: that's what you always say, get a damn seeing eye dog!
If we didnt get tax break and money from the government for having you here, I fire you!

Francis: yes, Jerry.

Francis making his way to his desk bumps by his fellow go workers desk "accidentally" bumping their Coffee, spilling it on their Desk..

Co-Worker: hey! watch where you're going!(wipes desk down)

Francis: oops, i'm really sorry.

Jerry palming his head in disappointment each day one step closer to an inevitable heart attack.

Jerry sits down on his desk opening his desk and pulling out his key board while feeling the monitor as he finds the button to turn it on. Reaching into his desk draw he puts on his headset to hear the verbal commands of each key he types....

Francis begins typing only to hear inaudible sirens and screaming thanks to his stellar hearing, immediately he stands up and heads toward the building ladder well. No one notices him as he runs up  toward the roof removing his clothing and revealing his tights and leaping into the air and using his flight to move at a stellar speed. Stellar Man controlling his vector and speed calculating every move to reduce the possibility of a sonic boom and subsequent property damage. The crowd gather around the burning building, the firefighters hosing the building in an attempt to raise their ladders to a nearby window but unable to get close.

Crowd: look!(point at the sky)
It's stellar-Man!

Without hesitation  Stellar-Man flies into the burning building using his incredible lung capacity he sucks in all the fire into himself. Moving through the building to fast for the human eye to see he begins to rescue the tenants taking them out to safety. Slowly while carrying a small child he lands releasing the child to run to his mother the ground gather around him reporters taking pictures. stellar-Man scanning the area with his Stellar-Vision sees a black Limo drive through the neighborhood, it's windows rolling down. The man lowers his rim glasses and glares at Stellar-Man before putting on his shades and driving away.

Meanwhile.... back at the office.....

Jerry: Francis!
stop what you're doing you and Johnny head downtown for a fire!
where the hell did you go?!

Johnny get your butt in gear and get me my pictures!

Johnny: yes, Sir!
I'm on it!

Johnny chasing down a Cab as he heads toward the fire, pulling up he sees a large crowd gathered as they all talk to the reporters and journalist. Johnny stepping out sees a large frame man smiling wearing glasses as he asks ppl questions while holding a digital recorder, johnny snapping pictures of the scene runs toward the man.

Johnny: how did you get here so fast, Johnny?

Francis: oh, hi Johnny.
i took a cab.

heard what was going on, from a friend on my cell and i rushed down hear immediately and was in such a hurry i forgot to get you.

Johhy: it's cool, man.
you smell like you been in a fire..

Francis: i dont think i'm the only one here.(smiles)

Crowd: and then Stellar-Man showed up flying into the fire and rescuing everyone before the building burned down.
Lucky no one was hurt..

Johnny: that's the 3rd fire this month and i bet you, if you check who owns this building you'll find it was recently purchased by you know who.

Francis: now Johnny..
you know we cant be making accusations without proof.
If Daryl Dwayne is responsible for this than he will be brought to justice.

Johnny: you dont seriously believe that, do you?
the guy owns the court system, he has judges and mayors in his back pocket.
It's no coincidence that the buildings he's purchased are going up in flames.
it's just no one wants to ask the hard hitting questions.

Francis: maybe, but without evidence there is nothing anyone can do.

Johnny: yeh, you're right.
you think Stellar-Man would at least care enough to do something about it.

finish up what you're doing and i'll get us a cab back to the office.......

End Chapter One

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