Starborn: The Journey. Chapter 6

William fighting against the undertow of the current as wave crash over head of him as he swims beneath the waves hoping to reach the the overboard sailor who has given up trying to stay above the water as he begins to sink. William using every iota of energy reaches the man as he puts the life float on the man and kicks with his feet to push him back up to the surface.  The two men reach fresh air as they gasp lungfuls, William looking at the man coaches him on survival.
try to stay calm at all times, do not tighten your muscles let the waves take you if they have to.
when the waves push you under simply hold your breath till you bop back up! 
I will be beside you! 
Man: what about the boat?!
William: it will turn around once the seas calm down otherwise the ship could flip!
Man: we wont make it!
we're gonna die!
no we are not! 
We will not give up even if i have to drag you back to the boat while swimming!
The waves crash and send the men closer to the boat in the distance only to drag them further back, William maintaining focus of the ship as his alien implants and enhances eyesight focus on the boat distance calculating  it's speed and course. William  still having the rope line attached to him around his torso begins to swim toward the boat fighting the waves.
hold on and dont give up!
turning back to the ship William begins to swim back toward it fighting the waves a hopeless endeavor and he knows it.  
Back on the Ship....

Captain: we are doing everything we can to stay near the general area!
but, i'm afraid even after the storm is over if we will find them in the same place!!
Second in Command:
I Captain!
those boys are lost to the sea!!
David: no! William will find us we just need to keep close bye as possible!
Captain: that is wishful thinking son and admirable but the odds are against them two!

 William straining to drag the man and fight the waves slowly loses track of the ship over the horizon But, being the Marine he was once trained to be he refuses to give up. Instead he focuses his enhanced senses as he tries to pick out the scent of the ship and crew through the rain and splashing water while maintaining the same course.
they're gone!!
we're dead!!
William: no!
they are just  ahead of us behind the waves!!
Dont give up on me, sailor!
why did you do this!
you could have let me die!!
William: never leave a man behind!! 
Man: i was your enemy!
William:  you were still my shipmate!
Hours have passed since William and the Man have been in the water,  the storm has died down, William having never stopped swimming through it all dragging his fellow sailor. With the storm having died down William is able to get a lock on the scent and swim toward its source, in the far distance a small speck appears.. David having taken watch for them scans the vast ocean and distance before seeing something moving before anyone else can. 
Starboard, The men are starboard!!!
The Captain revs up the engine as he turns it toward the direction heading toward the two lost men..  The Men begin to cheer as they prepare to throw over the rope latter as the boat arrives to the men's location, William exhausted pushes the man 1st unto the rope latter and climbs behind him.. The crew begin to cheer for their save return calling it a miracle.
Second in Command:
you two below deck get yourselves checked!
What is everyone looking at?!
Get back to work the storm has kicked up plenty of fish closer to the surface!!
We have a Job to do!! 
The Two men walking below deck the man turning to  William speaking in an exhausted voice.
thank you, friend.
William: you're welcome.
William smiles and pats the man's shoulders as they walk to the infirmary.