Starborn: The Journey. Chapter 5

Location: Docks
Time: 4:00 am 
A chinese man with a clipboard calling out names while a large group of men stand waiting for their names to be called. It is still dark hard to see the fog from the waters raise up and engulfs  the pier, boat horns can be heard in the distance. 
Chinese Man:
David, William?
David & William: here.
Chinese Man: grab your gear and get on the boat.
The chinese men mumble in annoyance at the two gweilos getting work while they go without, The supervisor looking at the men as he finishes the role call and closes his clip board.
Chinese Man:
okay, that is all. 
the rest of you go home or to the warehouse and factory we still have work that needs to be done.
The men walk away from the docks to the warehouses many hoping for the fishing job as it pays more at the sacrifice of being on the boat for a week. unnoticed by everyone are the suspicious men who have taken over an empty warehouse as they look through their binoculars at the men in the docks who are walking away. Other unit members have started to walk out of the warehouse in hopes of blending in with the crowd.
stupid fog i cant see anything.
take some men with you and go walk through the factories.
Do not give yourself away.
Soldiers: yes, sir.
The soldiers in their overalls, and dock apparel with beanie, gloves walk out of their makeshift headquarters into the dark morning crisp air. David and William on the boat staring out at the pier wearing grey hooded sweater and beanie with gloves taking in the sights, William notices a man looking out the window with binoculars but pays him no mind as the boat  leaves the  docks and the Captain starts yelling.
alright you mongrels!
get to work!  
get your stuff stored!
start checking the nets. 
We have us a hard week of hell ahead of us! 
William and David run below deck as they store their gear the other deck hands stare at them in annoyance having to work alongside Gweilos, the two american men ignore the glaring eyes as they prepare for work. 

Second in Command:
I want my storage holds nice and clean!!
four men in each hold mops and buckets, knives and  chisels!!
i dont want to see anything on the walls, no muck or barnacles!!
We wont be out to sea for another hour, till then i want you all busy!
They all go to their assigned areas and begin to work from mopping,  removing grime on the walls and preparing the nets make sure they are all untangled.  David and William walk into one of the storage holds with mop bucket in hand using sea water to help clean the hold. Other men walk passed them brushing against them on purpose as they go to the walls and begin to remove the grime using their knives and scrapers.
Chinese Man: stupid, Gweilos.
you have no work in your country that you come here to steal ours?

Sailor: it's not boat ride, bad things can happen. 
maybe you two go overboard...
Chinese Man: maybe you should go back to your country,  gweilos.
we dont want you here.
David & and William ignore their comments as they continue working knowing that they have no choice but allow them to talk they need the money and they will be working with them for a week. They cannot afford to make enemies or have any questions asked,  They mop the sailors only stopping when realizing they cannot get a raise out of them before they go back to their own work......