Starborn: The Journey. Chapter 4

Location: Studio, Dojo.

Mr. Wu: Today i along with my Grand Daughter will teach you two how to use a sword.
We will begin with these wooden practice swords.
Mr. Wu tosses the wooden swords at David and William while Meifen smiles at him and comes in to help him with his stance.

Mr. Wu: now the key to sword fighting is not to block your opponents sword slashes but to side step his and counter with your own.
but for now i will teach you the different blocking sword positions as it is the basics.
But once you are ready you will not be blocking but rushing into your enemy without fear.
David and William facing each other holding their wooden swords while they replicate the motions of Mr. Wu. Meifen walking around both men straightening their arms and bending their knee. 

Mr. Wu: good, both of you are fast learners but it takes more then simply repeating the motion but practice muscle memory till it becomes second nature without thought.
You need the Warrior Mindset not just the memory of a simple scholar who can reside text perfectly.
Now you must know how and where to strike your opponent for the kill or incapacitation.
Mr. Wu walks over to his grand daughter having her stand still as he points to specific pressure point areas on her body pointing at the throat, front, and sides, maxilla, between the eyes.
Mr. Wu: here. *points at temple*
you see this dip on the side of her temple. that right there with precise hit can blind your opponent.
you see how easy my knuckle fits there?
the muscles swell up and pinch her nerve cutting off her sight. 
Mr. Wu raises her arms showing them artery placements before moving to the legs and showing them the femoral artery.

Mr. Wu: you got these areas and the person will bleed to death within seconds, their heart will pump out their own blood out.
You know where to target now you will try and strike each other while also side stepping and blocking without  leaving this circle. 
Mr. Wu points at the Dojo floor where both men stand showing them the circle marking.
Mr Wu:
now b/c you are both new to this, you will only go at half speed, nice and slow.
we will focus on technique.
William and David wait for the Old Man to give them the signal to begin, the Old Man looks at them both and he signals them to start. William holding back so not to give away their secret swings at David's temple, David in turn blocks it while also restraining himself.  Both men go back and fourth for a while only occasionally striking each other due to not being able to show their full reflex speed and sacrificing a hit. William feigns an attack drawing David in with a block only to strike him in the leg. William smiling at David for being so easily tricked. David in turn becomes slightly annoyed as  he in turn begins to feign attacks hoping to commit William into blocking and exposing himself.
Mr. Wu: Good, Good. you boys are fast learners. 
Meifen watches David and smiles only to distract David costing him a hit to the side of his temple...
oh, my.....
Mr. Wu: okay stop....
are you okay David?
David: i am fine. 
we can continue.
Mr. Wu: no, you both did good. 
remember, muscle memory.
 you know the moves that is only part of it.. 
now you must practice it over and over until it becomes a part of you.
David: how long have you studied before you became a Master?
Mr. Wu: Master?!
ha! there are no Masters.
One must always train everyday of their lives and even then they are not masters.
Remember knowledge is not enough.
Meifen knows everything i know, every kick, punch, block but she is no master. 
She does not train religiously, no muscle memory.
anyone who tells you they are a Master is a liar. 
since you been here you have seen and practiced much of what i know.
Would you call yourself a Master?
David: no.
Mr. Wu: good. 
remember it is more then knowing the names of the kicks, and good stance.
It is the mind, muscle memory.
Mr. Wu: now you two stay and practice while Meifen starts lunch and i read my newspaper..
David: for how long?
Mr. Wu: when i say it is enough.
now no more questions, practice what i taught you..
The Old Man and Meifen walk away leaving the two alone to practice, William smiling raises the wooden swords, David smiling back grips his sword as they prepare to engage. They wait till the Old Man is gone before both men with astonishing speed swing at one another avoiding the sword swipes and each other while restraining enough to not shatter the swords..