Starborn: The Journey. Chapter 3

Location: Chinese Government facility.
A skinny man wearing glasses and a white lab coat walks to a small office past all the smoke and people working at their desk.
Skinny Man:
sir, you asked us to keep our ears and eyes open for any suspicious foreigners.
Chinese General: what do you have for me?
Skinny Man: There was recent news coming out of Sūzhōu.
Chinese General: and?
Skinny Man: We spotted a foreigner, tall, blond hair, blue eyes.
He fits the description given to us by your department. 
Hospital and police reports state that eight men were attacked by the individual, they all suffered various injuries.
He was accompanied by a woman.
Chinese General:
We are looking for two men, not one.
But,  look into this quietly.
Take some of the New Men but be careful if he is who we are looking for we dont want to be spotted.
Skinny Man: the local newspaper will more then likely run this incident in tomorrows papers.
Chinese General:
no, it wont. kill the story.
we dont want to scare him away. 
Skinny Man:
Yes, sir.
The Skinny Man walks out of the office leaving the General alone to pick up his phone and make the call.
Chinese General:
increase security.
we have reasonable suspicion of imminent threat..
The foreigners have been spotted.
The General hangs up.

Location: Studio, House area.
Mr. Wu: so how was the shopping?
Meifen: Gong Gong, you will not believe what happen today.
David defeated 8 armed men without a single scratch. He was amazing.
Mr. Wu: is this true, David?
David: yes.
William looks at the David in annoyance at his confirmation of his earlier exploit, David notices William before looking back at Meifen and Mr. Wu.
Mr. Wu:
I see my teachings has at least rubbed off on somebody. *smiles*
unlike someone who prefers simply to watch and not pay for lessons, cheapskate. * eyes William*
Tell me what technique did you use?
Meifen: he was incredible he sidestepped them used his elbow and kicks..
Maybe when i am not busy i will practice with you Gong Gong...
Mr. Wu: that will be fine, but you focus on your studies 1st.
David: i think i will nap for a little while, today's excitement tired me out.
Mr. Wu: very well but, when you come down you will tell me how you did it.  *smiles*
David walks off to the room William not far behind him wishing to talk to him in private as they both enter the room.
We must leave this place, immediately. 
no one saw, it was in an alley.
William: they will talk to the police.
 we must maintain low profile.

David: you worry too much.
No one knows we are here.
we are not the only foreigners.
William: we are the only one's who could defeat many men unarmed.
David: you can leave but i will stay.
William: you put these people in danger.
David: they are saver if we stay.
William: it is the girl.
David: yes.
William annoyed knows that he cannot change his friend's mind and against his better judgment concedes for now as he walks out of the room. William heads back to the living area where Meifen and Mr. Wu wait. David in the room alone closes his eyes and is hit with a childhood memory of him waling alongside a girl holding hands and eating ice cream. The image is then super imposed by an image of Meifen who is smiling and holding his hand as the childhood memory fades with a crisper newer image with help of his alien implant with crystal clarity.