Starborn: The Journey. Chapter 2

Location: Market Place.
David and Meifen make their way through the crowd, David feeling uneasy as the locals take notice of his Caucasian features. Meifen takes his hand in reassurance as she walks him through the crowd to a small meat stand, the old lady fender smiles as they approach.
Meifen: Hello, we would like to purchase a pound of beef and two of those large fishes.
Old Lady:
of course, dear.
The Old Lady grabs large sections of newspaper as she wraps the meat separately and places them in the bag.
Old Lady:
That will be 20 Yuan, Dear.
David reaching into his pocket pulls out his roll of chinese dollars as he pays the Old Woman. 
you do not need to pay, i have money.
David: I do not mind.
The Old Woman smiles as she takes the money from David and hands over their meat purchase. Meifen smiles and thanks the Old Woman as the two walk off to continue their shopping. As the two walk away they are noticed by a small group of men who do not approve of the two due to Meifen smiling and holding the foreigner's hand and leaning on his shoulder. 

the House at the Dojo Studio
Mr. Wu:
Hurry, William. we do not have all day.
when you are done sweeping, i need you to mop and clean the windows.
Maybe I will reward you with teaching you something about martial arts and maybe you will do more then just watch.
William annoyed tries to ignore the Old Man as he finishes sweeping the Dojo area but feels the need to respond to the Old Man.
i already know how to fight, there is nothing you can teach me that i havent already learned or dont need to know.

Mr. Wu: is that so?
perhaps you can show this humble Old Man some of your fighting techniques?
Mr. Wu taking William's words as an insult and challenge steps up to him as William finishes sweeping holding the broom in his hand while the Old Man locks eyes with William issuing him an unspoken challenge.

you are Old, i would not wish to harm you.
Mr. Wu: I assure you, that you cannot.
now tell me you are not afraid of an Old Man are you?
William staring back at the Old Man ponders his action if he should turn around and walk away or move the Old Man from his path.  William takes a step back as he prepares to turn around.
Mr. Wu:
I thought so, chicken. *smiles*
Annoyed William turns back to the Old Man to push him aside only for the Old Man to grab his wrist in his clumsy attempt flipping William off his feet and slamming him to the ground. The Old Man in one smooth motion removes the broom from Williams hand as he flips it over and jabs William in the throat with the handle.  William annoyed glares at the Old Man from the ground, the Old Man smirks at William pulling back on William's arm and bracing it with his leg on William's shoulder.
Mr. Wu:
there is still much that this Old Man can teach you.
William angry but in control of his emotions reaches with his other hand  gripping the broom handle on his throat and over powering the Old Man as he easily pushes it away  as he begins to stand up. The Old Man unable to reassert control as William easily overcomes the Old Man's hyper arm extension arm grip forcing the Old Man to release him, William staring at the Old Man crushes the broom handle with his hand. 
William: you are a sprite Old Man.
you caught  me by surprise but you cannot beat me and it will not happen again.
Old Man: bah, you foreigners are all brutes.
it's not just about taking hits but avoiding them altogether and countering.
If i wanted to i could have paralyzed you with the broom handle count yourself lucky.
and by the way, the broom will be added to next month's rent.
Now finish cleaning up and mop and i will teach you some more.
William annoyed picks up the broom splinters throwing them away in a small trash basket as he walks toward the bucket and mop, the Old Man smiling as he watches William work before walking away. William noting the Old Man leave the Dojo contemplating the Old Man's words of avoiding and countering. William having already learned much from the Old Man from simply watching when he trains alone or teaching those few that still come to learn Kung Fu.

William: Crazy Old Man......*mumbles to himself*