Starborn: The Journey Chapter 1.

Place: China, Sūzhōu
Warehouse: Meat Factory 
year: 1968
Two men that stand out in the meat packing line as large animal parts is slided to them without hesitation butcher knife splits it in a single swipe before moving it along to the next individual beside them. The factory full of Chinese workers wearing hard hats and butcher coats working hurrying the workers to speed up.

Supervisor: Hey, you two Gweilo's get over hear and help carrying these slaps to the truck!
William & David: yes, sir. right away.
Both foreigners hurriedly leave their work station and pick up large pieces of heavy meat hoisting it up to their shoulder as they  take them to the truck out to be shipped to a restaurant somewhere in the city. 
Supervisor: Hurry up! i dont have all day!
you Gweilos are lucky that i dont report you to the City and have you arrested and deported back to your country!
Both men load the pile of meats unto the truck ignoring their supervisors insults and upon immediately finishing are rewarded with more threats and send back to their work station.
Supervisor: you Gweilos took too luck you have work to make up!
Without speaking they return to their stations quite ignoring their supervisor while going through the motions of their job.....
At the end of the day the workers having cleaned up  gather to collect their pay check  from their hated supervisor. William & David stand behind the crowd waiting their turn for everyone to leave before approaching the Supervisor to collect their money. 
Supervisor: you Gweilos come back next week i have more work for you over at the docks.
It will be night-shift so dont drink to much this weekend.
The Supervisor reaches into his bucket pulling out two separate rolls of money for the two foreigners......................
The two have been in the city for several months after having escaped Russia and made their way through Mongolia, upon arriving in China they abandoned their mission for the assassination of the american traitor. Now both men have taken odd jobs no longer having a need to return to the United States and their black ops unit, for the 1st time they are now making their own choices. The two americans now living in a small shack room barely enough room for the little things they have let alone themselves, the room rented to them by a sprite old man who enjoys the two americans company. 

having walked up the stairs to their room above the studio, their arrival is heard by their  landlord, the old man quickly runs after them knocking on the door. *knock knock, knock*
Old Man:
I know you boys are home!
Do you have my rent money?
David opens the door and smiles at the Old Man as he hands him the rent, the Old Man taking it counts it in front of David and greedily smiles.
Old Man:
Good, Good, Good.
you boys are alright, you come down for dinner.
 my grand daughter has prepared a good dinner.
David: thank you Mr. Wu. We will be down soon.
Mr. Wu: good, good, good. you boys eat up we have busy schedule tomorrow.
Go grocery shopping tomorrow, and more english lessons.. maybe I teach you boys more Kung Fu.
David: that would be most appreciated it.
William in the back of the room overhears the Old Man although annoyed he has learned to tolerate the Old Man after all he has provided a roof for them. Lycan quietly listens to the Old Man rambling away  feeling a debt to the Old Man and his Grand Daughter that he feels he cannot repay.