Fan-Fic Courtesy

I have noticed that many stories do not get any comments regardless of  the amount of views it  receives, which gives me the notion that the stories are either not read or not liked. I would like to start getting people to comment on other people's stories even if you did not finish reading them. i think criticism might help a writer even if it is short. 
For Example:" I didnt get past the 1st lines it was boring or it didnt interest me, bye."
it might sting but it would push us to confront certain problems in our writing and stories.
On the opposite spectrum, it would be nice to at least get a, "good job" comment or "keep up the good work."
I think if we can comment on more then a few post stories with particular posters it would help bring more people into the Fan Fic section.
I havent been in the Fan Fic forum for a while obviously but i do plan on reading some of the stories to catch up on what i missed and start commenting however brief it may be.
~Dark King.