Ares: Armageddon

 Ares: Armageddon.

in an underground secret government bunker, a man walks through it's hallways people moving out of the way as they see him approach. a no nonesense, takes crap from no one war horse.

Nick Fury: out of my way, point dexter.
Man, coming through.

Nick Fury walks into the main control room.

Nick fury: somebody want to tell me why i was woken out of bed?!

Shield Agent: we have a situation in Latveria, Sir.

Nick Fury: what?

Shield Agent: here are some satellite images from a few nights ago.
scan reading also suggested large release of energy on a nuclear level.

Nick Fury: and?
all i see is some explosions, seems another night for our resident mad scientist.

Shield Agent #2: well, sir. we manage to zoom in at the forest where the energy emanations were coming from.
it wasnt just coming from Doom's castle.

here you can one of Doom's bots fighting someone of interest. Someone we believed dead.

It appears it is Ares, Sir.

Nick Fury: i can see that, thank you.
but, i still have one good eye.

Shield Agent: that's not all Sir.
energy readings show large levels of Gamma Radiation as well.
Ares also did not leave but headed straight to the castle.
he has not left and local communication broadcast has announced Ares as the new ruler of Latveria.

Nick Fury: well, that is a problem(lights a cigar)
we cant have these "gods" doing as they pls, now can we?
not if we want to keep the world stable just the way we want it.
bad enough Thor brought his damn castle on Oklohoma now we have an Olympian following suit.

Shield Agent # 1: what should we do?

Nick Fury: watch for now observe gather intel and start drafting some heroes and put them to do something useful than just wrestle with each other and destroy property.

Shield Agent # 2: one more think, Sir.

Nick Fury: what?

Shield Agent #2: it appears that Ares can now fly.

Nick Fury: well lets applaud him.

shield agent # 2: we ran a scan on his weapon, it matches old avenger files of the Executioner's Axe.

Nick Fury: i thought it was destroyed?
damn, these gods and their crap.
always coming back to bite us in the butt.
F'n magick, i hate the damn hocus pocus..

Anything else?

Shield Agent # 2: nothing else so far, sir.

Nick Fury: keep me informed.

Shied agetnt # 1: yes, sir.

Nick Fury walks away and thinks the last thing Ares told him when they saw one another...

Ares: " if anything happens to my Son.......

I'll hold you responsible..."

Nick Fury realizes that he must prepare for the inevitable confrontation between  God and the man.

Ares in Latveria walks through Doom's Castle surveying his new kingdom, Scientist and servants run past Ares as they repair the Castle. Ares heading to the Lab orders the scientist to shut down all of Doom's experiments. Ares staring at the young Warrior named Skaar as he floats inside a water tank, his arms and legs having been severed. No warrior deserves such a fate. Angry Ares frowns as he
breaks the glass, Skarr unconscious or dead drops to the ground unmoving as the water washes over him.. The scientist watch in quiet horror as Ares unholsters his axe holding it high and quickly bringing it down on the comatose body of Skarr. The Axe bites deep into his chest drawing out Skarr's soul and sending it into the underworld of hades. Hades where on the shores of the river stix await Ares Soldiers and guardians of the underworld waiting for the arrival of the young Warrior..Skarr's spirits lands on the shore's sands, Skarr rising to his feet looks around and the soldier's salute the young Warrior raising their swords and spears. One of the Soldiers walks toward Skarr and welcomes him..

skarr: who are you?
where em i?

General Remus: you are in the Underworld known as Hades.
where warriors, greeks, romans come upon death.

Skarr: i'm dead?

General Remus: aye..

Skarr: it cant be?

General Remus: i'm afraid so..

Skarr looking around sees fog approaching and a small boat with a man standing upon as it approaches.. The red gleaming eyes pierces the fog and burns deep in Skarrs soul...

General Remus: come..

Skarr follows the soldier who pulls out a money belt to pay for the young man's travel.

Skarr: how did i die?
i remember a fight in Asgard, i was in a dark dungeon....
is my father here?

General Remus: no, he is not.
best you ask all your question's to the Lord of the Underworld, now come.

Skarr boards the boat as he is taken away into the fog.. Ares back in Latveria stares at the lifeless body as he pulls out his axe and holster's it.

Ares: may you find piece in death for you have fought hard in life to earn it.

Ares turns around to stare at the servants.....

Ares: cremate his body and every other that have been used in Doom
s perverted experiments or you will be joining him!
Is that understood?!

Scientists: Yes, My Lord!

Ares heads to the Balcony the crowd gathering as he stares down looking at them, ready to be addressed by this new conquerer or liberator.

Ares: i am Ares, God of War!
I claim this land by ancient right of spoils of war!
Would any deny me this?!

The crowd mutter to themselves refusing to answer Ares challenge.

Ares: i thought not!
i will not have sheep for i am no shepherd!
you may continue with your lives living in fear as you did before if you wish!
but, i say if you want more than follow me!
but, to do so you must be strong!
for i will not have sheep but wolves who will fight to protect their land and family from any who would dare take it!
Take pride in your home and wash away the fear instilled in you by a dictator!

The crowd cheers as Ares walks back inside to the main hall, the scientist and workers bring back the broken remains of the Destroyer armor build by Doom. Ares staring at it thinks of the possibilities and is reminded of the asgardian weapon...

Ares: hmmm.. why shouldnt i have my own destroyer armor?
leave the remians here and leave!

Ares walks toward the destroyer armor and pulls out his axe, gripping the chain his swings it overhead causing the broken remains to begin to dematerialize and finally vanish.. The Remains of the Armor reappear in the main hall of Ares in the underworld, Ares lord of the dead stares at the boon brought to the realm. Ares rises from his throne toward the broken remains,

Ares: Lord Hephaestus..
it appears you have bn brought a new project.
if you are up to the challenge...

Hephaestus walks out from his workshop to see what has bn brought to the realm... The Nymphs and fellow dark gods watch and whisper to one another. Ares son in the corner with one of the nymphs who sits on his lap before pulling his cheek toward her and kissing him...

Meanwhile on earth.................

Nick Fury on a large flat screen monitors speaks to an old friend and comrade.

Nick Fury: we have a problem, Steve..

Steve Rogers: what?

Nick Fury: Ares is back...

Steve Rogers: how is that a problem?

Nick Fury: He has threaten to come after me before having died.
i dont believe death has changed that.
He also has taken over Latveria and dispatched, Doom.

Steve Rogers: how is that possible?
i mean Ares is strong but bullheaded, he's no match for doom..

Nick Fury: intel from my boys say Doom may have bn under the weather from an earlier encounter from Hulk and his friends..
He also has the bloodaxe...

Steve Rogers: the bloodaxe?
but, Thor destroyed it years ago.

Nick Fury: you know how magic works.
I'm gonna need you to round up your avenger buddies...
it looks like we're going to war.
We'll need all the muscle we can get, Ironman, Thor and anyone else with skill and brawn..

Steve Rogers: kinda jumping the gun arent you?
Ares hasnt done anything wrong yet.

Nick Fury: no, just disposed a ruler of a small country declare himself king and in one single swoop unbalance the world's power.
how do you think the UN and the various nations will take this?
This is a world of men not gods, steve.
He has no place on the worlds political stage.
you know better than any how power corrupts even the noblest of heroes and Ares is neither.

Steve Rogers: it will be a hard sell.
The Asgardians wont help, that is for sure.
Ares fought and died against Osborn and his goons for Asgard.
Thor is still mad at us "mortals" for Tony's robot clone.
Hell, Thor is currently holding Stark and Maria Hill for trial in Asgard.
Blue Marvel is missing in action and Wonderman presumed dead when they were sent in to asgard a few weeks ago.
I'm thinking under orders by you or your UN representatives.
If Ares has the Bloodaxe, i dont know if we can stop him.

Nick Fury: it is my understanding the Axe corrupts the user?

steve Rogers: yes, if one succumbs to the bloodlust.
but, Ares was already a blood lusted warrior.
i dont know if the axe can change him and make him any worse.

Nick Fury: are you willing to take that chance?
if we dont  have the brawn and powers maybe we can get Stealth and skills turning it into an assassination mission.

Steve Rogers: we told you before, Nick we arent mercenaries..
we dont kill b/c of what someone might one day become.
you burned your bridges years ago. approaching me is one think.
but approaching Logan and his ppl is another.
he sooner kill you than help you after what you pulled.
that is who  you had in mind isnt?
sneak into Doom Castle with your assassin squad.
it's not going to happen.. call us when he actually does something, bye Nick...

Nick Fury: damn, fool.
idiot cant see the painting on the wall even when someone spells it out for him.
if i cant use him and his buddies, i guess i have to go "new School"...(puffs on his stogie).

Damn, where are those files...

Nick Fury staring at the monitor starts looking for replacements for his secret squad to help him face the personafication of War...


a few days have passed..
location: U.N. in New york.

Men of power argue among each other arguing about what to do with the new revelation that Ares has declared himself ruler of one of earth's kindoms.

Wakandan representative: this cannot stand!
the technology alone is too much a risk to allow this, "god" to control!

Men: aye, aye!
he cannot be allowed to rule!
what does the Latverian representative have to say?!

Latveria Representative: We have not had any communication from our homeland since it's fall.
we have no comment at this time.

France Representatives: we cannot just go to war out of fear!
we would be the ones to bring armeggedon upon  us!

England Representatives: bah, we should strike now, before he learns what he has!

Unite States Representatives: we've bn down this road before each time with worse results!
have we already forgotten, Genosha, The supehuman registration act, The Siege of Asgard?!
how many times will we lose, how much money and resources will we invest in this?!

Canadian Representatives: he is only one Man!
we should have bombed that country decades ago!

Mexico representatives: and risk nuclear War?!
you are a fool!

China Representatives: the technology must not be allowed to be controlled by some one who fancies himself a War God!
We should invade and take it by force!
Who is this man who dares call himself a god and take what is man's birthright to rule their own lands!
who will be next?!
China, Korea, Japan...

Japan Representative: i agree with our counterpart.
no one should decide who should rule and who should not!

As the men argue among themselves they do not notice a figure materialize in front of the in the center of the stage near a microphone and booth.. only a few begin to quiet down.. Ares looks up staring at the mortals who jabber on reminding him of the old roman senate who care nothing but themselves..

Ares: Silence!
I am Ares, God of War and i will be heard!

Men: it's him!
see how he comes already barking orders!
how can he be allowed to rule?!

Ares glaring at the man who speaks, who refuses to silence himself.

Ares: one more word, and i will rip out your tongue with my hands.

the hall immediately goes silent... The U.N. security begin to run toward Ares locking down the building...

Ares: i am a God and Ruler of my land.
i will be afforded the same respect as any of you would be if you stood in my place.

The security each on the end of the stage pull out their guns and aim it Ares... Ares ignoring them stares at the various representatives..

Ares: i have freed a land of a tyrannical ruler who enslaved and tortured his own ppl!
and yet you people here, argue about maintaining the status quo!
How it would be better if Doom was still alive ruling his land!
you people are parasites, traiterous jackals!

you who line your purses with gold and silver living above your brother and sisters!
you sit there as if you held the power and right to rule your fellow man, like some kind of false god!
Well, let me tell you,  a god stands before you today and he is not happy!
i will not make War but if you take one step on my land and those under my protection you will learn to regret it!
For i am a god of War and i can hear the whispers of War coming as it is uttered from you deceitful lips..
be warned, tread carefully....

Suddenly Ares vanishes leaving the men to speak to themselves and once again argue like old women gossiping about their new neighbor.
Ares returns to Latveria sitting in the intelligence room while ordering the scientist to search for key information...

Ares: find me everything you can on the death of my son, Phobos.
i want to know how he died and most importantly who killed him,.

Scientist: yes, my lord..

Advisor: how did the U.N. feel about your arrival?

Ares: as can be expected.
they are all fools no matter the time period.
a pompous bloated senate is all the same, i despise politics.
i speak the truth yet, every word spoken in those halls are half truths from forked tongues enough to confuse envy Loki.

Advisor: anything else my lord?

Ares: we will need an army a strong one.

Advisor: yes, my lord!

Ares: i want them properly outfitted with the best technology Doom has created.
This country is small and it's country even smaller, but by the time i am through they will be the most feared army in the world.

Advisor: yes, My Lord.

Ares: i will personally train them!
enhance security put the army on standby scan our space for any anomalies.
see what satellites our over head...

Advisor: as you wish..

Scientist: my lord, we have found what you asked for.
we hacked shield files, sir.
your son was killed by a mutant called The Gorgon during a Shield Mission.
he is a member of Hydra and the hand...
files say he is undead where abouts unknown.
he possesses enhanced strength, speed, telepathy, a world MA master and swordsmen, wielder of a mystic blade.
His stare capable of turning anyone he looks at to stone..

Ares: locate him, he and i will have words..

Scientist: yes, My Lord.


Days later.
Location: Latveria's military Base..

Ares walks through his army all lined up everyone of them exercising every move coordinated by their instructors command..

Ares: to the right, Switch!

The men moving to their next exercise and switching partners!

Ares: i will not have fat bodies in my military, is that understood?!

Soldiers in unison: Sir, yes, Sir!

Ares: your next exercise will be to grapple with you're opponent!
you will give it everything you have!
is that understood!

Soldiers: Sir, Yes, Sir!

Ares: Begin!

Soldiers: I, I, sir!

Ares Soldiers begin to grapple under the hot son, while Ares smiles, it has bn millineums since Ares had an army to train, He will create a new warrior race and country the world has never known.. These men will be a match for any army, be it the elite units whether, Spestnaz, Seals, Recon, Marines or Royal Marines... His army will have no peers..
His advisor on the phone talking to the scientist at the castle hangs up and walks toward Ares...

Advisor: my lord?

Ares: what is it?

Advisor: your scientist have reported a spy satellite directly above us..
it's from the united states.
it appears to be taking pictures and one more thing my lord.
The energy signature is nuclear and charging..

Ares: is that so...

Ares: looks up toward the sky and pulls out his axe aiming it toward the heavens and silently commands it, the Axe releases a powerful mystic blast part magic, part magnetic and fire from a nearby star. the blast travels to the sky and into space mystically guided to it's target as it engulfs the satellite. The satellite electrical systems short out before being incinerated by the flame making sure it's nuclear cargo does not fall into earth's atmosphere.  

Shield Helcarrier receiving the live feed sees Ares staring at the screen as if he could see them hidden away in their dark secret rooms. The monitor going static as the satellite is destroyed....

Shield Agent: sir?
We lost the Satellite, Sir.

Nick Fury: i can see that, junior.
Damn, those fat cats at the U.N. arent going to be happy about this, that's for sure.
They take it as an act of war.. i dont even know who is starting what anymore...(shakes head)

Did we get an energy scan on the energy blast that took out the Satellite, at least?

Shield Agent: no, sir.
it was mystical in origin.
partially magnetic and  high heat..
aside from that nothing else the magic screwed with the analysis.

Nick Fury: i want the Thor clone robot found.
did our boys collect it during the Seige clean up?

Shield Agent: yes, sir.

Nick Fury: yes what?

Shield agent: it was collected and is currently in storage in washington..

Nick Fury: well, have brought here .....
so it can be rebuild.

Shield Agent: is that wise, sir?

Nick Fury: who's in charge here?

Shield Agent: you are, Sir.

Nick Fury: have it gathered repaired and scrub it's memory.

Shield Agent: yes, Sir..

Nick Fury: damn, kids always needing to comment.

Dum Dum: well, the kid has a point, Nick.

Nick Fury: yeh, i know that.
so how goes the recruiting?

Dum Dum: well, we've manage to talk to some of these kids, some have come on board.
it was kinda hard to speak to them without Logan knowing..

Nick Fury: they  onboard?

Dum Dum: We got X-23 and Daken aboard.
something you should know, Nick.

Nick Fury: i know they dont get along.
well, they will.. i need them both.

Dum Dum: it's not just that.
The boy lost his Claws, apparently his old man took them from him as some sort of punishment.

Nick Fury: that's just great..
well, at least we can still use him for his pheromones..
anything else?

Dum Dum: Tremor is on board as well..

Nick Fury; good.. i knew she wouldnt let me down.

Dum Dum: we have Logan's brats training together for this mission to build up team work.
It's not going very well, We've had to gas and tranq them a couple of time to break up their fights.

Nick Fury: hmmm... well, they better get their heads out their @$$ soon.

Dum Dum: We also approached the wannabe Captain Marvel kid for a little added muscle and fire power.
He's thinking about it.
but i think he's on board.
we just got to sell it a lil harder to convince him.

Nick Fury: we need a lot more muscle and if Thor wont help well, Hercules might.
afterall i hear they dont get along that well..
Ares having tried to kill him a few times in the past.
A little family fued should help us gain a little more muscle.

so far we got the Logan brats, Thorbot being worked on, The Noh Varr in the works, Tremor and possibly Hercules.

Dum Dum: can you say overkill..

Nick Fury: nah,better to be over prepared than not at all.
besides this aint our old Ares from what the Intel boys have scrounged up..
See if we can get War Machine to lend us a hand on this since Stark is currently unavailable.

Dum Dum: on it.


a few days later..........

Location: U.N.

the men of the united nations already arguing upon hearing news that one of their satellites was destroyed by Ares...

Woman: what if the nuclear core had exploded in the earth atmosphere it could have easily irradiated the planet, killing us all!

Man: i have always said it is foolish to have nuclear powered satellites orbiting our planet!
all it takes one pound of it's radioactive material to compromise all life on the planet and we have over 3 thousand satellites in space!
it's insane!

African representatives: this is an act of war!

France Representative: silence, yourself!
you know not what you speak of!
why was the satellite destroyed?!
my sources say that the american government was spying on the country taking pictures!

America Representative: that is untrue!
it was a simple communication satellite, nothing more or less!
luckily our nation communication wasnt blacked out!

France Representative: once again, America lies!

why are they even a part of the U.N. nations?!
they have refused to sign every and abide by the ruling and conduct of our charter!

Spain representative: I agree! why are they here?!
they would take us to war need us by the nose to fight their battles that they themselves start!

American Representative: do you forget that the U.N. building is on american soil?!

Spain Representative: easily remedied, i say we expel the united states from our charter and deny them a seat!

France: representative:  The U.N. building and the soil it is upon is recognized as sovereign or have  you already forgotten that, America?

Chile Representative: enough of this!
we must focus on the problem at hand!
was it a declaration of war or a simple warning?!
was america spying violating Latveria's sovereignty?

America Representative: we were not!

Italy Representative: it is clear, America will lie and has lied repeatedly in the past.
We will not get a straight answer from them.
better to ask directly from the head of Shield...

Russian Representative: yes, i agree.
General Fury director of shield should be here to answer these questions.




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 Location: streets of Latveria.

Ares walks through the busy streets of Latveria as he watches vendors selling their crafts, trinkets and foods.. Children run through the street laughing and smiling for the 1st time in decades without fear of being executed for some small infraction. It is a great time to be a Latverian, The Soldiers police the city streets showing discipline and respect to their Civilian charges. A responsibility taken seriously ingrained by Ares himself into the men, The god of War smiles yet he feels the ache for battle to test himself. He knows that they will come for him soon, they prepare their forces and when they are strong they will attack but he will be ready. Already Ares has had the Castle and it's technology rebuild to provide shields for the kingdom and it's people, it's missiles ready to be fired at the slightest moment to not only take down crafts wether missiles or satellites but to bomb their enemies own lands. Ares thinking to himself is interrupted by a merchant....

Villager: My Lord?
can i offer you a peach?

Ares stares at the man and his frown turns to a smile at the man's kindness, it has been too long since some one was been civil to him and shown him respect that does not come from fear...

Ares: thank you, Sir.
but i have no money to give you.

Villager: it's okay, My Lord.
it was grown on your land and so it is yours..

Ares: aye, grown on this land but nurtured by you and your people.

Ares taking the peach and biting into it...

Ares: come to the castle whenever you can day or night and you will be rewarded for your kindness...

Villager: thank you, my Lord.
have a nice day..

Ares: to you as well...

Ares continuing his walk down the street eats his peach only to be assaulted by children who run around his legs pulling on his leather pants and fur cape without fear.. Ares sightly annoyed looks down at the children.

Ares: Children, have your parents not taught you manners, to not touch a warrior in such a manner, that he might mistake you for enemies?

Lil Girl: my mom said that you were a superhero and a God...
that you came down from heaven..

Lil Boy: yeh, that you are like a guardian angel of war and justice( pretends to have a sword).

Ares relaxes allowing the children to look at him in all as they pull on his pants, he should be mad but all he sees in the children is a reflection of his own son as a child who is now in heaven.. Ares smiling lifts both children by the collar to eye level...

Ares: Nay, i am no superhero, nor angel...

Lil Girl frowning for being picked up like a puppy tries to punch Ares only to spin in the attempt.

Lil Girl: Nay is what a horse say!

Ares: you are a fighter, arent you little one?
that's good that's the kind of people i want in this land..

the Lil boy grabbing Ares with both hands pulls himself up wrapping his legs on Ares arm..

Lil Boy: The last guy who was in charge was scary, he hurt my dad..

Ares: well, he's gone now.
you dont need to worry anymore..

Lil Girl: so can you fly?

Lil Boy: yeh, can you fly?

Ares: yes.

Lil Girl: takes up!
Lil Boy : pls....

Ares: well 1st you guys would have to hold on tight..
and promise not to soil yourselves..

Lil Girl: why would i bring soil?

Lil Boy: he means dont pee, stupid.

Lil Girl: i knew that..

Ares brings the children close to him as they hug his neck while Ares cradles them... suddenly Ares pushes off the ground as he jumps into the air. his Axe responding to his thoughts envelopes him and the children in a magnetic bubble as they ride the magnetic field of earth.. the field providing a static warm feeling to the children as they fly over the Latveria and to the forest area.. The Citizens of Latveria look up to see their new ruler carrying the two children who laugh, smiling and waving down at the town ppl.
Ares smiling at the children as the fly over the forest seeing ppl working cutting tress and further out seeing a group of deer running in an open clearing, Ares turns around back to the village knowing their parents will be worried the children whine not wanting to return.. Ares taking them back to the exact spot where he had met them slowly he descents the magnetic bubble dissipating and finally releasing them a few feet off the ground...

Lil Girl: that was fun, but we want to do it again....

Lil Boy: yeh,,,, again...

Ares: i cannot, i must go.
i have things to do.
remember that warriors, whether young or old do not whine but do as they are told.
go home for i have business to attend and do not worry we shall meet again.

The Children sadden watch Ares their New King and protect walk away and begin to fade and vanish in a gleam of red light.. The kids wide eye look at amazement..

Lil Boy: that was cool!

Lil Girl: when i grow up, i'm gonna be a god!

Lil Boy: you cant be a god, you're a girl!

Lil Girl: i can too!!

Lil Boy: nuh huh, only boys can be gods.......

the two argue with each other as they return to playing and chasing each other around the street. Ares reappears in the Castle men busily working and running around..

Advisor: My Lord.

Ares: speak.

Advisor: We found him, My Lord.
The Gorgon.
He is currently attacking a small shield safe house.
The shield men are no match for him and his Hydra agents.

Ares: Location.

Advisor: Las Vegas.. near the strip in a large business building.

The Advisor turns on a large flat screen that comes down from the ceiling.. news broadcast showing the fight between shield personnel and The Gorgon's men.

Ares: good.

Advisor: what about it's stare?

Ares: i am a god..

Ares vanishes as he finishes speaking only to reappear in Las Vegas inside the building. The lights flickering on and off as the back up emergency red lights activates. the ceiling have collapse due to explosions and gunfire, Ares walks among the debris looking for his enemy,, he hears gunfire in the distance men yelling and quickly silenced.
As he approaches he sees his target his back turned away as he watches his enemies executed watching his men at work.. Ares pulls out his axe as he approaches.. The Gorgon suddenly turns as he senses his opponent approach..

The Gorgon: my men must have missed one.
Kill him.

The Hydra agents open fire at Ares he marches forward ignoring the Gun fires as it bounces off his skin without so much as a scratch. Ares swiping his Axe in front of him sends out a magnetic stream that repels the bullets sending them back to the shooters, the hail of bullets killing the hydra agents. The Gorgon immediately pulls out his swords and with blinding speeds blocks the hail of bullets..

The Gorgon: impressive..

Ares: you killed, my son.

The Gorgon: i have killed many sons and fathers and mothers.
have you come to join him?

Ares: i come to send you to Hades.

The Gorgon: Hades?
how droll..
you come to avenge the Olympian Whelp than Ares..

Come let my blade stab and kill another god.

Both opponents run at each other, Ares swinging his axe only for Gorgon to duck beneath the swing. Ares turning around swings his axe once again only to miss the Gorgon once again.. The Gorgon smiling as he anticipates every move the god makes...

The Gorgon: you are too slow, God of War..

Ares brings down his Axe only for Gorgon to move and slice Ares stomach the blade does not cut deep but it cuts him enough to slow him, the wound requiring a few seconds to heal..Ares ignores the cut as he swings about the axe, disconnecting his Axe chain from his waist his spins it about the room, the magic axe being mystical stretches across the room. The Gorgon jumps, ducks and weaves past the Adamantine chain yet even he cannot avoid it completely, the chain wielded by a god with tremendous strength could severe any soft body whose durability not equal to his.. The Gorgon jumping into the air to avoid the chain only for Ares to whip it back as it swipes at the Gorgon's legs not just crushing bone but completely severing them.. The Gorgon flips in the air from the impact and in a desperate act tosses his blade which Ares blocks with his Axe, the Gorgon crashing to the ground unable to stand as Ares approaches..

Ares: now the fun really begins..

The Gorgon sees Ares coming reaches for his bandanna only for Ares to palm his head before he could remove it crushing the Gorgon's hand and skull... Ares turning The Gorgon toward the floor as he speaks to him...

Ares: they say you are undead that you cannot die..
that you regenerate!

Ares speaking to the Gorgon as his skull reknits itself, Ares palming the back of his head slams it into the ground repeatedly...

Ares: answer me!
is it true?!

The Gorgon: arggh gurhg..( gurgling)

Ares: speak up!
I cant hear you!

Ares grabbing the Gorgon's left arm rips it off from his shoulder.. Ares then moving to the next extremity rips what remains of his leg ripping his thigh from his waist...The Gorgon struggling to speak and break free only to have his right arm and leg ripped off... Ares lifts him up allowing his skull to heal and reknit..

The Gorgon: Kill Me, i have no fear of death..
i care not for pain.. ahahhaha!

Ares: dont worry i will kill you...
i will bring you  pain like none you felt before that you will care enough hoping to never feel again..

Ares drops the torso on the ground as he stands over it ready to send it to the underworld for his eternal punishment.

The Gorgon: do it!
I'll be back, i have conquered death!

Ares: no, you have escaped through the cracks.
but this time you shall stay dead where no one will find you nor be able to summon you!

Ares brings down his Axe ripping the Gorgon's soul from his mutilated body and sending to its eternal punishment. The Gorgon's soul falls screaming into the underworld not in pain but in deviance and slamming into the shores of the River Styx.. The Gorgon rises to his feet only to be surrounded by Spartan warriors all with their weapon's fixed upon him. The Gorgon smiles as he goats them to attack him..

General Remus: you have died, killed by our Lord Ares.
you will be escorted to Hades...

The Gorgon: is that so?

Immediately the Gorgon removes his mask in an attempt to halt the soldiers. The Flash of the attack simply passes through the soldiers without harming them..

General Remus: you cannot harm us.
we are already dead and are allowed to roam freely in this realm.

The Gorgon refusing to believe that attacks the soul army who furiously fight back taking the Gorgon's punches and kick before overwhelming him and beating him senseless with shields and spears while stomping on him relentlessly.. The Gorgon is hoisted up as his soul self is punctured from the spears weakening him, it will take time for his soul to heal itself.. The Strange fog approaches as it heralds the coming of the Charon the Ferryman, the soldiers drag The Gorgon to the Boat and pay for the travel..

Boatman: where too?

General Remus: this one is going straight to Hades..